Sunday, October 31, 2010

Horror Films: The 9/11 NIST FOIA Releases

An eyewitness tells of  the massive explosions as the twin towers were demolished and describes the scene as out of a 'horror film.'  Little did she know at the time that it was only the beginning of a serial terror movie in which the whole world is an unwilling actor and viewer.

Many thanks to those who are revealing the horror scenes through the NIST FOIA releases on their youtube channels. Many of these clips did not make the 'Hollywood' final cut. If anyone knows of others, please leave a comment.







One of the most horrifying and seldom seen clips of an individual's plight on 9/11 is the one below. This man didn't get the warning not to go to work. He didn't know he was to be an actor in the staged event. There has been no justice. The criminals responsible remain free and still profiting from their actions.


  1. Thanks for posting the Youtube posters' names. Diligence and patience are required to do the sifting out of thousands of clips. NIST apparently splintered whole clips into pieces after they did editing. Then they intermixed those pieces either for organizing subject content, or just to make it difficult to do sequential analyzing. Any way, all the clips have to be downloaded and viewed one by one. The more doing it, the more info there will be. Also finding connected clips does show more about what really happened. One clip I saw one place, had a few important frames and sound bites missing that showed up on another clip at a differnt site. Lots of work for many researchers.

  2. If the truth ever gets out it will completely change everything.
    They will feverishly scramble to cover up anything that gets out in the open.
    The lies of 911 are the only thing that keeps the lynch pin of all the current power structure in tact.
    God help them if the truth gets out.
    Public hangings. Incarceration if their lucky.

  3. FYI FEMA in action on 9-11 in NY:

    those trucks must be the FEMA ones..FEMA was deployed before the attacks

  4. Is anyone aware of tests being done by the government for explosive residue or chemical make-up of the dust and debris after 9-11? What about checking for radiation that isn't standard? I recently posted on this subject and am curious if anyone has any links to actual tests and results done by the government.

  5. If any government agency tested for residue or radiation they're not telling what the real findings were. The quick high security removal and destruction of most all of the evidence was to make it hard for anyone else to get testable materials.

  6. Rudkowski skimming WAC paypall account-

  7. Think Luke learned a thing or two from AJ?

  8. Sickening. Thanks for all the videos at your site. This issue simply cannot go away until it is resolved, and the true perpetrators brought to justice.

  9. IranContraScumDid911November 2, 2010 at 4:22 AM

    Your website is great. I agree and support 100%. Thanks Kenny. Peace .... IranContraScumDid911