Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Agents of war and corruption do at some point finally die

Richard Holbrooke and a couple of his friends share laughs in the 'good old days.'

From Vietnam to Afghanistan to Wall Street and AIG,  Holbrooke played the game of war and financial corruption very well. He made the zionists, bankers and the war machine very happy.

In repeating the accolades ad nauseam, the media will fail to mention his blood stained hands. The spin meisters  even came up with some famous last words lies to tell the world - "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."

A more accurate description of Holbrooke's 'accomplishments' for the crime empire can be read here and here if you're interested.

So rest in peace Richard, Lord knows there was little of that during your tenure. And may your 'friends' join you soon.


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  2. "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."

    Too bad he didn't have the courage to say those words until he was on his death bed. What a deceitful coward...just like all the "leaders" of our country. They don't even die with dignity.


  3. Ekkhh! God don't wanna touch that fatso & filthy kosher pig on the left, isn't it about 900 years old?

  4. Curses! I saw your headline and the pic on my blog roll and thought.. OMG OMG OMG DID THE BIG MAGGOT FINALLY BITE THE DUST????

    I mean, what a Christmas gift... to hear that Kissinger and maybe another of his ilk had returned home to Hell and Satan!

    But nooooooooo..... I am so disappointed.... so very very very disappointed..... ah well, save the party for another day..........

  5. I forgot to mention...

    Is he an example of what the "Master Race" is supposed to be like? One of their finer examples?

    Gags into the desk side waste bin....

  6. Holbrooke was a 'Chosen One' several times over.

    Both parents were Jews and his wife.

    His family claimed that when they came to America in the 1930's from Poland, their father changed his last name to 'Holbrooke,' and they can't remember what his real last name was??

    BS. He was probably with one of those Jewish Bolshevik Death Squads, roaming the old USSR, killing peasant and Christians who didn't want to bow down before Zionism's bastard son, Communism.

    He probably skipped out when 'Uncle Joe' decided to have one of his famous purges.

    Bet 'Holbrokiski' missed his days with 'Operation Phoenix, where he got to emulate his Daddy, shooting Vietnamese peasants in the head to 'pacify' them.

    Wonder what SOB the Zionists and Israel will tell HRM Hillary to pick and fill his spot?

  7. Yeah, the best news of the week. God rot him.

  8. I wonder whether there is a special department in Hell for special(I mean:"kosher") people.
    While they are only 0,25% of the world's population,I think they will be vastly overrepresented there like they are in all mega-criminal entreprises here on earth.
    Kissinger looks exactly like the monster he morally is.His voice sounds like it already comes from the deepest levels of Hell where he is bound for.Too bad that our precious planet is ruled by these monsters!

  9. The poor man has gone on to his reward.

    + + +Kenny,

    Regarding your links.

    I note that you preface your list with:

    "Blogs I like to visit. I don't always agree but they are a piece of the puzzle of free speech."

    Therefore, I would like to bring it to your attention that one of your links is opposed to Free Speech in a number of ways.

    Jew Duff continues his anti-Internet campaign here:

    “The moment the internet became profitable, it became criminal. There is no more dangerous environment for the unsuspecting than the internet.”


    Rubbish. The JSM is much worse since there is ZERO chance of freedom there, but on the Internet you can still find some truth somewhere.

    At that same link (nb. "http" changed to "xxxp" due to spam-detection programs), the Jew Duff agrees with Shaminski and Ugly Glenn that people like you -- and anyone online anonymously -- are their people's enemy.

    He also cites the Shaminksi article in which the Sham stated that all Jews are always liying. This has interesting ramifications for any statement from the Jew Duff of course.

    + + +

    Here's the Jew Duff just last week:



    Veterans Today, 2010.12.06

    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

    Forever, Israel told us that the Arab nations couldn’t be trusted, that they were ruled by duplicitous back stabbers. Now, Wikileaks has proven that right beyond question.


    You can find numerous examples of the Jew Duff calling for the Internet to be shut down, promoting the Jew idea that the US is run by Evil Fourth Reich Nazis! and advocating the jailing of all Muslims, Christians, etc. here:


    Here's just one example:

    Jew Duff’s Jew-Com Theology:

    “Any educated person believes the idea of a god is simply delusional and that no magical beings exist except in the imagination of children and the seriously mentally disturbed. I would lock every one of them up.”


    Not exactly my idea of someone advocating free speech...

    In his defense, he may simply be insane. But I seriously doubt that. I would say that Mossad/MI5/CIA Veterans Today is a total Jew-racket.

  10. From [Mossad/CIA/MI5] Veterans Today, 2010.11.09

    Jew Duff:


    "might be a favor"? -- Aren't writers expected to be at least functionally literate?

    Anyway, he's arguing that because "they" use the Internet to make us undead, the government should protect us by shutting it down.

    Complete comment here:


  11. I have expressed my skepticism of Duff before. His link was added at the request of a reader who, as fate would have it a day or two later, had his comments deleted/censored there for questioning one of his featured writers. He appears to also be a skeptic now.

    I seem to have to keep repeating myself that all the links here does not mean promotion of them. Some are examples that the puzzle has pieces that don't fit and that it's up to individuals to figure out who and how that is.

  12. I have expressed my skepticism of Duff before

    The more we become suspect of each other, the more THEY will kill, torture and steal with impunity.

    Me, I'm suspect of someone who has to preface someone's name with the now somewhat sleazy connotations that go with the word 'Jew.'

