Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who Is Responsible for Suicide-Bomber Academies?

Peter Chamberlin delves into one of the most troubling aspects of the U.S. perpetual wars ... the creation of young suicide bombers to kill their own while never realizing whose interests they really serve. 

It's part of a sickening psyops to destroy countries from within.

In the following report, Yet Another Mosque Suicide-Bombed Near Peshawar, we read all that we can stand to read about the latest suicide-bomber to strike that embattled country. An interesting Pakistani website today asks the following question: who do you think is responsible for suicide bombings in Pakistan? It is vital to Pakistan’s survival as a self-governing state that it uncover the truth about the suicide-bomber trainers who bedevil the country.

Who really is behind the world epidemic of suicide-bombers that plague not only Pakistan, but much of the world?  If it was true that the Pakistani Army was really responsible for most of the “Islamic” suicide-bombers as some people claim, then most of the bombings would not be happening there.  Whoever perfected the art of suicide-bomber training transplanted the science to multiple countries from a central source.

The frequency of these attacks over the past two or three years has given the Pakistani Army ample opportunity to capture dispatched bombers before they could push their doorbell buttons to Nirvana.  They recently captured a bomber training camp in Swat, giving them loads of evidence about the mind-control technicians who ran the camps and the methods that they were using to convince countless Pakistani boys to surrender their precious lives in acts of mass-murder against fellow Muslims.  Such was the power of the mind-science being deployed against the boys and through them, against all of Pakistan.

To state the obvious at this point, all of the previous examples of suicide-bomber training took place in countries targeted by the United States.  That is no coincidence, since it was the CIA which perfected the original “Islamist” indoctrination program which is at the core of all these brainwashing programs. 

There is only one organization in the entire free world with the available money, the technical means and the millions of test subjects required and the expertise in “Islamist” indoctrination,  to scientifically compile an information base for constructing a mind-control research program, and that is the Pentagon.  The unpleasant and potentially harmful nature of some of the experimental procedures which needed to be tested on millions of subjects ensured that only an army could develop such a program.

The terrorist leaders have all had some type of formula for creating these “zombie killers” at will.  They obviously have some hidden science or technique for turning otherwise normal children into suicidal killers with a cause to kill for, “jihad.”  It is not simply a matter of persuasion which has turned countless innocent children into mass-murderers seemingly overnight.  There is some secret method which has been made available to militant psywar operators, enabling them to suppress or erase childish thoughts and to replace them with the thoughts of  psychopathic killers.

There are two streams of information which link the United States to the wave of suicide-bombing in Eurasia, the historical record of the creation of the International Islamist Front (otherwise known as “al-Qaeda”) and the clinical history of the American G.I. psychological reconditioning programs.  Between these two resources, it can be proved beyond doubt that the US military has developed a very effective mind-control science program.
read the rest plus view some interesting videos that help to validate Peter's thesis


The created suicide bombers have plenty of help. So say some Pakistanis.
US Terror behind Darra mosque blast
TTP’s second in Command Wali-ur-Rehman Mehsud said that Blackwater was behind most of the incidents wherein innocents were targeted. “Blackwater is doing its job of destabilizing Pakistan by targeting Masajids and killing innocent people and putting the blame on the shoulder of Taliban.” Wali also blamed media for its partial behavior. “Most of the calls of responsibility of the attacks were fake,” Wali said. He said through fake calls, Taliban were held responsible for certain attacks which have nothing to do with the objective of Taliban. {more}


  1. what makes you think these are suicide bombings?

    where you see bombings in market places, and some authority/media says: suicide bombing, think again....

  2. I don't think they all are Brian. Many times it's CIA, Mossad, ISI and their paid allies and contractors who want it to appear that way. The media screams 'suicide bomber' in most every case.

    The mind control of young dupes most likely applies in some cases. I think that's what Peter was saying.

  3. Before we invaded Irag, then re-invaded Afghanistan aqd now Pakistan, there were no 'suicide' bombers blowing to hell people in markets, schools and mosques.

    These are the sadistic actions of murderous merc outfits like Blackwater/Xe to help keep these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' going for decades.

    No wonder much of the world thinks of the USA as the 'Great Satan.'