Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poor Julian, he's not Time's Person of the Year

He tried so hard but was only a runner up, just like the 'Tea Party' and Hamid Karzai

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is the big winner. That should help solidify Facebook's place as a 'legitimate' social phenomenon. It should also make the CIA happy.

Assange, Zukerberg and the 'Tea Party' are also considered by many to be at least partly controlled or used by the intelligence services and/or big money political interests. We know Karzai is a tool.

We also know that Time is a tool for the bankers and wars and most of what is taking this country to ruin. Does anyone except for doctor's offices actually still subscribe to this rag?

The tribe always takes care of its own.   No surprises here.


  1. The tea party was a corporate creation filled mostly with people who pumped their fists in joy when bombs were raining on Iraq. Just the latest "movement" meant to keep the sheep voting for the 2 controlled parties.

  2. Difficult to choose among so many CIA assets.

    - Aangirfan

  3. I spotted this scam when Asswang firt came over the blue and white striped horizon.

    Of course, all the usual insults came my way.

    Not that I'm complaining, of course. I know my reward will not be in this world...

    >>Sniff, Sniff<<

    I'm looking forward to all the "I can't believe anyone was ever dumb enough to fall for the Jew Duff's racket! Man, that was so obviously lame. He might as well have had hasbarat tattooed on his forehead!"

    Since Shaminski appeals to dope-addled ex-and-wannabe-hippies, and to Jewey Ingoglanders and their tools, I expect JoKa will just keep truckin' along until he falls into his grave.

    Oh well.

  4. Duff, Kaminsky, and Incog are all pro-israel hasbarat? What makes you think that?

  5. Incogman clearly is and I would submit that akira above is the same class of hasbarat. Too obvious really.

  6. Obvious? How? Incog seems very anti... What gives it away?

  7. QB, do you feel the same way about all black people that Incogman does? Do gays scare you shitless like they do Incogman? The fact that you even have to ask "why" about Incogman sadly says a lot about you. Incogman is on the surface "anti-zionist" I guess, but what is the end result of his rants? Do you think he reaches anyone outside of the realm of his little blog circle jerk of white supremacists? His actions are a boon to Israel, the zionists would love nothing more than to point at Israels critics as a bunch of simple minded bigots who hate everyone. The purpose of scum like Incogman is to validate that unfair notion. Again, this is too obvious.

  8. anon@6:52 PM & AM (wow did that happened?)

    Well said!!

  9. Thanks Anon, I get your point now.

    Being raised in the 'supposedly" most segregated major city in America allowed me to experience firsthand the behavior of many blacks, individually and in groups. I suppose "culture shock" would be the term to use to describe how some of them act in public. Stereotypes can be funny, because sometimes they're true, and I've seen some strange behavior come out of the city.

    I think the main reason I read Incog is because the style of writing comes off as humorous to me.

    I'm somewhat new to the issues regarding zionism, but learning quickly, and some of his articles do a good job of laying out the facts of the evils inherent in that ideology.

    Thanks for your clarification, I understand your point now. It may be obvious to someone who has been dealing with the problem of hasbarats for a long time, but for a newcomer sch as myself, it's not as easy to identify someone who is appearing to be one thing, but actually trying to accomplish another.


  10. Hey QB, if you feel the same way about all black people that Incog does than more power to you. I think you and him are weak minded, manipulated tools for it but do what you gotta do I guess. Just know that your various phobias of people different than yourself only helps the zionist cause paint anti-zionists/Israel critics as troglodytes.

  11. I was once robbed by a white guy. Shall I now crucify all white people because of it and pretend they are all savages? Incogman would say yes if he was consistent but hes not-hes a garden variety white supremacist who is knowingly or not a hasbarat who is helping the zionist cause. Same with the guy above and anybody else who engages in divide and conquer tactics like Incogman does.

  12. @ Anon 8:35 - I'm a white guy from the southside of Chicago, grew up surrounded by black people. I think their behavior is sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, same with whites, asians, latinos, etc, only more so. That does not make me a weak minded tool, just observant. And it isn't a phobia to realize that blacks are more prone to violence than any other racial group, just fact.

  13. That depends QB. Do you talk about the "bad whites" you have observed as much as you talk about the "bad blacks"? Incogman doesn't. Your last comment PROVES how much of a weak minded tool you are though. "More prone to violence". How exactly? Blacks are poorer by and large than whites-that might have something to do with the violence statistics, which might have something to do with fairly recent US history where blacks were put on a lower level than whites and therefor have less to give to the next generations. Do you wish we went back to the 50's and earlier in our treatment of blacks? Would that make you feel more secure QB? Honestly, Incogman was made for weak minded tools like you.

  14. I knew something was seriously wrong with Wikileaks as soon as I heard that they were releasing the name and even addresses of Afghans who had "assisted" the US Miltary -- "assisting" being a very elastic term, including many people who are just trying to stay alive between a rock and a hard place.

    On this very site I said that that was wrong, to release their identities, and the usual muckrakers hereabouts chimed in with their praises of Jewlian Asswang, and what a hero he is, and how anybody who "collaborated" with NATO forces in any way deserves to die, etc.

    [In retrospect, we should wonder if in fact Asswang released the names of people who *refused* to assist US forces, lying that they *had* in fact assisted them.]

    + + +

    The comments section, btw, gets extremely tedious when a certain "anonymous" character can only "debate" by accusing every person who disagrees with him (which most people do, since he's such a disagreeable creature) of being a "hasbarat" and a "zionist" and a "weak-minded tool".

    So if somebody lives in a Black neighborhood, and reports his own experiences there, then that just "PROVES how much of a weak minded too", and they are "knowingly or not a hasbarat who is helping the zionist cause."

    Or if somebody is not that keen on having millions of Muslims imported, then that just "PROVES how much of a weak minded too", and they are "knowingly or not a hasbarat who is helping the zionist cause."

    + + +

    Anyone with any skill whatsoever in textual analysis can see that "Anon" is obviously the "Abe Foxman" who posted the six obscene, blasphemous, ignorant and obnoxious comments on this thread here:

  15. Correction:

    "then that just "PROVES how much of a weak minded tool" he is, and that he is "knowingly or not a hasbarat who is helping the zionist cause."

    x 2, in my last comment.

  16. Wow, you are quite the detective Brian Akira! Did you finally figure out that "Abe Foxman" was a parody too?

    As far as your trope above, I'll ask you since the other guy ducked. If a white guy robbed you would you then lame the entire white race and call them all savages? You HASBARATS(sorry-if the shoe fits wear it dick) never seem capable of answering basic questions in your constant victim status you revel in. You help the zionist cause with your staggering level of stupidity coupled with your pussified feelings of being a "victim" of everyone not exactly like yourself. And of course in your case a serious level of religious brainwashing. Admit it-its all you think and talk about-how "your" religion is the one true one and everyone elses is an attack on you. Poor thing. It must suck feeling like such a victim you fucking blithering tool.

  17. Your website is a joke Brian. Its like reading the rantings of my local street corner preacher who rants about the end times and "evil muslims" and freemasons. You are a lunatic.

  18. I sometimes think that Time is only publishing now (because who buys it again?) to remind people of what the world was like when nice white people made all the right "decisions."

    As if they were ever that nice.

    Thanks for your finely tuned instrument!


  19. Doesn't Jane Harman and her husband now own Time? Or was it Newsweek? Same rag basically. Its amazing,but sadly typical how the blatant Israeli blackmail story involving Harman just never got traction in the media.