Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anti-Muslim crusaders make millions spreading fear

The Tennessean is just one of many dying main stream propaganda filled newspapers trying to hold on but every now and then they come up with a report that ruffles the feathers of some of the Islamophobia scammers. This time they delve into who is making some big bucks in the anti-muslim fear mongering non-profit/for profit circus.

Of course they don't go as far as naming some of these groups and individuals jewish or zionist although christian zionism does get a mention. The comments at the article are littered with what we in middle Tennessee are confronted with ... ignorance and the holding on to the 'official ' 9/11 tale that "Muslims did it."

What's interesting is that USA Today carried this story but has now deleted it along with over 175 comments. Someone with clout didn't like it.

The Price of Fear
excerpts:{links added}
Steven Emerson has 3,390,000 reasons to fear Muslims.

That's how many dollars Emerson's for-profit company — Washington-based SAE Productions — collected in 2008 for researching alleged ties between American Muslims and overseas terrorism. The payment came from the Investigative Project on Terrorism Foundation, a nonprofit charity Emerson also founded, which solicits money by telling donors they're in imminent danger from Muslims.

Emerson is a leading member of a multimillion-dollar industry of self-proclaimed experts who spread hate toward Muslims in books and movies, on websites and through speaking appearances.

The Rev. Darrel Whaley, pastor of Kingdom Ministries Worship Center, is the leader of a group of evangelical pastors opposed to the Murfreesboro mosque. He says “America exists … to partner with Israel, to protect Israel.”

Frank Gaffney, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Security Policy, makes his way to the witness stand to testify about the threat of Shariah law during a motion hearing in Rutherford County. He earned a $288,300 salary from his nonprofit in 2008.

Gaffney was a key witness in recent hearings in the Rutherford County lawsuit filed by mosque opponents.

He said he paid his own way.

On the stand, the Reagan-era deputy assistant defense secretary accused local mosque leaders of having ties to terrorism, using ties to Middle Eastern universities and politics as evidence. His main source of information was his own report on Shariah law as a threat to America, one he wrote with other self-proclaimed experts.

But, under oath, he admitted he is not an expert in Shariah law.

The list of people on the anti-Islam circuit goes on. IRS filings from 2008 show that Robert Spencer, who runs the blog, earned $132,537 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative nonprofit.

Brigitte Tudor {a/k/a Brigitte Gabriel}, who runs the anti-Islam groups ACT! For America and the American Congress for Truth, earned $152,810, while her colleague Guy Rodgers collected $154,900.

Despite what critics call inaccuracies, the anti-Islam message has found traction in Middle Tennessee, with some casually citing it.

Sally Snow hosted {Bill}French's {runs the Nashville-based, for-profit Center for the Study of Political Islam} speech along with her husband, former Rutherford County Republican Party Chairman Howard Wall. She has been a regular at hearings in a lawsuit aimed at stopping a new Murfreesboro mosque.

One day this month, Snow arrived wearing sunglasses and joked that she was trying to cover up marks on her face.

"Howard's turned into a Muslim," she said. "He's started beating me."

Some oppose Islam on theological grounds, seeing it as a threat to their Bible Belt culture or, for Christian Zionists, to the state of Israel.

According to that belief, American Christians have a religious duty to protect the state of Israel. When Israel expands, they believe, Muslims in Iran and Iraq will be forced out of their homes to make way. Then the second coming of Jesus can begin.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who led opposition to a failed mosque in Brentwood, also is Christian Zionist. Her nonprofit, the Franklin-based Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, exists to drum up support of Israel among Christians.
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  1. in the book 'the world order' by eustace mullins, he has chapter called 'foundations'. every foundation is part of the 'world order'

  2. I left a comment at the Tennessean and took a screenshot in case it gets flagged and deleted. Most likely it will be ignored like most of my other comments there have been.

  3. Don't worry we have plenty of crazies in Florida also.
    Caught redhanded spraying the gulf with more corexit. They are using skiffs now. They do plan to finish us off. A report a couple of Tallahassee women found oil in the oysters they were eating.

  4. Its also war mongering.
    Its isolating these Muslims and giving them reasons to believe that Americans are ignorant racists.

    These jew tactics are quite effective to the unaware masses who buy into the propoganda machine.
    I fear we get a new government as bad as the dems soon. Neocons are just as hate mongering.

    They also create a police state and promote a loss of freedoms.
    They just rile up the "other side".

    Differant tactic, same ends.

  5. Here in the Missouri Ozarks, I found out this past weekend at a gun safety course that nearly all of our problems are caused by Democrats, Liberals and that our government is being run by the people who attended Woodstock???

    No wonder FOX News is #1.

  6. The CIA and its friends promote the fundamentalists, whether Hindu, Christian or Moslem.

    - Aangirfan.

  7. Kenny,
    I had to check & see if your comment was deleted (it wasn't)
    it wasn't ignored though, the thoughtful reply was:
    tinfoil hat fit OK?
    Groupthink is doubleplusgood!

  8. I didn't feel like going back and forth with the brain dead so I left it at that.