Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics

Thoughts for a Sunday morning

What we call "History" is written by the winners, by the masters of empires, by generals who devastate men's lands, by the financiers who loot the world's wealth and subjugate the genius of great scientific and technical inventors, putting it at the service of their economic or military domination.

French philosopher Roger Garaudy has exposed some of the Zionist myths in his book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics – challenging the official Holocaust story and citing the Jewish role in the western media.

By Roger Garaudy


Part I: Theological Myths

  1. The Myth of the "Promise": Promised Land or Conquered Land?

    a. In Contemporary Christian Exegesis

    b. In the Prophetic Jewish Exegesis

  2. The Myth of the "Chosen People"

  3. The Myth of Joshua: Ethnic Purification

Part II: The Myths of the 20th Century

  1. The Myth of Zionist Antifascism

  2. The Myth of the Justice of Nuremberg

  3. The Myth of the Holocaust

  4. The Myth of "A Land Without a People for a People Without a Land"

Part III: The Political Use of the Myth

  1. The Israeli-Zionist Lobby in the United States

  2. The Israeli-Zionist Lobby in France

  3. The Myth of the Israeli Miracle: The External Financing of Israel



pdf version

hat tip: Uprooted Palestinians


  1. Heinkels and V1's over england now seem justified. I always knew something was phoney about all this western fraudulent freedom nonsense. Bankrupt the nation making war, then pin the failings on the welfare and disabled.

  2. You're exactly right anon.

    Maybe near the same or something a little different is coming to America soon. It's why the Republicans were the designated winners last week. Cutbacks for everything but war and empire. Austerity for all but the few.

  3. Austerity in plain English means more for elites less for those not born into the lucky sperm club. It is funny that two wars never ever get mentioned when talking about a moribund economy. That war is good for the economy bravo sierra is laughable.

  4. It's starting.

    John Boehner Says In Order To Pay For The Wars, We Need To Raise The Social Security Retirement Age To 70

  5. Phil Tourney ...


  6. Looks like this book needs to be updated with some 9/11 info considering the zionist fingerprints all over it. And yeah, Eric Cantor(the only jewish Republican in Congress) made it very clear today that military spending will not be touched under Republican leadership. Of course he is not alone, Demint was on tv saying essentially the same thing while talking about all the domestic spending(which obviously dwarfs "defense" spending by far) they want to cut.

    Off topic comment here, but kenny, love the site, but have you considered adding Gordon Duffs Veterans Today to your blog roll? I have no affiliation with him, I just really appreciate a lot of what he writes. Replace the hasbarat provocateur Incogman with Duff! Incogman is too f'ing obvious and is an embarrassment to actual opponents of Israel,zionists,neocons and warmongers of all stripes. I'm at a loss as to how his over the top fear and hatred of gays,blacks,women, all non-white males etc. is helping any cause let alone the anti-zionist cause. Either way I will continue to make this and WTCdemolition the first sites I visit daily. Keep up the good work.

  7. I was once dead aghast at incogman, but have mellowed.
    To borrow from Kenny;
    Another piece in the puzzle of free speech.

  8. Yeah, he occasionally has a good article every now and then but the vast majority that Ive seen from his site are needlessly divisive,almost comically bad rants. Its the kind of short sighted,small minded hatred that many zionists engage in and then turn around and accuse others of(his is actually less subtle though). He just makes their job of calling us all "haters" that much easier when, you know, a guy like Inconman actually does. Gee, you don't think he works for the other side do you? Whether he does or not is almost beside the point-they no doubt love his presence and would create one like him if he didn't already exist(in fact how DID he manage to get his website back after getting it "knocked offline" numerous times?). The guy is right out of central casting, hes so fucking obvious.

    What do you think of Inconmans latest feature-"Have you seen this black scumbag?" Now THATS helpful stuff huh? Helpful to ADL tools who want to paint us all as knuckle-dragging "haters". He is shooting himself(and all connected to him) in the foot. On purpose I suspect.

    Tell me though, does he not protest a bit much here?:

    I could actually care less if he is a jew or not, its his actions that benefit the zionist cause that bother me.

  9. I'm a longtime VNN reader and incogman seems vanilla in comparison. I like your term comic relief. Once in a while theres an interesting header I'll look at but for the most part I dig to find current events and news, not muckraking cackle. I understand your view.

  10. Despite the many protests I've seen here concerning the IC man, I have left him up as a 'example.' What that example is I'll leave it to others to decide. It's not like I don't know that some may see it as a promotion but that's not what it is. And maybe that doesn't make sense.

    Another on the blog list that may be 'poisoning the well,' although in a different way than IC is rense but no one has ever said a word about him here.

