Tuesday, November 23, 2010

George Galloway - 9/11 Truth is "crazed conspiracy theory madness"

The list of 'media personalities' who profess to speak for the truth now 'outed' for failing to pass the bottom line litmus test of 9/11 truth grows. Already this year we've had Julian Assange and Jeremy Scahill.

Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman are a couple of 'old timers' in this game.

Add to that list George Galloway.

Montreal on 17th November 2010

OK, Galloway has said and done many things we all agree with. That's well and fine but alienating a good number of his supporters by calling them insane could make them wonder what else is going on in George's world.

I'm just hard headed about 9/11. Galloway makes the 'watch list.'

Be sure to read what Kev Boyle has to say about this in his George Galloway Not An Honest Man.
"It is pretty clear, in my opinion, that he was heavily spoken to by our friends and protectors in MI5/MI6 and told that he would be allowed to carry on his 'good work' for the Palestinians provided he did not challenge the government 'War on Terror' meme.

I can see no other reasonable, nor even possible, explanation." {more}


  1. He just lost virtually all credibility with me.

  2. He already lost cred when he went on that reality show dressed in tights. Gee George, that was REALLY good for the causes you fight for huh!?!?! Fuck George Galloway and all the controlled opposition he is clearly a part of.

  3. Jesus H. Christ, is there no public figure out there that isn't part of the controlled psyops surrounding 9/11?

  4. you know, I used to really like him. His work for Palestine has been exceptional. this is disappointing.

  5. George Galloway generally supports groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood who have had links to MI6 and the CIA.

    Many thanks for the info.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Any solid links of his connections to MI5/MI6? I would be grateful.

  6. Hi Kenney, thanks for posting not only this info about Galloway, but also the links to your earlier posts about Chomsky. It was kind of sad watching those videos of Chomsky saying, 'Who cares?' After utterly failing to bring about an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I think it's time the impoverished and puny 'American Left' dumped its present crop of ineffective leaders.

  7. Galloway is an irrelevant CUNT, don't give this shit golem any free press.

  8. galloway was on a cbc show called 'the hour' last week, it's on their web site. twice, unprovoked, he affirmed the holocaust myth. no one asked him about the holocaust, HE brought up the subject. it's a shame that Canadians paid money to hear this JUDAS GOAT. fuck him, fuck cbc, fuck israel

  9. What a monumental disappointment.
    Galloway has been paid off. He is lieing in this vid, you can see the psychic exhaustion in his bought off face.
    "Money, money changes everything", to quote an old Cyndi Lauper song.

  10. Galloway sometime last year said on his radio show that he'd spent time with a guy in New York that had convinced him that, at the very least, there were many 'questions'(not exact quote) in the 911 story and he was edging closer to thinking something was fishy.

    He seems to have u-turned on that.
    Galloway has a show on Talksport in UK, a talk station based on the American model, which purports to represent the voice of the "working geezer". Many of the presenters have typical blokey Brit names like Adrian Goldberg , Andy Goldstein ,Mike Jacobs, etc.