Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nullification of the "Chosen Ones"

Archbishop Cyrille Salim Butros of Newton, Mass,  the leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in the U.S., has caused a little 'spat' in Catholic and Jewish relations by remarks made at a Vatican meeting of Middle Eastern bishops.

Unless I'm mistaken, until the jewish creation of "christian zionism' what Butros said was standard Christian theology. Basically  it's that Jesus' teachings nullified the concept of the 'chosen ones' and introduced the novel idea that everyone is equal. It was out with the old and in the new.

Jewish supremacists don't like that kind of talk so they had the ADL's hatchet man Abe Foxman do what he's paid to do ... attack.

Butros said: "We Christians cannot speak of the ‘promised land’ as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people,” adding: "This promise was nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people – all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people.”


In number eight of the Message, we say that we cannot resort to theological and Biblical assumptions as a tool to justify injustice. We want to say that the promise of God in the Old Testament, relating to the ‘promised land’ … as Christians, we’re saying that this promise was essentially nullified [in French, “abolished”] by the presence of Jesus Christ, who then brought about the Kingdom of God. As Christians, we cannot talk about a ‘promised land’ for the Jews. We talk about a ‘promised land’ which is the Kingdom of God. That’s the promised land, which encompasses the entire earth with a message of peace and justice and equality for all the children of God.

There is no preferred or privileged people. All men and women from every country have become the ‘chosen people.’ This is clear for us.

We cannot just refer to the ‘promised land’ to justify the return of the Jews in Israel, and [ignore] the Palestinians who were kicked out of their land. Five million Jews kicked out three or four million Palestinians from their land, and this is not justifiable.

There’s no ‘chosen people’ any longer for Christians. Everybody is the ‘chosen people.’ What we say is something political. Sacred scripture should not be used to justify the occupation of Palestinian land on the part of the Israelis. {more}

Shocking, outrageous and anti-jewish whines Foxman.
"By stating that God's Covenantal promise of land to the Jewish people, "was nullified by Christ" and that "there is no longer a chosen people," Archbishop Bustros is effectively stating that Judaism should no longer exist. This represents the worst kind of anti-Judaism, bordering on anti-Semitism."

Foxman twists words to fit his agenda.  Bustros wasn't implying that judaism shouldn't exist but more like Helen Thomas would say, "Just get the hell out of Palestine."  And stop with that "god gave us Israel" bull.

It seems Bustros makes a whole lot more sense if you're looking for peace than the fat Foxman apologist for zionist land theft, genocide and a myriad of criminal activities.

But the Catholic Church will dance around this issue, the jews will continue to bitch about anyone who questions their 'chosen' status and Palestinians will pay the price by being forced from more of their land and languishing in the prison of Gaza.

Most so called "Christians" will remain silent.


  1. Oops. I guess the wheel is really coming off the Khazar bandwagon. Are some in the ‘Christian’ church finally wakening up to what has happened these 60+ years in Palestine? Possible fireworks ahead alert!

  2. Doesn't the Archbishop know that JC is sitting in a pit of burning excrement for all eternity?

    What a brave and honest man.

    I salute you, SIR.

    He's probably not long for this world, as the Zionist war pigs have put a contract on his head.

    Abe Foxman
    Crying a river now.

  4. A split between Catholics (powerful in the CIA) and Zionists (also powerful in the CIA) would be interesting.

    - Aangirfan.

  5. They nullified themselves 9 years ago. 9/11 and Israel, here:

  6. Interesting 9/11 story. I'm waiting for the movie but may be waiting a long time.

  7. He isn't saying anything about Judaism. He is talking about Christianity. And as Christians, we cannot accept the idea that Jews are the chosen ones. If God loves Jews best -- then why the hell would we be Christians? Christianity is, at its core, a very democratic idea. You aren't born a Christian -- you choose to be one. (Christianity is great in theory -- sadly, not so great in how Christians actually practice it)

    And the ADL doesn't seem to have a problem with those Christian Zionists who think that Jews have to go back to Israel to bring about the return of Jesus which is the time when those who don't accept Jesus (INCLUDING the "chosen" Jews) will be destroyed. The ADL doesn't care because those useful idiots are helping Jews steal Palestine and turn it into Israel.

    Jews can believe whatever they choose to believe in their own religion -- Judaism. But, they do not have a right to tell Christians what they can and cannot believe. They certainly don't care when Christians are anti-Islamic -- so they should stop being hypocritical asshats and shut the hell up.

  8. No Foxman, Bustros isn't saying Judaism should no longer exist. He's saying that others don't have to support it. Isn't it a little strange to insist that others subscribe to Jewish supremacy myths? You go right ahead and believe what you want, and I'll believe in human equality in the eyes of the gods.

    How ironic that the church with most extreme expression of the personal revelation of God - the Evangelicals - is now co-opted to worship Judaism as its highest value? I don't think it is a coincidence that the Christian Right was funded by the likes of Jack Abramoff. They've sent some real lulus to congress - people who should be impeached for openly stating their loyalty to a foreign nation above our own and substituting their oath of office with wacky religious beliefs. Neither of those are the traditional American values they profess to represent.

  9. If there were no problems with humanity and religions practised before the Deliverer came, than the appearing of Christ was in vain and the Creator made a 'mistake'. But Christians know, that God the Father never makes mistakes - humans do!

  10. The demonic deity depicted in the Old Testament can't possibly be the same god who sent his only begotten son to save mankind.

    That much is clear.

    But the Church will never admit this, of course, because it would call into question the editorial judgement of those who put the Bible together.

    So, every now and then, they go through this silly charade where they try to explain away the obvious self-contradiction.


  12. "Jews can believe whatever they choose to believe in their own religion -- Judaism. But,they do not have a right to tell Christians what they can and cannot believe

    Maybe Jews don't have a right to tell Christian what they can and cannot believe but they have the power to do so and they use it. Read "ADL Rewrites New Testament"
    and see how Jews have caused the re-write of the Obergammerau Passion Play which has been performed since 1635.
    Archbishop Cyrille Salim Butros is one of a very few Christian leaders(or so-called Christians) to speak truth to power. Since the Melkites acknowledge the authority of the Pope, I'm guessing we'll see Butros' comeuppance at the hands of Ratzi

  13. So much bile and most of you won't know why until it's too late. At least, not the details. That you lack humility goes without saying, though. That's the heart of it whether you realize the full effect or not.