Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Goes the Dark Leader? ...

 Fiction and truth merge?

"Remember right here we talked about finding a guy and turning him into a star years ago," the junior man said, adding too much sugar. "He's sure blown up since then. Makes me nostalgic."

"He's the biggest thing in the world right," the senior man said, ladling a little honey. "That was one sweet concept."

"Lucky I had a brainstorm," the junior man needled.

"Sure, you were on the verge of washing out," the senior man teased back. "I gave you the credit because you needed a boost and you came up with a real humdinger, my son." His smile ended up as a grimace. Out of practice.

The junior man took a cautious sip. "And now he's everywhere. He's all over the news just about twenty-four-seven."

"Well, we own the goddamn mainstream media," the senior man said, trying his own latte. "Are you surprised?"

"It's strange to watch," the junior man said. "I know it's all an act, but the left wing wants him deified and the right wants him shot."

"That's part of the dialectic. We need to control both sides of the argument. Our guys need to capture the most radical sentiments in order to control them. Has to do with credibility."
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What a tangled web the media weaves.


  1. That’s the dialectic in action Kenny. All the yapping dogs are arguing on the ‘morality’ of the ‘event’ and none of them examining who benefits. Thankfully many of the bloggers (at least the ones I read) are not fooled by this.

    Have a chuckle at some of the gossip but don’t bite on the hook. It’s like a cheap illusionist trick – watch the moving hand and not the hidden one. That so-called 1.5 Gigabyte encrypted insurance package is rotten meat. It reminds me of Operation Mincemeat that I have mentioned elsewhere. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mincemeat.

    The state propaganda outlet here - the BBC – even covered it in a special a few days ago. I think they are laughing at us.

  2. I want one thing answered. There are over 6 billion people on the planet, and on 9-11 we know of exactly 5 who knew in advance of the attack. We had them in custody with red-handed evidence, and not only was their existence not made common knowledge, but they were released.

    If the government ever explains that one to me, I will consider watching their pale Australian soap opera.

  3. All those at the top are laughing at us Chucky. They think they can get by with anything. As far as the 'insurance' goes, bring it on. We'll call them out on that too ... for what it'll be worth. I hope it's released soon.

    anon, the gov will never explain it to us, we know that. Chertoff and Israeli pressure and blackmail got them released. It proved the real power they have.
    But you're right, we had them, they would have talked and the whole game would have been over.

  4. Chertoff and Israeli pressure and blackmail got them released

    Along with that true American patriot, Alan Dertbagowitz.

    And that other 'American-Firster,' HRM Senator Schumer.

    "Follow the money,' or 'Follow the names?"

  5. Is that a photo of Assange? Gee I wonder how John Pilgers supporters feel now that Dear john offered to post bail for this fop?

  6. It seems the normal reaction of those locked into the programmed paradigm for our time Silver. Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith) and Ken Loach spoke in support also. This persecution of a valiant warrior for truth most be opposed…blah, blah blah. Baa, Baa, Baa would be more apt.

    All together now, ♫… there’s no business like shoah business… ♫

  7. You can't make look like the citizens of the global plantation have absolutely nobody working in their behalf, it would cause too much discontent. You have to have false flag heroes also.

  8. Excellent point DM. I forgot to add this wee link (from a dubious Murdock source) about how weak the case for the ‘frame up’ is.

    Silverfish hit on the thread. Lets flush the p(h)easants with an extremely weak BS sex allegation story. It makes him the story and not the watered down, tainted pish he’s flogging. All the usual heavyweights will line up to defend him.

    The arrest crap is mere theatre to add gravitas to a flagging pony. To build on what Kenny said – bring on the next round so we can poke it full of wholes also. Here’s the kicker.

    This is a win-win for the usual crowd. Flood the herd’s attention space with false messages (just like 2002/3) and use this former cult family clown as an excuse to shutdown the Internet. I would not want to be this robot if the useful idiots really buy into his message.

    The poison pill ‘insurance package’ will be unlocked if any physical harm comes to him. That was also one of the reasons from the lawyers today why bail was denied – physical harm. What better way to give credibility to this crap if their MK Ultra asset eats a bullet.

    I don’t know the man but he is poison. Whether programmed or patsy his path is chosen. The spin-meisters will do the rest.

  9. "false flag heroes," I like that.

    Pilger ... the gatekeeper who can only say, "9/11 maybe they let it happen." I think he is also a 7/7 false flag denier. He fits in well with Julio.

    Chomsky, Michael Moore, Naomi Wolf, all give their blessings.

    Assange is now a bigger creation than Lady Ga Ga. He should wear a raw meat suit to his court appearance.

  10. Question Dov Zakheim and you will know all about the true 9/11 story. I wish I had more money and resources, I would track him down We Are Change style and get him on camera for posterity. Why has this not been done yet? That rat still works in DC, shouldn't be hard to find....(same with Jerome Hauer and a few others that are known to have been involved in 9/11 for that matter)

  11. Yeah Yeah, Pilger, I know...

    On 911 he's a pissweak variety of LIHOP and on banking he's nowhere to be seen. He's also never covered mind-control and he says that RFK was definitely killed by Sirhan Sirhan (he happened to be standing behind RFK at the time).

    Without being certain I'm pretty certain he's also never mentioned the Liberty, the Lavon affair, nor even Pearl Harbour as non surprise. And in spite of being the a giant of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia I'm pretty sure he's never mentioned the Gulf of Tonkin as a piece of 100% fakery.

    Let's just say he's not into conspiracies. But of all those guys-not-into-conspiracies that I used to read: Robert Fisk; Naom Chomsky; Howard Zinn; William Blum etc. Pilger is the only one I can stomach. And so I still link to him.

    And yeah, he's fallen for Assange. Well him and everyone. I don't know about you folks but everyone I know (what with me being the biggest conspiracy nutbar they know) is asking me what I think of Julian Assange and are astounded that I don't think he's the best thing since sliced bread.

    So! This Assange campaign is huge and it's sucked in everyone I know. And Pilger.

    Otherwise Silv, you might want to climb down from your high horse mate. You've been called out over more than a few inconsistencies in your story and perpetually employ the same response of running away and never mentioning the subject ever again. And then popping up again later and acting as if nothing had happened.

    I'm thinking you don't want me to bring them up here do you?

    ...sure enough, you may take that as your cue to run away and then pop back again later acting as if nothing happened. See you then! Ciao.

  12. John Pilger's behaviour is odd!

    - Aangirfan

  13. I've also got a lot of time for Pilger and share the same concerns about him as Nobody.

    I think everyone comes to terms with their cognitive dissonance at their own speed.

    What may seem obvious to us, is far from obvious to others.

  14. Hey you two, 'odd' is one word and 'crushingly disappointing' is another, um... two. He's really made an arse of himself on this one.

    Oh and Edo, I tell you what, a file a day keeps the boredom away, nudge nudge wink wink. I'll drop you a line when I'm done.