Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ugly Truth - Interview with Les Visible

Mark Glenn talks with Les Visible
           & Mark Dankof  


  1. Bwahaha nice wiener dog put some buns on em. I'll take a pitbull anyday.

  2. Great interview. Les actually got pretty choked up. I didn't realize he was so old. He must be in his 60's if he was old enough to raise hell in the Vietnam era. He was smart to move when Bush came to office. I felt the same way but couldn't move b/c of parental responsibilities. If I could've, I would have split.

  3. Are you serious Kenny? The guy literally said "the jews did it"

    After he claims he can prove "the jews did it" and the interviewer offers him the chance to make his case, he says "oh, just Google 9/11 "the jews did it", and you can read for like "two days" all the stuff...." of course he offered next to nothing in way of proof aside from the document "Rebuilding Americas Defenses", Dancing Israelis, and the security company that had ties with Israel.

    two whole days, huh? wow, that's a lot of research (aside from the fact the Google will put you on a list for typing "9/11 the jews did it" and this Les Visable damn well knows it)

    I really liked the part where he went off saying that if he doesn't know, his God does...

    "the jews did it".... nice

  4. People can talk and speculate on 'who done it' and how forever but the bottom line is no criminal investigation means all the perps are still free, jew and non-jew alike. Opinions don't change that.

  5. yeah, some of them just help to feed the propaganda talking points that all 9/11 Truth advocates are antisemites. seems to me like Les may be from the Hal Turner school of social reform, if you know what I mean.

  6. Everything typed in google is sent to NSA. As for these great arbiters of truth believe half maybe.

  7. Who benefited from 9/11? Americans sure as hell didn't, as we got turned into a nation of scared rabbits while those "Muzzies" in charge of the Fed and all those NY banks 'Too big to fail' looted trillions out of our economy, a lot of which was shipped off to Israel, laundered thru the NY branch of the Fed, led then by now Treasury Geithner.

    While we were being robbed blind, we gladly gave our sons and daughers lives to fight an enemy that to this day, isn't listed by the FBI as being behind 9/11.

    While our country falls apart and heads to complete financial destruction, fighting 'al Qaeda,' Israel is doing just fine.
    Their economy is growing and their housing prices are appreciating, not dropping like a rock.

    Arab and Persian nations in the ME are now in Israel's sights, they want to steal Lebanon's River Litani and have the USA turn Iran into a carbon copy of Iraq, a broken, destroyed nation.

    As for saying the 'Jews' did 9/11, I prefer to say it was a sinister combination of Neo-cons and Zionists, mobbed up with that NWO gang, the CFR.

    So I agree it wasn't just Jews, but their sadistic comrades in arms.

    And unlesss we come together and fight this menance, it won't matter much, because we'll all be slaves on the 'Man's' Global plantation.

    P.S. If it was those 19 Ayyyrabs. then why did all that WTC steel get shipped ASAP out of the country?

    Why destroy evidence that would've helped determined what exactly did happen?

    When the cops come upon a murder victim, do they throw away the gun and shell casings and make witnessess either shut up or 'disappear'?

    And why have the majority of the 9/11 Commission say the investigation was a sham, since key evidence was either withheld or blacked out?

    Why did some of the witnessess the commission wanted to call get turned down and denied to appear before the commission?
    Why was Condi Rice's good friend, Zielkow(sp?) put in charge of the commission with the ABSOLUTE power to remove any testimony or evidence from the final report?

    And why did Bush and Cheney refuse to testify, until the public outcry forced them to?
    And why did Bush and Cheney say the only was they would appear if it was behind closed doors, with no notes or recordings taken and they BOTH had to appear together and refused to be sworn to tell the truth? Did a little thing called perjury bother them?

    The Congress spent more money investigating whether or not Clinton got a BK in the WH than on looking into 9/11.

    Doesn't that make you just a little suspicious or have you drank their Kool-Aid?

  8. Not only did Les Visible say that his "God knows it", WillyL, he also said that he actually spoke with God(!!).

    Now he may say some good things in his blog, but I'm rather fed up with all the religious nonsense that seems to come from people who are trying to show 9/11 for what it is. And I mean people like Les, Mark Glenn, Mark Dankof etc..

    I know they're christians but do they really have to recite passages from the bible, talk about how God will save us (he's done bugger all yet), and how according to Les, we're living in those damned end times. Nope still here, Les ... hasn't happened yet ... although it was written about 2000 years ago ... so you know ...

    As I get older I just can't handle the silliness that comes out of religious people. We're fighting evil human beings here not demons, devils and supernatural forces ... please people, grow up.

    Oh and one thing that riled me listening to an earlier episode of the Ugly Truth. Mark Glenn played part of the interview with one of the infamous dancing israelis. Glenn then said that he/they admitted to being Mossad agents.

    Not true. They admitted to "documenting" the event. Not the same. Accuracy please, Mark. Take a page out of Mike Piper's book. Please recount things accurately lest we think that you're not who you say you are.

    HPrice, Christchurch, NZ

  9. Au contraire. The federal government through the offices of the FBI after 6 weeks of interrogation and their own admission concluded they were mossad.

    And please don't go down that "UH, OH, HE MADE A MISTAKE, GUESS HE MUST BE A PLANT" road. --People make mistakes. It's called being human and I certainly don't claim infallibility.