Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Campaign "Sideshow"

My snail mail box is filled everyday with campaign crap like this GOP 'flyer' against state rep Kent Coleman. What's funny is that I don't even live in his district.

Not that Coleman and Obama don't deserve to be poked and prodded for the political whores they are but this two party scam is getting tiresome. No matter who wins, "we the people" are always the losers. Wars, thefts, social manipulations and taxes will continue on.

My local ballot will not have a single person listed who deserves a vote. Most could even be called traitors.

Yes, I'll vote. It takes me awhile because I'll write in (actually punch in on the potentially fraudulent electronic voting machines) "None of the Above" for most of the offices that are up for being bought.

Democracy just ain't what it used to be ... or maybe it never really was what we were conditioned to believe.


  1. In this Congressional district, there's someone named Tommy Sowers running to replace the sold-out, Israel Firster, bank whore Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson.

    While waiting in the check out line, I started to read one of his campaign ads.

    When I got to the part that said he 'always carried around a steel-plated Bible when in Afghanistan, I stopped reading and exclaimed, "Jesus Christ, another Bible-Thumper."

    The guy ahead of me turned around and gave me a dirty look.

    Guess I'm gonna have to srtop saying my thoughts out loud, or say them quieter.

    Tommy's SOL with me. Unless the race is local and I know the person, I no longer hold my nose and vote for the least smelliest.

    Sorry Tommy, that ad showing you shooting a 12 ga. shotgun don't mean squat to me.

  2. Reminds me of an old punk song "Killing for Jesus." It would make an honest campaign tune for some of these pricks.

    As an aside, we're in the middle of wall to wall TV coverage for tornado warnings and up to 4 inches of rain an hour. I hear the thunder now.

  3. Morons and provocateurs on the campaign trail in KY.

    Woman stomped by Rand Paul Supporter

    She smiles as she's on the ground. Success!

  4. Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now,' today had an interview with Julian Asange.

    He's sporting a fresh haircut, short and what appears to be wearing a new suit???

    And his platinum-dyed blonde hair is returning to its dishwater blonde/brunette roots???

    He's still creepy.

    I think this is the Youtube link.


    If that storm that's hitting you folks is the same one that blasted thru here around 1:30 am, you're in for a real blow.

    We didn't get much rain, but between the noise, the wind force and the downed oak trees, I'd bet there was a funnel cloud in the area.

    Quite exciting, actually, but the dog didn't share my enthusiasm.