Saturday, October 30, 2010

They Live

I finally saw the 1988 movie "They Live" today and realized what Peter Chamberlin is saying with his blog title "There Are No Sunglasses."

I also saw a little of the Stewart and Colbert sanity/fear rally and you don't need the sunglasses to see through it.

The lefty counterpoint to the righty Glenn Beck hijacked Tea Party types. The lefties may be a little more fun but no less propagandizing.

It's breaking us down into two groups that oppose each other as if that's all there is.

But most of us don't actually fit into this false duplicity. We're the ones who don't like Stewart and Obama, Beck and Palin. Using conventional terms we as individuals are a mix of conservative, liberal, moderate, radical or what ever you want to call it. Sort of 'mongrels' that don't fit what the media wants us to be.

A real rally for America would be anti-war, anti-imperialism and most definitely anti-criminal government and anti-wall street/banker syndicate. Basically it would be looking for the truth wherever it leads us. We haven't seen much of that in these controlled for TV gatherings.

Rallies have always been used to manipulate the masses. The crowd cheers "hooray for us" and goes home satiated. A lot of good people want to be involved, a lot of good people fall for the deceptions.

Some of the signs at the insanity rally were witty and funny and the Huffington Press had a ton of reader submitted entries but one sign stuck out. Stewart's already used it but Arianna's bunch just had to get it in there one more time.

'There are no sunglasses' but we still can see behind the mask and we know what the monsters fear the most ... that crazy little thing called truth.


  1. JonLeibowitz is such a coward! These guys are 100% Zionist agents, no doubt. Our political culture gets sicker and sicker by the day....

  2. "It's breaking us down into two groups that oppose each other..."

    It's called *pigeonholing* and it's been amazingly effective in preventing any kind of partnership based on shared interests.

    Pigeonholed liberals and pigeonholed conservatives continue to attack one another like two roosters in a cockfight while TPTB sit back and laugh at them.

  3. Hi Kenny,

    Thanks. This one's for you.

  4. The "9/11 Was An Outside Job" sign looks like it was being held by one of those FUX Morning News Exotic Dancers that pose as reporters.

    Didn't watch the John Leibowitz rally, had no desire to see a psyops of Sayanim stirring the crowds up like it was being held in 19330's Nuremberg.

    But the couple of times I did click on the Boob Tube to catch the latest on the 'al CIA DUH' Yemen bomber, noticed that the Zionist MSM had that shit all over the place.

    That alone should tell you what you need to know.

  5. Wow, and they even got KSM's name onto the sign! Somebody is trying way too hard.

  6. These zio clowns as well as tea baggers should be viewed as amusing distractions, and nothing else. They've completely infiltrated the truthers with embarrassing antics like those practiced by "we are change" and Alex Jones. Don't let it bother you, don't try to change their minds, if they haven't figured out the scam yet, they never will. Keep your family safe.

    Here's an interesting video called "Trance"-

    Can't really speak to the veracity of what Ms. O'brien is saying, but it's just another nail in the coffin of the manufactured reality called the United States.

    Watching tea bagger rallies on j*wtube last night was a real eye opener. The manipulators just love to flex their muscles, lest Orhama (or anyone else) try to step out of bounds.

  7. "A real rally for America would be anti-war, anti-imperialism and most definitely anti-criminal government and anti-wall street/banker syndicate." We agree!

    - Aangirfan

  8. Most of the people at this event were no doubt rightfully against torture, yet here stands that bimbo with a sign professing KSM's guilt for 9/11. The same KSM who was admittedly tortured at least 183 times. And these are the so called "rational" people?

  9. I saw "They Live" again this weekend too. Highly recommended! I mention it on this post at my blog:
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  10. DemoCorp..Repulicorp.. it matters not. It's a big Club.. and you ain't invited.