Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and 9/11 is still a critical issue

It's a long climb .....

Everywhere we turn the fallout from 9/11 is right in our faces. Not only the wars but virtually all the continuing crimes against humanity are linked to that day. We gave the bastards an inch and they took a mile.We failed to stop them in the aftermath of 9/11 and we fail to stop them today. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the lack of justice.

Bear with us.  We will not let 9/11 drop into the abyss of lies and deceptions despite the efforts of those who continue to benefit from those deceptions. Their crimes deserve punishment. Their lies need to be turned upside down with the truth.

BuelahMan sums it up .....
911 is the nut-cuttin issue of our lives. Everything revolves around that day, for it was the day that gave the criminals the excuse to implement the Fascism we are experiencing at this time. Every thing before then was pretext or small grabs at liberty with fear of backlash. Now, they feel that they have bumfuzzled the entire world’s population into believing the lie and continue the barrage with assholes like Assange and those who are defending his every move, in face of the detail that comes out showing Zionism’s evil hand controlling it all.

Notice at 1:14, the interview with an Israeli woman. She seems to be smiling.


  1. She is happy, practically gloating: See, now you know how we feel.

    I had the opposite reaction regarding Israel. I thought maybe people would see how the injustice there will extract a higher and higher price from America. At the time, I sympathized with the Israelis because of the suicide bombings, but I also thought that they must realize that trying to occupy a land that way could not be easy. It would mean bloodshed, and a peace process would be difficult and take generations to accomplish... unless God had ordained Israel, in which case none of this suffering should have been necessary, right?

    Now the entire world is held hostage to the Jewish people's religious myth. No one will live in peace, the world lives under the shadow of WWIII. We must accept the takeover of our government, media and economy, our enslavement for the good of Israel. If we resist, they threaten us with nuclear holocaust.

    I'd like to reverse the sentiment. Would she now know how I feel if she had all her rights as a free person, her nation's well-being subjugated to, oh say Mormons in Utah?

  2. Reference the Red Cross donations of blood and money scandal of 9/11. Also charged rescue responders for coffee. It is a corrupt agency from way back. There were a lot of people who seemed to like what happened that day. And benefitted from the tragic horrors.

  3. We must feel sympathy for the heeb as part of mulitculturalism. They contribute massively to the tapestry of diversity that makes us number one. Terrorists don't need to attack any buildings or do harm to people. Just stick around with your hand out and cry victim, we'll give it all away. *Sarcastico the Klown*

  4. Another comment added. America seems to have no powers willing or able to rise up in defence from or retribution against our internal enemies . Someone gave the opinion that the results of such action could be worse than enduring the present national situation. That any retribution should be gained using legal and peaceful methods. But is that even possible at this stage of oppression?

  5. If the so-called terrorist's goal was to cause the U.S. to spend money they didn't possess (destroy the value of the dollar) and destroy the very foundations of legitimacy by going rouge with such legal and extra-judicial attacks as the Patriot Act and total disregard for sovereignty, I'd say their plan worked to perfection.

  6. As far as the red+ goes I have a little story;our slick got shot up
    while we were on a long range recon
    mission in vietnam so we made it to da nang for repairs while there the red+ was SELLING coffee & dognuts for .25 I thought what b/s.
    As far as the average bloated American goes I just don't think that they can take to much reality
    unless its on some b/s tv show.
    America is on its way to becoming
    a failed experiment in the history
    of the world.

  7. Quote for the new year.

    "Last year was 1984, and this morning the year changed to 1984. It has always been 1984, and it always will be 1984."