Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Won't Be Intimidated

"We are also being targeted because we oppose U.S. military aid to the governments of Israel and Columbia."

"The United States government shouldn't be going around giving money to kill people."

"The people united will never be defeated."

It is speaking truth about power -- not the old cliché of "speaking truth to power" -- that we so desperately need. There's no point in speaking truth to power -- power already knows the truth of its monstrous crimes, and it doesn't give a damn.

They {protesters} can also just be killed outright, without charges, without due process, at the lawless whim of the president or one of his designated minions -- or indeed, one of the literally thousands of people, many of them foreigners, that the United States government now pays to roam various regions of the earth killing people: blowing them up in their houses, murdering them in their beds, machine-gunning their children, drone-bombing their neighborhoods, knifing them on street corners, pushing them out of windows, poisoning them in restaurants, whatever. Chris Floyd

Material support of terrorism .....
A logical and honest definition of a terrorist would include the U.S. government itself. That would make all of us involved  in "activities concerning the material support of terrorism."  We pay taxes (although forced), we vote, we allow imperialistic wars by not doing enough to stop them and the list goes on and on.

When we do nothing, we are terrorist supporters.