Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snubbing Bono

Bud Adams, owner of the Tennessee Titans, signals to Bono and U2 that they are not welcome in 'his house.'

Poor U2 and their new world disorderly Bono. The Tennessean reports today that the biggest venue in Nashville, LP field, turned them away so they had to settle for Vanderbilt Stadium for their 2011 tour. That's a loss of somewhere around 30,000 ticket sales. Original ticket prices of $30 to $250 are now inflated  up to $1,100 through scalpers ticket brokers.

It's not like Bud Adams is snubbing his nose at Bono because he is a con artist. Bud is one too, conning convincing Nashville to foot most of the bill for his stadium and ongoing costs. The old man probably views U2's 'clients' as hippies and doesn't want them stinking up his 'house.'

U2 just may be the most overrated band in the history of the world. Globalist media promotion and friends in high places keep their scam going.

Bono's lemming followers surely must know that he is a tax dodger who asks the Irish government to contribute more to Africa while at the same time he's reducing tax payments that could help fund that aid.

They must be aware that Bono's ethical holier-than-thou African fashion line is now Made In China.

As they stood in line for that $250 ticket, they had to know that Bono's ONE foundation only gives 1% of its funds to charity, saying that they are an advocacy and campaigning organization, a lobbying group that 'raises  awareness' and tries to convince legislatures to give more of your tax money to so called 'aid' groups otherwise known as thieves.

All of that will be a mute point as concert goers raise their hands in a pseudo religious fervor, pat themselves on the back for being a politically correct music lover and take home a Bono t-shirt to show the world they care.   

I like what AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson had to say about Bono's 'charity' work.
The singer said he and his band prefer to help in private with no press conferences.

"I do it myself, I don't tell everybody I'm doing it," Johnson said.

"I don't tell everybody they should give money - they can't afford it.

"When I was a working man I didn't want to go to a concert for some bastard to talk down to me that I should be thinking of some kid in Africa.

"I'm sorry mate, do it yourself, spend some of your own money and get it done.

I'm with Brian Johnson and Bud Adams on this one. Give Bono the finger and tell him to go elsewhere.


  1. I been helping out when I can for years. Gave a homeless guy 20 and he just exploded, running up the street "That guy gave me 20 bucks! That guy gave me 20 bucks!" Hopping laughing hooting and yelping like an elf in a cartoon, have never seen anyone so happy. I don't care what he did with it, drugs whatever, it was worth it just to witness that.

  2. Hand to hand charity is always the best. It does tend to put smiles on everyone involved.

  3. U2's fame does seem to have gone to their skulls.

    But their 1987 album, "The Johsua Tree" is still a masterpiece.

    Maybe that's before they annointed themselves 'Rock Royalty?'

    AC/DC aren't strangers to 'rock and roll' royalty or hopping in bed with one of our corporate overlords.

    To date they are one of the highest grossing bands of all time.

    On 30 July 2003, the band performed with the Rolling Stones and Rush at Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto. The concert, held before an audience of half a million, was intended to help the city overcome the negative publicity stemming from the effects of a 2003 SARS epidemic.
    The setlist from their Live at Donington live album was released as playable songs for the Rock Band series by means of a Wal-Mart-exclusive retail disc titled AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack.

    On 15 September 2008, AC/DC Radio debuted on Sirius Channel 19 and XM channel 53. The channel plays AC/DC music along with interviews with the band members

    On 4 November AC/DC were announced as the Business Review Weekly top Australian earner (entertainment) for 2009 with earnings of $105 million.

    But I love the "Thunder from Down Under," especially a tender little love song on their "Back in Black" album called, "Givin' the Dog a Bone."

    Those naughty boys!

  4. Fuck boner and the most overrated band ever.

  5. just wondering if it isn't a "moot point" or is it really a "mute point"? I always wonder about that.

  6. Bono and the rest of his over-rated comrades can't fart without scheduling a press conference. Boner is a pied piper for the globalist religion called political correctness.