Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A 9/11 Truth Challenge

Brainstorming sessions are for throwing ideas into the mix. Some stick, some don't.

Here's one idea in the essay below. Whether it could work or not remains to be seen but the points have validity and can be expanded upon.

The destruction of evidence at the WTC crime scene is something hard to debunk or deny and a good start in trying to convince people that the government's 'official conspiracy theory is a lie and that prosecutions of real perpetrators are long past due.


Col. Sabrosky's Challenge to Local VFW Posts on 911 Truth

"The real 800 pound gorilla in the US lobbying system is the veterans groups...27 million people that's money AND votes...The great fear of AIPAC is that someone will tap into the veterans organizations, because this is the one lobby which can make them history." - Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies of US Army War College

The 911 Truth Movement in 2011 is ready to move forward in 2011. 3000 of our fellow Americans were murdered in cold blood, and we don't know by whom. We do know who didn't do it, at least not alone. As former German Defense Minister Andreas Von Bulow has written in his book "The CIA and September 11":
"Planning the attacks was a master deed, in technical and organizational terms. To hijack four big airliners within a few minutes and fly them into targets within a single hour and doing so on complicated flight routes! That is unthinkable, without backing from the secret apparatuses of state and industry." Tagesspiegel, 13. Jan. 2002

A Zogby poll as far back as 2006 shows that 42% of Americans think the 911 Commission was "cover up," and the truth movement has only spread since then, with a TV ad featuring 911 survivors pleading with the nation to give their relatives justice. We can stop arguing over whether the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) is plausible. It is not. The reams of inconsistencies, improbabilities, and impossibilities need not be gone over again here. Suffice it to say only that the official conspiracy theory is impossible according to the laws of physics, which show not enough fuel in the form of kerosene (jet fuel) and office furniture was present, burning under the right conditions, to sufficiently weaken the steel. The Building 7 story is even more impossible, if that can be.

This is not to denigrate the hundreds of other points which must be addressed, only to say that they are adequately treated in other places.

The problem is now political, as truth adherents probe the wall of silence and recalcitrance among our high officials and prosecutors, who tremble at even allowing the words 911 Truth to slip from their lips lest it end careers, or in the case of the psychotics we have possibly uncovered, even more. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, for five years Director of Studies U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research, Vietnam veteran and 10-year US Marine, has suggested that the nation's salvation lies in the hands of its local veterans posts. Sabrosky has outlined as close as we have come to a roadmap to justice, and restoration of the Constitution and the Republic.

Sabrosky says the local veterans posts have not been "bought-out," in contrast to our national leaders and institutions or even the national leadership of the VFW, American Legion, and other large veterans organizations. Sabrosky says these posts are not aware of their own power, and deploy usually only in support veterans benefits and issues. Were a single local veterans post to issue a call to its local, not national, media, for prosecutions for 911, the sea change would begin.

Before the investigation preceding a prosecution we do not know who may be guilty, we have only suspects. This is why prosecutors are empowered with subpoenas and budgets. To the ridiculous refrain we hear from OCT apologists, "where's the proof?" - this is obviously placing the cart before the horse. All that is required to initiate a prosecution is evidence of foul play and/or criminal conspiracy. To those who mock conspiracy theories: if there were none, then why is the charge on the books? Why have a law against something that never happens?

At this juncture in the movement for 911 truth, the evidence seems to be clearest against three men for imminent prosecutions, who are innocent until found guilty just as the Founders intended, as a starting point for unraveling the mystery. Because 911 harmed the entire nation like no other crime before it, any prosecutor in the nation can claim jurisdiction, under the "effects" doctrine, which is well-settled law. The point of course is to turn charges which can be easily proven into testimony which peels the curtain away from the enterprise, and enables further charges against further players.

Prosecuting Rudy "Ran Llike a Coward" Giuliani, (according to firefighters) for the felony crime of destruction of evidence has a special value to society in and of itself. In any crime of this magnitude it is imperative that all evidence be destroyed. It is perilous to openly destroy evidence, because all the world is a witness and it is clearly a crime. If there is no one willing to take the job of destroying the evidence in a future great crime, as a result of the historical example of Rudy Giuliani, our children will be safer from such plots in the future.

Control of a crime scene in common law belongs to the local jurisdiction in which the crime is committed. There is no confusion here. The local jurisdiction has primary responsibility for securing the crime scene, the evidence, and the chain of custody of that evidence from agency to agency. The NYPD or any other local force, in the discharge of this responsibility, can choose to prevent federal authorities or purported federal authorities from removing evidence at gunpoint.

Rudy not only destroyed evidence, he destroyed exhibit A, 95% of the WTC steel which would have revealed why the three towers fell. Under the contracting authority of the City of New York, Guliani hired Metal Management Northeast of Newark, N.J., Hugo Neu Schnitzer East of Jersey City and Blandford Land Development Corporation of Brooklyn. Weeks Marine Inc. created two steel offloading areas at Pier 25 and Pier 6 to accelerate the loading of the steel onto barges for transport outside US jurisdiction, to be immediately melted in China.

The reason is pretty clear. No guarantee of destruction of the steel could have been relied on anywhere in the US, as there was always danger of a patriotic agent or an office full of them, or sheriffs or police or a base commander, understanding what was happening and vowing to stop it, even if it meant a firefight. The memories of what happened to those people were fresh, and ordinary people could turn into heroes. No control of events had been established. This is a dangerous time for a conspiracy.