    Like someone once told me, you can tell someone to 'Get Fucked' without actually saying that phrase, and do it so subtly that they'll be left scratching their head, wondering if he/she said what they think they heard.

  13. I think skepticism is healthy but don't often feel the need to go on and on about it to try and divide us.

    "Take what you need and leave the rest" as the old song goes.

  14. Do you not "go on and on about" 911?

    Is there something wrong with that? -- I wouldn't say so.

    + + +

    The comment about the CIA Veterans Today link was just in response to these intermittent demands/suggestions/pleas you get to remove the link to me.

    I know quite well that you don't list things to endorse them.

    I myself just list links as "Interesting..."

    Still, the VA is -- in my very informed opinion -- very dodgey, shady, Jewey.

    You must know some people are never happy. You say X, they say "Proof!?" You provide proof. They say, "Oh, so much. Oy Vey. How can I read all that..."

    Since I don't suffer from ADD (assuming such a Jewey pathologization has any validity...) -- and can even read books with more than 100 pages! -- I find it hard to sympathize.

    + + +

    The Jew Duff is the Jew Duff because he's a Jew scamster, and Anti-Christ, so I'll call him the Jew Duff until he confesses and repents and recants and turns in his co-conspirators.

    I don't agree with Norman Finkrlstein's politics, but he strikes me as sincere; and even though he's all for the Jew Agenda, he's not (I don't think) some sort of Jew-Zio Macher r con-artist. -- Therefore, he's not The Jew Finkelstein. If I find out he's on the CIA payroll like The Jew Chomsky, then he'll become The Jew Fink faster than you can say sieg heil.

    + + +

    I really don't know what else is needed to identify GD as The Jew Duff. Said Wikileaks proves the ZEOP was right all along. Check. Hates Christians. Check. Wants people locked up for believing in God. Check. Scribbles "g-d". Check. Talks garbage, contradicting himself even within a sentence. Check. Says the internet is evil and should be shut down. Check. Says AmeriKKKA is run by evil Fourth Reich Nazis! Check. That, my friend, is a lying, devious, twisted, mother-f@cking Jew b@stard if I ever saw one!

  15. Actually I was the reader who requested VT be added, as many of their past articles have been good in my opinion. I do not trust Duff one bit and yes, I was censored by him for among other things questioning Sibel Edmonds legitimacy. There is still however some redeeming stuff from various writers on VT. Incidentally, the only link I currently have a problem with is the "How Dare I" one with the ranting phobe above. Just to be clear though I am not requesting you delete him from the blog roll. Hes not as obvious a hasbarat as Incogman anyway...

  16. Who's "the ranting phobe"?

    + + +

    AIG was begun by Freemasons in Shanghai (after first attempts in Yokohama under US Army cover).

    It's purpose was to fund the Comintern, provide false support to White Russians (i.e. to gather info in order to liquidate them), and in general to spy, since the insurance racket is one of the greatest spy tactics.

    It was an offshoot of AIC, which was established as a basis for global resource acquisitions (including the est. of the USSR).

    It gradually blended into the structure of the OSS, then CIA.

    "America" "International" = Jews & Masons

    + + +

    [CIA/Mossad/MI5] Veterans Today also posts Zio-Propaganda from Alan Hart, great friend of his Mother Israel, the Jewess bitch Golda Meir.

    He yaps on about how wonderful she is, even as he's telling everyone how "she didn't really mean it" when she said there are no Palestinians, and how she told him that the Jews would destroy the planet.

    That's about all I would think one needed to know about VA.

  17. You are. Ah, and the assclown disinfo tool phobe pushes masons too. Big surprise there...

  18. That's interesting, Mr Nobody.

    But who or what is that I'm supposed to be phobic in relation to?

    "Phobia"? That's a word the Christ-Killers like to throw around. You should report me to Foxy Kikeman's outfit!

    Strange you get so upset at me just because I pointed out that the Jew Duff wrote that it would be good to have the Internet shut down, and that real Muslims should be locked up.

    Or is it that I pointed out that Shaminksi says all Jews are always liars. The sort of nonsense, actually, that only Jews or morons would usually be caught spouting off.

  19. Oh thats right, "only jews use the word phobe" right akira, you fucking moron? I mixed you up with the guy whho runs "How Dare I" but after reading your site I see that you,like Incogman are the same type of hasbarat. The point of scum like you is to repel the uninitiated from joining the anti-zionist,anti-Israel cause. Too obvious.

  20. Check out the "Islam" section on religious nutbag Brian Akiras site. You would think a hardcore zionist wrote it. They would certainly be pleased with it. Thats what happens when a weak mind allows one to be manipulated by organized religion-all of it-yes, even "your" brand of religion.

  21. Mr No-Name:

    "Thats what happens when a weak mind allows one to be manipulated by organized religion-all of it-yes"

    Oh dear. You sound like a real Islamophobe!

    [Sorry for using Jew=speak. Yes. Homophobe and Islamophobe are Jew-coined Neo-Logisms.]

    Why do you despise Muslims so much?

    You say that Muslims are "Weak-minded" and "Manipulated". Obviously then Muslim Imams and Mohammad and so on must all be, in your mind, con-artists, liars, cheats, manipulators.

    Well, you're entitled to your opinion.

  22. Yep, everything you have ever correctly been called is simply a "jew word" right you retarded assclown Akira? How convenient for you. You are one pathetic SOB. I say YOU are more manipulated than any muslim, you are a "Christian" who does the bidding of zionist Israel with your islamophobic rantings. Ironic. Or not.