Thursday, October 21, 2010

Islam on Trial! Google search introduced as "evidence"

The local media may be calling it "Islam on trail" but the ongoing lawsuit to try and stop an Islamic community center from being built near Murfreesboro, TN is mostly a theater of the absurd, a circus as one of the county's attorneys called it or perhaps it's a modern day version of the "Scopes Trial."

Nice bow-ties. 85 years apart. 

A 'computer specialist' was even hired by the plantiffs to search the internet for damning content connected to the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro and Muslims in general. Yes, a google search is now admitted in court. What's next, the judge quoting Wikipedia?
County attorney Jim Cope strenuously objected several times, calling the evidence "hearsay," but Chancellor Robert Corlew {a multi-talented judge who also hears divorce cases} allowed the presentation.

Later on, Timothy Cummings {the so called computer specialist} said he had no way of knowing the "truthfulness" of what he presented the court.

Cummings was hired by the plaintiffs to show a link between mosque board member Masaab Rowash and terrorist organizations.

Attorney Tom Smith defended the witness when he said that they are offering up his testimony and web research since the citizens don't have the FBI to do any terrorist background research for them.

The judge allowed the self-described web search expert to present his findings on Rowash, specifically what he allegedly posted then later removed from his MySpace page once the mosque controversy began.

Cummings showed the courtroom several documents and pro Hamas pictures, a photo of the twin towers saying that attack was inside job, and also a contract pledging to help Palestine and jihad. But, the documents presented weren't from Rowash's MySpace page. They were from third party blogs or websites that claimed this information was once on his page.

Most of the images came from a video clip found on a separate website. It was posted from an unknown source and narrated by an unknown male voice.

"That was from a website that I found that was embedded in the website," said Cummings.

"But you don't know who that is you have no idea who that person is?" McCready replied.

"I have no idea," Cummings responded.,

Most of us are pretty good at google searches so maybe we should hang a sign on our door that says "Web Search Specialist" and offer our services to any lawyer who will hire us.

The plaintiffs' attorney Joe Brandon Jr. is a piece of work. He's one of those lawyers who will say and twist anything for a buck. Here's a couple of examples of his 'statements.'
Brandon argued that the Islamic Center is not entitled to religious land use rights because these are the same people who flew jets into the World Trade Center on 9/11.**

Brandon went on at length to describe Shariah Law as giving Muslims instructions on beating their wives, sexually abusing children and seeking to fly the flag of Shariah over the White House.

Every day the hearing continues, it costs Rutherford County taxpayers money. The legal fees for two lawyers for the five days in court have already topped $20,000.

I wonder who's funding the opposition?

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**Declaration: No Muslims Proven Involved in 9/11


  1. "truthfulness?"

    Maybe Timmy the 'computer specialist' should of used the made-up term 'truthiness?'

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