Then there is possibly the best reason to start with Rudy: one need not subscribe to belief in an inside job to believe that engineers and firefighters still deserved to know how to make buildings safer in the future, and why the buildings collapsed. The veterans' resolutions could be worded with a caveat for hold-outs, if necessary, that signing-on does not necessarily imply belief in an "inside job."

The next best candidate for prosecution is former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who could not be found anywhere by his staff between 9:05a.m. and 9:40, after all the major attacks were over. There is no record of him issuing any orders during this time. As second in command behind POTUS during a time of attack, it can be assumed he abandoned his post under fire.

The third candidate for prosecution, and the most intriguing, is Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim who was in charge of Pentagon finances at the time $2.3 trillion was reported missing, on the day before 911. This simple violation of fiduciary responsibility could be the key to getting at the truth of many other circumstantial connections to Zakheim. We know that:

- Zaheim had motive to want dead the accountants and bookkeepers who might have shed light on where this money went.

- That these very auditors took a high casualty rate in a strenuous effort to hit just this part of the Pentagon

- That Zakhiem was CEO of the company which pioneered remote control technology, including that which enabled ground operatives to seize an airplane from hijackers, which obviously, in the wrong hands, can seize control from legit pilots and guide them with great precision to a target

- He had access to both the remote technology and to Boeings, as Comptroller of the Pentagon who had once sent 32 767s, (the same kind of planes which hit the towers) to be refitted in at McDill AFB in FLA.

- Zakheim had signed a document all but expressing a wish for a "new Pearl Harbor" to fulfill his foreign policy agenda. (Project for a New American Century also included Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, many others.)

This is one roadmap. But where will the political pressure come from? Sabrosky suggests that local veterans posts should adopt calls to their local prosecutors to initiate grand juries, and to report these through local television news stations, which are not as controlled as national media, and have their own constituencies to serve. Where all this could lead no one knows. Our nation is young, and we have never before confronted what amounts to a coup and a wholesale suspension of citizens' rights, to the point where the president claims the authority to have any citizen assassinated, or held in solitary confinement indefinitely, all the better for dealing with particularly effective opponents of the new Permanent War.

The chances are that once one vet post moves, others will follow. These are men and women who once swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution. A nation lifts its weary eyes to you.

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  1. That is an interesting idea about the VFW. Love that outside the box thinking.

  2. Sounds like the best strategy I've heard so far. I actually talked to a guy recently who was in the special forces from 2000 until 2005 I think, and was apart of one of the first deployments to Afghanistan after 9/11. Boy, did he have some interesting things to say, and was well aware of the fraud of 9/11.

    Anyone who can look into the evidence for 2 minutes knows it was a staged event. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. I disagree on the 3 main suspects-they would be Dov Zakheim,Larry Silverstein and Dick Cheney. 9/11 could not have happened without these 3 in the positions they were in.

  4. I don't think the essay was meant to be all inclusive and yes, Silverstein and Cheney were key elements.

    The destruction of evidence is important because it is not circumstantial. It's a crime in every jurisdiction in this country and may be the most easily proven. A start.

  5. Kenny, That would be a wonderful plan, I just wish I had an ounce of faith that we could move the dead weight citizenry, veteran or otherwise, to re-examine beliefs that for ten years they have grown sufficiently comfortable with. I'm starting to feel like that's as likely as the guilty participants of 9/11 succumbing to pangs of conscience and admitting their deeds in search of redemption.

  6. The problem with the authorities that allowed 9-11 to be planned from the inside and carried out, is the lack of civilian oversight of the FBI, CIA, and of police.

    I talked to a retired FBI agent recently. He told me a Waterbury Connecticut surgeon went to the Meriden FBI office to report $400,000 being stolen. The surgeon was given an excuse, told to leave. I was told by the retired FBI agent that when a citizen reports a crime to the FBI, the citizen becomes the one under investigation to look to see if he, or she, can then be prosecuted. The surgeon was warned that reporting the theft to the chief of police in Waterbury could result in his arrest too!

    So, reporting crime to officials, is reporting crime to "Official" Organized Crime.

  7. Sorry for getting myself into this as a non-American. I think that even before the people in govt positions, it would be extremely important to catch all people involved in evidence destruction, from the above-mentioned

    - Metal Management Northeast of Newark,
    - Hugo Neu Schnitzer of Jersey City
    - Blandford Land Development Corporation
    - Weeks Marine Inc.

    These people would know exactly what happened, and it would be important to catch them before they could be assassinated by those interested in doing hiding the crime.

  8. Cracking good find Kenny. Sabrosky is no lightweight and is very difficult for the usual apologists to dismiss.

    The usual damage limitation took place in New York. The evidence was buried and the usual suspects wheeled out to stymie the relatives from seeking justice. That town is locked down tight.

    The real danger here for the conspirators is for this to break wide open just once in front of a grand jury. They would need to have balls of steel but I think there are enough real Americans left to see that through.

    Nail just one of these cockroaches to the wall and the bodies would pile up rapidly from ‘suicides’ and other ‘accidents’. It’s not easy to plea bargain away genocide and war crimes. The year of the 10th anniversary would be just the time to do it.

  9. there were no planes, no arabs, and verrrry few victims in those buildings. 3000 vicsims