Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next Up for Wikileaks, Banks and Corporations?


Forbes has a couple of articles that are interesting,

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Wants To Spill Your Corporate Secrets

and  WikiLeaks Will Unveil Major Bank Scandal

Working on the assumption that Wikileaks is deception, what would be the purpose of damaging say a Bank of America or JP Morgan or maybe even the Federal Reserve?

Sacrifice certain entities for a greater goal of __________?


  1. What a surprise Kenny. Only one bunch of murderers received a clean bill of health from this crap. This blatant mossad front operation is really setting the agenda in the MSM. Now they seem to want to help drive the ‘seize the internet’ fascists in the US CONgress.

    The shady actions of the US Fed in assisting in the world’s greatest heist have already taken on a cloak of National Security. Any attack on such ‘vital’ national assets would be seen as equivalent to financial terrorism. Cue to the censorship police.

    When the banksters decide to collapse the ponzi scheme they will need a patsy to blame it on – playing the poor victim is their MO after all.

  2. Spot on chucky. Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a rough ride.

  3. Yeehaw. I must remember to buy a pitchfork before the fun starts (grin).

  4. They're probably doing it to restore some credibility after this flurry of jingoistic propaganda.

    Release Collateral Murder, cement our credibility.

    Release a shitload of pro-war pro-Israeli propaganda and bullshit, our credibility wanes.

    Release some small-fry secrets about a big bank and cater to everyone's (rightful) prejudice about the banks, restore our credibility (and stop people asking the big questions about our banking buddies cos they've been 'thrown a bone').

    Release some more bullshit propaganda.

    Rinse and repeat.

  5. Who is Bank Of America's main rival? Is it Bank of America that Assange claims to be leaking? Maybe they're behind it...not surprising given Assange's love for free-market Capitalism.

  6. Zactly. It's B of A. Remember when B of A was forced by the Fed to takeover bad assets early on? IIRC, they took on Countrywide, and Lewis, the CEO said they didn't want to, but Paulson made them. So they stuffed a bunch of fraud into a competitor, which will go under giving them a two-or-more-fer.

  7. I just caught this by Jeff Gates over at Rense.

  8. This is an interesting scenario: http://www.thedailybell.com/1564/WikiLeaks-to-Take-on-Private-Sector.html

  9. B of A did takeover Countrywide, but the one Paulson and Bernanke MADE them buy was Merrill Lynch, effectively moving the losses to B of A shareholders.

  10. At the heart of the Zionist/Globalist power structure lies the Federal Reserve and the other central banks controlled by the Rothschilds.

    Assange's bosses in Tel Aviv will never let him sacrifice the Federal Reserve because it's part of the foundation upon which their criminal empire was built.

  11. Will 'Julio' tell us he has 'Top Secret' knowledge that Wall Street Banks are run and controlled by Arabs?

    Just another example of Wikileaks being a Zionist controlledl 'hasbara' outfit.

    If 'Julio' REALLY has some serious bank shit to tell, he'd get paid a visit by some thugs who'd toss him out of a 15th story window for a 'flying lesson.'

  12. I was over at Craig Murray's (where he was saying we should all raise our glasses to wikileaks) and I commented that if only we'd had wikileaks in 2003 it could have told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction along with links to al qaeda. One of the dimwit believers there instantly shot back saying that if wikileaks is bullshit how come Ass-Song is going to release American banking details?

    So there you go. Limited hangout 101. Some of it looks convincing. Wow.

    Otherwise in terms of attacking the US, it should be kept in mind that Israel's use of the American golem to destroy its Islamic, non-usury enemies is equally effective at destroying the US military itself. It's like sandpaper. After you use it to take off the bits you don't want you have to throw it away because it's fucked. And for mine this was always intended.

    After all, amongst all of Israel's potential enemies the US would have to be pretty much right at the top of the list. And sure enough between their military being ground to dust in the deserts of the Middle East and their economy being turned into a wasteland, for the owners of Israel it's all good. Remember, everything is a two-fer minimum.

  13. To Anonymous C: I communicated with you recently regarding your Sibel Edmonds comment on Gordon Duff's site. In the spirit of wondering who Duff's allegiances are with, just wanted to let you know if you hadn't noticed already, in response to Duff's post yesterday on the Wikileaks event being a hoax, RonPaul2012 asked if Duff was on Soros's payroll with a subsequent comment that he wasn't kidding. No response from Duff except the two RonPaul2012 comments were deleted this morning. Hmmm...

  14. Interesting link between Wikileaks, Google and therefore the CIA/NSA: http://empirestrikesblack.com/2010/12/wikileaks-linked-to-the-cia/