    VT is a site I visit most everyday. It's filled with info I find valuable and I definitely empathize with vets, especially those drafted in the Vietnam era. But ... with reluctance, I have to say I'm not 100% sure about Gordon Duff. I can't really explain why and I may be wrong. Most of the time Gordon is dead on target. Maybe someone can help me out here. I'll add him to the blog list since you asked anon.

  11. I've always enjoyed the variety that rense presents. Some of the science and bizarre occult type stuff can make an ugly mood fun.
    He's not too pushy in the Ubermensch way.

  12. Thanks kenny. I dont see it as promotion per se, I take you at your word with the disclaimer about not always agreeing with them(for instance I'm going to assume you don't hate and fear non-whites as much as him or at all-I have not seen you post anything indicating that you do).

    My problem is actually not just his obvious attempt at tarring anyone associated with him/his site with his rants but hes also just flat out stupid. His latest article is buying into MSM spin about the "poor tea party, hated by the liberal media". Bullshit, the fraud tea party was created and sustained by the same "liberal" media to stave off third party support and help a pro-war,corporate agenda. So we get simplistic left/right bullshit in addition to "dumb nigger,faggot,spic,monkeys" bullshit courtesy of Incogman.

    As far as Duff goes, I'm curious what you're not sure about but if you cannot explain thats fine. Likewise if you can't explain what "example" Incogman is supposed to represent, I'm going to just go ahead and assume hes an example of just what you alluded to above-poisoning the well.

    Rense is of course a good example of "controlled opposition" a la Alex Jones in a way but Incogman is a different kind of rat in my opinion, a more insidious one in some ways considering he gets close to the mark in many ways while Alex Jones,Rense and their ilk stay talking about a faceless, nameless "NWO".

    I will say this though, I send links to this site to many people, the only negative feedback Ive ever gotten has been people saying things about the latest "nigger,wetback,faggot" headline over on the right. I then have to explain that this is not indicative of the anti-war,anti-zionist,9/11 truth movements as a whole blah blah blah. I wonder how many of those people just mentally checked out at that point and stopped listening to me. Again-the whole point of scum like Inconman imho.

  13. Incogman has always seemed like a paid actor playing a character role to me.

    His shenanigans remind me a lot of Hal Turner's shenanigans.

    His strange insistence that Blacks are the biggest threat to our country and his repetitious blubbering about Jesus, in particular, reeks of "eau de agent".

    The commenters on his blog seem like character actors too.

  14. OK, as I always say, I'm open for suggestions and I will act on this one. Done.

    As far as Gordon goes, no I can't really explain it. I'm also not the only one, including some folks who I consider very real people, that have expressed the same tinge of doubt both publicly and privately. The site, imho, almost came out of nowhere to become a major force. Sometimes it takes me a while to overcome my initial skeptical nature and I think it's healthy to try and remain objective. On local news sites, in comments, I have often linked VT in response to a veteran's remarks. It's the only site I know of that might make a difference in their thinking.

    That said, I'm certainly not trying to be divisive. We already have enough of that.

  15. Couldn't agree more anon@6:04, Hal Turner is a good person to compare him to. Agree with your comment about the people who post there as well, especially that puke "Cannibal Rabbi". Another one straight out of megaphone central casting.

    Kenny, good call on dropping Incogman. Again, I personally would still have visited your site daily like I always do whether you dropped him or not, but it did make my online activism a bit more prickly than it had to be so I welcome this decision.

    I'm all about opposing viewpoints but to me Incogman is obvious disinfo and the ADL's wet dream. I'm actually surprised they haven't plugged him yet.

    About Duff ,you make a good point about him seemingly coming out of nowhere. And to be honest I tend to be skeptical of people from a military backround anyway. Still, I haven't seen anything specific in his writing(I have admittedly not read everything by him though) thats set off any red flags yet.

  16. Incogman, Alex Jones, and Jeff Rense are not friends of the truth. Through blatant racism or scientific dead ends such as UFO's and global warming being a hoax, they alienate millions of rational, intelligent people. It doesn't matter if AGW is a lie or we never went to the moon, these are tangential issues.

    This will keep much of the scientific, forensic evidence regarding 9-11 from ever even being considered.

    They work on the same side of the street as lihoppers such as Jon Gold, with a game plan of flushing 9-11 down the memory hole. Kinda like the housing bubble.

  17. Jon Gold is a joke, Ive been running in online 9/11 truth circles with that tool for years now. That is when I'm not getting banned from certain sites for not taking his bullshit(911blogger for one). I couldn't agree more about Jones,Rense and Incogman as well.