Sunday, October 3, 2010

9/11 South Tower Demolition ABC Raw NIST FOIA

Excellent view of what appears to be molten metal falling from the 'impact' spot immediately before the demolition begins.
video source + more


  1. Damn it Kenny that doesn’t fit the accidental alien plasma weapon theory you shill – ONLY KIDDING!!

    We really need to keep banging on the head of this nail, time and time again. No matter what flavour of cause that people propose – the only publically known cause that fails the laws of physics is the official one.

    Interesting where the corner the molten metal was coming from is the one that started in a lop-sided manner – something go off early? Sloppy work and someone needs a dressing down. The crew that worked the other tower did a better job.

    May they all burn in hell.

  2. "Sloppy work," yeah, they made a lot of mistakes.

    But nothing that bribery and blackmail haven't covered for so far. I'm waiting for sometime down the line where those don't work anymore.

  3. Anyone who sees that footage and still insists that there is "nothing to see here" is either a fool or complicit in the cover up.

  4. To believe the symetrical collapses
    and total pulverisation of 3 towers could be caused by anything other than explosives is just plain funny at this point!

    Sanchezed indeed