Friday, October 1, 2010

9/11 New WTC Ground Zero Aftermath Kurt Sonnenfeld FEMA Video 2010 Release

A great shot of steel beams ejected from one of the towers by explosive force and embedded in a nearby building at 1:58.

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video source

Kurt Sonnenfeld: A witness for the persecution


  1. Wow that was quick:

  2. Over 4,500 comments at the yahoo link in less than 3 hours. Wow is right.

    Sanchez was just another media whore but he sure proved who runs the show. No truth allowed on the MSM when the chosen ones are the subject.

  3. Just a shame that he didn't get to say how he REALLY felt because as it is now you will never hear from him again.

    And the W.V is "censer" and I shit you not

  4. It still amazes me how well protected jews and Israel are. Sanchez, no doubt a toolbag, did in fact speak the truth when he pointed out that Stewart is not a "minority" in the sense that its not exactly hard for jews to get high profile media positions. Who in fact runs CNN and most other media outlets? Who owns the NY Times? Who owns Newsweek? WashPost? Don't say it out loud! Apparently stating this fact is "racist" and career suicide. Unfuckingreal.

  5. The people in the offices where those steel thingies crashed in (first picture after video) would at least have been injured, if not killed instantly - those were the corner offices in 6 stories of that building alone. Or were they not killed/injured? If not, why not? Were they evacuated? If so, on which information? What company was/is in that building? ...

    (Did I miss something?)

    That giant steel thingy itself was in free fall, so how come it became incrusted into that building in what looks like a sideways motion to me? Ejected by an explosion or was there some kind of distortion of gravity that day at that location?