Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tripping with Al-Qaeda

For 9/11 week, HBO will premier Lawrence Wright's documentary exploration of modern terrorism "My Trip to Al-Qaeda."

Wright of course is an elitist shill for the 'official' tale of Al-Qaeda, radial Islam and 9/11 and the author of The Looming Tower : Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11.

Not having HBO I will probably never see this documentary and that's actually a good thing. No doubt it will be full of the same old lies that we have become accustomed to.

But it's interesting that sometimes in interviews even the best of the propaganda masters let things slip out that give insight to certain people and events.

NPR in promoting Wright and HBO's agenda had an interview with him where he had this to say about Osama Bin Laden's brother in law Jamal Khalifa.
TERRY GROSS: So, one of your best sources was bin Laden's brother-in-law, the late Jamal Khalifa. He was murdered or assassinated. And you say he understood bin Laden better than anyone. He had married bin Laden's favorite sister. What are some of the insights you got about bin Laden from talking to his brother-in-law?
Mr. WRIGHT: Well, Jamal Khalifa was a delightful person. He had a wonderful, light sense of humor. He was always kidding. But at the same time, he was very earnest. And, you know, he had fought in the jihad with bin Laden. He was a high school teacher. You know, he had a very charismatic way about him.

And all these likeable qualities made me realize why bin Laden liked him. And in a way, through my own response to Jamal Khalifa, I could sort of identify an element of bin Laden's personality that actually it was a little uncomfortable to me because I could see the human side of al-Qaida. I could see why people might be drawn to bin Laden because of the nature of his friend.

GROSS: Did he defend jihad to you?

Mr. WRIGHT: He defended jihad against the Soviets. But he, not only to me but publicly, distanced himself from bin Laden, and he actually asked me if he could talk to the FBI to clear his name. And I said I knew a lot of FBI agents, and I would try to set that up.

So I did try and tried for actually several years. And I was finally told by a source that the FBI was forbidden by the CIA to actually make that contact with Jamal.
GROSS: Which side do you think killed him?

Mr. WRIGHT: Well, his family thinks that U.S. Special Operations killed him, and I don't know that that's true. But nobody was arrested in that killing, and it was ostensibly a robbery, but all that was taken were his computers.{more}

So if what Wright says here is true, it seems as if Jamal was a CIA asset long after the Afgan-Soviet war, just like Osama was. The CIA couldn't have Jamal talking to the FBI. It might jeopardize their hidden operations so they killed him.

"Khalifa was arrested in America, in Jordan, and after 9/11, in Saudi Arabia, and on each occasion was eventually released."

aangirfan: A History of Al Qaeda


  1. Anyone who doesn't believe the official story is anti-semitic heretic. Tim Osman was never on the criminals in action payroll there is nothing to see here move along.

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