Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why must we look to the past for the anti-war songs that define a generation?

Our very own national propaganda radio, NPR as it's known, occasionally has a feature that tells a good story if you read between the lines. This time it's "why don't we hear a few anti-war songs today in our time of war?"  Once upon a time people loved these songs, they were played on the radio, they just maybe had the power to open a fence sitter's eyes, they elicited emotion.

Now you never hear one, even on college radio. They don't write 'em like they used to, major labels won't record them or promote them. It wouldn't sell, it's passe, it's the era of terror say the ones who run what we are allowed to hear on the public airwaves. Radio seems to be controlled by the war machine doesn't it?  Going against the corporate play list is not career enhancing.

The Vietnam War was different. Some folks had something to say about war and many wanted to hear it.
'Next Stop Is Vietnam': A War In Song - NPR
The history of the Vietnam War has been told many times in hundreds of books, movies and plays. But Next Stop Is Vietnam explores the impact of that conflict through the popular music it inspired. {more}

So where are the great anti-war songs of our time. The current theaters of imperialism and genocide are begging for a voice.       I'm waiting ...

I've listened to this one since I was a kid. It's still relevant.

One of John Lennon's least known efforts. It should still be relevant ... especially with the youth who will pay the price if they allow themselves to be a soldier.


  1. "Why don't we hear a few anti-war songs today in our time of war?"

    Because the sayanim-controlled media doesn't want us to.

    The 'war on terror' (the war on Israel's enemies) is in full swing now and they're not about to let some silly little goy protesters get in their way.

  2. You KNOW you touched my heart on this one didn't you.

    I ask this often and have a few ideas. First they want dumbed down folks who are happy to accept everything as happy happy happy. "downer" music does not follow a formula to fill those needs.

    It makes you think!

    It requires intelligence to write! Passion to sing about a cause not a hunk of flesh and lust.
    It sounds crappy digitalized.

    Most of these folks have a conscience which is not allowed in showbiz today. Some of the old ones have sold out, some were involved in evil then, but it was not in our faces. Here I refer to Cosby Still and Nash. The Eagles. The Beatles. The Byrds. These all had dark sides which none knew about.

    Many of the greats were assassinated when they began to expose things and have influence... Tupac, Lennon, Jackson, Marley to name a few.

    And also these folks were not known for their fashion sense... no generating fashion income.

    I had hope for Muse for a short time because they had one BRILLIANT song. Then I saw a lot of photos of them and they are PURE Masonic in symbolism and their music was all boring to me. So I dunno if they were serious with that one song or being satirical.

    I also hear some with great words, but my old ears do not have the ability to listen because the music is so offensive. Trent somebody of 9 inch nails did some good stuff, but I never got past the words.

    Partly I think it is because we just don't listen to a lot of that music style. I am involved in an on line radio station and we had a dj apply to work for us. He brought in all that music of the era that we love so much. I was in heaven!

    He was let go within a month because people wanted to listen to Beyonce and Amy Winehouse or Nickleback!

    Thank goodness most of it is so powerful that it is still able to travel through time to today.

    Oh and one last thing. They way the American government is getting, you can bet you would be given a LOT of hassle. And many are probably afraid of that.

    7000 anti nuke activists in germany block train tracks

    7000 Germans try to stop a nuclear waste train.

    My goodness, Country is still on the front page of my google site. I knew Noor would like this one.

    Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Stevie Nicks Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies, could have been speaking on 911

    Johnny Cash When the man comes around.

  4. Hey Kenny,

    I figure it's because the Jews who own the industry that decides what we get to see and hear had no great stake in the Vietnam war. Now it's different. The current wars are against Muslims and driven almost entirely by Jews.

    Thus, in much the same way there is no discussion of the iniquities of monetarism and reserve banking (or the Talmud, or the Liberty affair, or Toaff's Blood Passover, or the gassing of Gaza, or insert_Jewish_wickedness_here) there is no anti-war art or music for the Great War On Muslims.


  5. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - John McDermott
    Many aged photographs accompany the link as well as alternative versions of the song.

  6. Thanks folks. You get it. My question was really rhetorical, just venting my frustration at the music industry as it is today.

    Peter, "Matilda" still stands as one of the best anti-war songs ever. I heard it several times as a child, for the life of me I can't remember where but it always stuck in the back of my mind.

    Noor, I too never could get into the 9 inch nails albums but several years ago I got free tickets to one of their shows. They only played for one hour and had a lot of quick backdrop images of war. It was the most intense hour of music I've ever seen. At the end they destroyed all of their instruments including the keyboards and drums. I never really liked that sort of thing, a waste of instruments, but this time it seemed fitting.

  7. We Micks have no shortage of such inspirational groups and tunes – although with a limited international appeal and focus (grin). The key is to control your own creation and distribution channels. On a similar vein the appeal of live performances really reinforces the message.

    What chance does anyone out-with the tribe have there? Music festivals are massive business events also. No chance of an unknown getting a chance to bang out a few tunes to a willing crowd. Only trusted money makers allowed.

    I’m not sure what the live music scene is like in the USSA Kenny. Smaller local venues might offer some hope but the time for that is short. Maybe we can organise some singers in the camps.

  8. The live music scene for the small venues in the Nashville, mid TN area is as good as anywhere imho. Words of wisdom in many of the songs may be lacking but the musicianship in all genres from so many trying to 'make it' compensates for it. There's nothing like live.

    I actually just got back from a 3 hour jam session with a friend of mine. We never play the same thing twice, always improvised including words. We call it therapy.

  9. and that reminded me of what may be the only song written about the International Monetary Fund:

    Call It Democracy

    Padded with power here they come
    International loan sharks backed by the guns
    Of market hungry military profiteers
    Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared
    With the blood of the poor

    Who rob life of its quality
    Who render rage a necessity
    By turning countries into labour camps
    Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

    Sinister cynical instrument
    Who makes the gun into a sacrament --
    The only response to the deification
    Of tyranny by so-called "developed" nations'
    Idolatry of ideology

    North South East West
    Kill the best and buy the rest
    It's just spend a buck to make a buck
    You don't really give a flying fuck
    About the people in misery

    IMF dirty MF
    Takes away everything it can get
    Always making certain that there's one thing left
    Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

    See the paid-off local bottom feeders
    Passing themselves off as leaders
    Kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows
    Open for business like a cheap bordello

    And they call it democracy
    And they call it democracy
    And they call it democracy
    And they call it democracy

    See the loaded eyes of the children too
    Trying to make the best of it the way kids do
    One day you're going to rise from your habitual feast
    To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast
    They call the revolution

    IMF dirty MF
    Takes away everything it can get
    Always making certain that there's one thing left
    Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

    Bruce Cockburn
    November 1985. Toronto, Canada.

  10. oh, i guess this generation of young 'dupes of Judah' are too busy playing Rock Star video games or watching american idol. i read on the net that bush1,while at CIA, ordered the hit on Lennon by mind controlled mkultra

  11. There's a whole album from Black 47 called "Iraq". Here's a vid I made from one of their songs.

  12. Very good tune and video anon. Thanks