Friday, November 19, 2010

Judge Napolitano follows up with Geraldo Rivera on the WTC 7 Demolition

  Napolitano calls Rivera "one of the most respected journalists in America."

  Rivera says his new open minded outlook on 9/11 is all because he "cares so much."

Part deux of what appears may be an ongoing Fox and intelligence services psyops. The CIA and  Mossad, among others, are gauging the responses to this limited acknowledgment of some basic 9/11 truths.  Where this is leading is still speculation. It is not leading to full disclosure of what happened and certainly not to anything linking Israel. Fox and 'friends' will see to that.

November 19, 2010

Geraldo Rivera and the WTC 7 Demolition- 11-13-10

"Extol Jewish virtue, modern Zionism and the Israeli Defense Forces."
quote from Geraldo Rivera


  1. Hey mate, nothing to say apart from 'exactly'.

  2. Right effin on Kenny

  3. If Napolitano wanted to have any portrayal of sensibility, he could have NEVER said Geraldo was one of the most respected journalists.

    Geraldo is long known to be a shill and hack.

    Napolitano is basically the only head talking about this on Fox News. It tends to give me some hope that it is even being discussed. And if this is a psyop, they are playing with fire. Who knows what bit of information will cause Americans to wake up.

    Or am I still dreaming in bed?

  4. Geraldo says he's a half jew, but here we see he's a jew and a half. he wants racial profiling. I agree !! but 911 was a jew job, lets profile them and arrest them.

  5. Screw Geraldo. They're not going to cook up some cockamamie story about pre-wiring the WTC. This is them caught with their pants down on 9-11, because after the dust settled, that Nato pilot shooting down flight 93 put their grand finale in the ditch. When Silverstein references the "Fire Chief" deciding to pull-it, he's of course talking about Cheney. Cheney's a career fuck-up, and if not for the internet, WTC 7 would have disappeared down the memory hole years ago. All this shit is archived and can be referenced daily by millions, something they hadn't counted on back in the nineties while planning this psy-op. That bullshit meme about 93 headed for the capitol was created by Peter Bergen, another cia stooge "consulting" for cnn. Flight 93 originated in Newark, and obviously some sort of software glitch put it off-target. Fucking yo-yo's.