Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Threats and more threats, add the domestic militias to the mix

The media fear mongering continues. If the overseas threats are not working well enough, bring back the 90's and the militias.  I wonder how many FBI agents have infiltrated these possibly soon to be patsy groups.

The Secret World of Extreme Militias - Time Magazine

"I don't know who the redcoats are," says Brian Vandersall, 37, who designed the exercise and tried to tamp down talk of politics among the men. "It could be U.N. troops. It could be federal troops. It could be Blackwater, which was used in Katrina. It could be Mexican troops who are crossing the border."
Or it could be, as it was for this year's exercise, an Islamic army marauding unchecked because a hypothetical pro-Muslim President has ordered U.S. forces to leave them alone. {more}


  1. Barton Gellmann – sounds a bit pork-averse if you follow me.

    I see they had another go at Von Brumm. He was painted as a ‘lone wolf’ character. Other versions of the shooting have the security guard killed by one of his own in a ‘blue on blue’ cock-up.

    Its good to see that individual initiative is included with the scary militias angle. Glad they didn’t leave any of us out. ♫ I feel a bad moon arising ♫ ahrooo (grin)

  2. Tubes of interwebs are saying chairman obamao will give General Motors to China after November. Comrade chairman will then use nation of islam to start a civil war. The innernett sure is fun and my tinfoil hat is keeping me warm in das bunker. Sorry browser is on trust no one mode no spiffy nickname. -Terry Tinfoilhat-

  3. When the history of America's decline in the new millennium is written, I imagine scholars will marvel at how much time and effort U.S. leaders spent trying to influence the behavior of enemies who seemed beyond the reach of our threats.... Iran is a case in point. It appears our frequent threats have served mainly to raise that stature of the theocratic Iranian regime at the expense of American credibility in the region....

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  5. I think there was a piece awhile back about Mexican troops standing around guarding Staten Island in New York.

  6. They can really spin a story. Funny how the holohoax shooter comes up. So how come none of these militias can figure out mossad being behind the grand scam? You would think they have internet access. But no, it's all about puppet boy being a Muslim.

    I liked listening to Bill Cooper's broadcasts, his play by play analysis live on 9-11 is a classic. He just couldn't wrap his mind around the tribe being evil. Must be some sort of zio-bible shield they've got going on. Oh well, we're fucked.

  7. Are those armed Joo militias included in the list? Fun with rhetorical questions.

  8. I don't fear militias in the US. I do fear spook infiltrated militias. I fear our abusive government. If 4 divorced fathers can meet at a law library to research laws and their rights and then be under surveillance by police, followed around, arrested, and blacklisted, militias are obviously all infiltrated to exist at all in the US.

    We live in a Police State of Fear.