Monday, November 1, 2010

A Tribe of Bottom Feeders

That's what Randy Quaid says his former attorney joined up with. As we all know Randy is using a code word to describe the jewish Hollywood mafia. The ones who will really be out to get him now after going public with this. This is a preemptive tactic by Quaid which he says is to save himself. He names names, makes accusations against the judicial system and bankers, takes a jab at google and although Randy and wife may be a looney tune couple, everything they say is believable.
"It's possible for people to gain control of every facet of your life," Quaid said.

Added Evi Quaid: "They are businessmen. It's the mafia. It's organized crime."

Quaid's use of the term "whacker" is what I don't like. It doesn't fit the seriousness of his issues. This one word is causing a lot of commotion. The proper term should have been assassin.

Quaid may be telling us the truth, or at least as he sees it, because there is a media effort to marginalize him and keep the secrets and crimes of the movie biz hidden but Randy has to take some of the blame. He's played in this sandbox for a long time and should have had his act a little better together, at least to protect his assets.

Personally I can't name a single movie Quaid has played in to earn what he says has been $40 million in his career plus the royalties he says the 'tribe' is trying to steal but he has something to say in this Vancouver press conference video below. Things that few in Hollywood would dare to say even if the same thing is being done to them. Maybe for fear for their lives?

One of the names Randy names as part of the crime syndicate out to get him is Bruce Berman. He's a big time producer who had a hand in another movie I haven't seen but I'm sure many of you have, The Matrix.

Just because you may like a certain movie doesn't mean this guy is not playing a big part in the destruction of our culture and a criminal to boot.

As I always say ... "boycott 'em all." We don't have to feed the 'bottom feeders.'

It's all just another diversion, a 'sideshow.' There will be another tomorrow. It's called 'election day.'


  1. I still buy a Mel Gibson movie once in awhile. I save the good ones and watch them over and over.

    On another subject I see the dog is having gall stone problems. This is easy to get rid of, I use it all the time. You don't even need the walnut and ornothine.

  2. Very interesting story, and of course the media is spinning it to make Quaid look like the bad guy. Good for him for standing up and telling the truth. I just hope that he is prepared for all the shit that is about to come his way. If they can simply discredit him in the eyes of the public, this story will go away.

  3. We agree ... "'boycott 'em all.'

    "We don't have to feed the 'bottom feeders."

    - Aangirfan

  4. It's easy to boycott Hollywood, since damn near all of the movies coming out of Tinsel Town, IMO, are nothing more than sleaze and slimy crap.

    Who needs a good script, great directing and decent acting when you can substitute nudity, sex acts, over the top violence, and computer-generated images of exploding heads and mangled bodies.

    And what's with all those movies coming out that have vampires and the walking dead either sucking out people's blood and eating their brains?

    I think Hollywood is letting us know what's in store for us.

  5. i'm glad Quaid is opening his mouth. this is what it takes -- naming names. people who want to bash Quaid should first RESEARCH what he says.

  6. It was funny that at the same moment I was researching who Berman was my wife switched over to a channel where 'Red Planet' was coming on. I looked up and saw Berman's name scrolling across the screen as a producer. We turned it off.

  7. The Truth Will Not Be TelevisedNovember 2, 2010 at 8:40 PM

    Wait a minute.

    Something isn't right here.

    The mainstream media never allows folks with credible conspiracy accusations to appear on TV (only bogus ones like David Icke's).

    I don't know what's going on with Quaid and his wife, but I think they're being used by the PTB to discredit genuine conspiracy researchers who they love to portray as paranoid "moonbats".

  8. Then again, perhaps they couldn't ignore him. It's easy to ignore David Icke since hardly anyone has heard of him.

    What's far more likely is that Quaid is to be turned into a salutary lesson a la Mel Gibson.

    As for boycotting, may I repeat my thing about going to China and doing the piracy thing? Everything goes for a buck fifty a throw and more fun than you can believe. Not forgetting of course that the food is spectacular. And cheap. This assumes that people have a few grand sitting around. Me, I no longer do but such people exist and it's worth thinking about.

  9. The case grew because Randy quaid has been in Canada and wants emergency citizenship. He says that many of his fellow actors have been suicided/murdered over the past few years and he has many reasons to believe he is being set up for the same. Apparently he named not only Heath Ledger, but david Carradine and Brandon Lee along with about 5 more. thats as much as I know. IT doesn't seem too outlandish to me that he would garner press in Canada considering this is how the case started. He was pleading the courts to give him temporary citizenship because he felt that he and his wife were in danger.

    He may be paranoid because he found out his agent and lawyer were scamming him and ripping him off behind his back, added to the fact that his brother didn't have his back. That must hurt. But isn't these blood rituals always at the cost of someone else? Look at all the rappers who had to let a family member die. Alliyah was a blood ritual. DJ AM, Lauryn Hill's bass player, the list is long... This might be a subject that or will dig into.

  10. Great comments on this already. I’m very much in the ‘don’t know’ category. For someone to name names in the Kosher nostra is rare. This has lots of legs left in it yet.

  11. Michael Jackson, too.