Monday, November 8, 2010

9/11 Ground Zero After Midnight

RAW NIST FOIA Cumulus Release #14 WNBC Dub 4 Clips 24-76 in order combined.

Screenshots from the video HERE.


  1. If a major building "fell", there would be stacking of floors, and a major pile of debris. There would be major pieces and chunks. The absolute absence of the entire mass of the building says the perpetrators way over did it with the explosives and steel cutting demolition thermite. Yet another obvious piece of video evidence.

    Thank you Kenny for posting.

    Yes, the US Government is responsible for blowing up 3 buildings at the WTC, terrorizing America and Americans, and they conspired to obstruct justice, destroy evidence, and come up with false evidence to cover up their crimes.

  2. Nov 11 , 2010
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