Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Judge Rules Murfreesboro Mosque Construction Can Continue

Finally there's an end to this circus court case. The Murfreesboro Tennessee mosque can continue on. The necon zionist backed plaintiff's case did have some success though. They got the national media to cover the story and keep the anti-Muslim propaganda spinning. It was all about maintaining the "Muslims did 9/11"  terrorist psyops in the forefront, keeping the perpetual wars in the Middle East going and attempting to have fear mongering seen as normal public dialog.

Murfreesboro, Tenn. – A Rutherford County judge has ruled in favor of the county in a suit seeking a temporary restraining order to stop work at the site of a proposed mosque.

Plaintiffs had sued Rutherford County, claiming that the county's planning commission violated Tennessee's open meetings law when they approved the site plan for the new Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in May.

Chancellor Robert Corlew said although he did express some reservations about whether county officials gave adequate notice about the building of the mosque, he found "no evidence the county acted illegally, arbitrarily or capriciously in approving the mosque."

He said he also found no evidence of illegal activity at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in the more than two decades it has operated at its current facility downtown.

Plaintiffs' attorney Joe Brandon Jr. continued to try and link the mosque and its members to terrorism as he has throughout the proceedings.

He called Rutherford County's planning director "deranged" and "deceptive" and referred to local officials as "shady, dirty local government."

He added the U.S. attorney "don't know beans about this case."

Brandon also asked the court, "What would you have done if Osama Bin Laden wanted a building permit, would you have approved it?" {more}

Not long after the ruling, the plaintiff's local zio-zoo lawyer was still scheming  on how to make himself a few more bucks on this case. He says he'll root out the terrorists .....

Losing attorney plans to seek depositions from Muslims

An attorney who lost a temporary injunction today to stop Rutherford County from issuing more building permits to the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro plans to seek sworn testimony from congregation members.

Rather than appeal the ruling, Brandon said he wants to pursue more evidence for Corlew to consider.

“He was concerned by the terrorist connections between (ICM) Imam Ossama Bahloul and (ICM board member) Mosaad Rawash,” Brandon said. “He encouraged us to put on proof to that effect. We will be taking the depositions of several individuals of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. It will give us an opportunity to for us to methodically open up people’s eyes to what’s going on and to develop more evidence, and it’s there to be developed.” {more}

Some background .....
Islam on Trial! Google search introduced as "evidence"

Zionist Neocon PNAC Prick Frank Gaffney Jr. Comes to Murfreesboro Attempting to Prop Up the Mosque Psyops

CNN's AC 360 Spins Into Murfreesboro for More Mosque Diversion

Arson at Murfreesboro TN Mosque Construction Site
Anti-Muslim Psyops Still Alive and Well in Middle TN


  1. facecrime thoughtpollutionNovember 18, 2010 at 12:19 PM

    Those evil muslims are patting us down at the airport, squashing our rights and smashing the economy! How smart they are from their cave.

  2. If you haven't seen the site below, check it out.
    It's one of the better 9/11 sites with all sorts of quotes, documentation and links.

    Molten Steel & Extreme Temperatures at WTC

    Ground Zero, Manhattan – New York after 9/11

    Let’s hear experienced ironworkers, architects, engineers, firefighters, and professionals who saw the destruction firsthand, as they talk about the mangled steel, extreme temperatures, and unbelievable pulverization of the debris.

    Many of the beams were twisted and distorted as though made of rubber or wax. Some beams were over 6 [inches] thick and bent like pretzels. Structural engineers, who are experts in steel structures that have suffered earthquakes and explosions claimed to have seen nothing like this before and could not imagine the kind of pressure and heat required to do this kind of damage.

    - Wendy Neu of Hugo Neu Schnitzer East (Hugo Neu Corporation) to the Empire State Chapter of ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) on November 28, 2001, at:

    Ironworker talking about the “horseshoe” piece saved for possible memorial use, in “Relics from the Rubble,” A&E TV, 2002. Watch clip:

    Commenting on the piece of steel, Mark Wagner of Voorsanger Architects and Associates said, “Typically you’d have buckling and tearing on the tension side, but there’s no buckling at all.

    James Glanz, “Below Rubble, a Tour of a Still-Burning Hell,” NY Times, Nov. 15, 2001, New York Edition p. B1. Online at

    (See the same article to hear this: “A three-foot stalagmite of steel, which looks for all the world like a drip candle, sits next to one of the immense steel columns that held up the north face of the tower.”)

    “‘Fires are still actively burning and the smoke is very intense,’ reports Alison Geyh, PhD. ‘In some pockets now being uncovered, they are finding molten steel.’” Rod Graham, “Mobilizing Public Health,” Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine, Late Fall, 2001. Online at

  3. On the gulf apparently it is back to square one. It can't be fixed and the sea floor is irreparably damaged. Fresh oil still coming ashore. No gulf stream and water in the north atlantic is 10 degrees cooler. Welcome to the new ice age.

    Shrimper: They are killing everybody real slow.

  4. Greg, thanks for the link. It shows the anomalies that conventional controlled demolition has a hard time explaining.

    Mick, I feel for the people of the gulf, they are pawns, a culling of the herd. But we have to do what we must do. Take it from me, one can easily live without seafood.