Friday, January 21, 2011

Contrary to Popular Opinion

"au contraire"

The constitution is not set in stone.
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, soon after reading the collected works of Alice Bailey, entered a trance and channeled the founding fathers, receiving word that they would have allowed restrictions on guns. We may have learned more but Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also in attendance and scared the fatherly spirits away with her Ben Franklin good looks before we heard their thoughts on the Federal Reserve and neverending wars. 

The French are not fried.
Setting aside any Maginot Line jokes, the French have become very serious about the 'war on terror.' Not even a  new bin Laden audio message warning France to withdraw from Afghanistan can sway their determination. Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly calmed the French population by saying "No Mossad agents will ever be harmed by al Qaeda action in our homeland." 

Con Coughlin is his real name.
The Telegraph's executive foreign editor, a world-renowned expert on the Middle East and Islamic terrorism, first name is actually 'Con.' And here I always thought it was just used to describe him.

Con's love affair with Rita Katz of the SITE Intelligence Group was evident in a Faux News interview this morning where he promoted  the jihadist e-magazine 'Inspire.'  Con reportedly declared that he and Rita were 'soul mates' in journalism.

The FBI is not just concerned with 'domestic terrorists.'
No, of course not. The FBI still have their old enemies, the Cosa Nostra, to take care of.  800 FBI and police officers made the largest roundup of Cosa Nostra bosses and soldiers in US history.  Next up ... the Wall Street mafia? We can hardly wait. 

Global warming may be a scam but it's for your own good.
It's climate challenge now ... remember it. Even Peru could become a national security issue to the U.S. unless we pay up and get Mother Nature back on track.

The revolving door of corporate big shots and bankers to government and back again is our only hope.
Some think appointing globalist General Electric chief executive Jeffrey Immelt to lead the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness is just a reward for being such a good cog in the war machine and controlling the media. But hey, he's never been convicted for any of his crimes and in today's world that's a big plus. It must prove how smart he is.

Thirty years ago today the Iran hostage crisis ended but there was no deal with the Reagan/Bush  people to hold the hostages until after the inauguration.
Ted Koppel  in an interview with NPR when confronted with allegations of a negotiated deal with the Iranians to hold the hostages until after Reagan was sworn into office replied with "I do not believe that for one moment. I'm familiar with those charges, and I can assure you that we looked into them, and I don't believe them." 
It's all those darn conspiracy theorists who don't believe a damn thing the government and media tell them. Arabs did 9/11 too and don't you forget it.

Julian Assange really is the "most dangerous man  in the world."
If Hollywood is ready to make a movie about him based on a book not even released, then I guess Wikileaks is not a psyop. The moguls of la la land wouldn't risk their credibility, would they?

Ron Paul is a nut.
How dare he stand up in Congress and denounce the trillions spent in perpetual foreign wars. What else do we have to spend our borrowed money on? Come on Ron, get with the program.

MTV is just good clean fun.
No hidden agenda or corruption of our youth involved. Those prudes claiming the new show “Skins” may violate federal child pornography statutes probably haven't even watched the show.  Just who do they think they are questioning jewish 'artistic' endeavors. Probably anti-semites. 

The ADL doesn't just pick on racist gentiles, they call out their own when necessary.
Representative Steve Cohen runs his mouth again and the ADL tells him he's out of line.  Using the holocaust, Nazis, Goebbels and 'blood libel' must be in the proper context Steve. Now repeat after me ... it's only for the victims ... it's only for the victims. 

My new congressperson, Diane Black, is not a witch.
She only plays one in the corporate soap opera of Congress.
Just because she's bought by the pharmaceutical  and 'health' care industries doesn't make her a bad person ... does it?

Popular opinion is so often misguided. Thank God for the mainstream media and politicians to always set us straight.


  1. Great post Kenny. A punch to the gut of conventional wisdom and the "mainstream" media. Love it.

  2. Thanks QB. So much was left out, like Bono on Oprah today ...

  3. Wait hold on I saw it in People's magazine at the grocery store and for sure zioleaks is not as big a problem as Americans simply having too much freedom. There is the root of all evil. I know they are going to "fix" it.

  4. the real ww2 holocaust was the Bolshevik Jews genocide of Christians- Omitted form High school text books. In Nazi Germany the Jews were not persecuted they were PUNISHED as criminals should be

  5. There NEVER should have been a central government.

    It was the founding fathers single biggest mistake.

    Once the federal beast was unleashed, there was no way to stop it from doing what federal beasts always do.

    Central governments are unaccountable by their very nature.

    That's exactly why we should never have had one.

  6. Trip tally 2009: Israel and beyond Posted by LegiStorm February 24, 2010

    Despite last year's bitter partisan spats, it seems there was at least one area where Republicans and Democrats saw eye-to-eye -- free trips to Israel.

    Members of both parties approved upwards of 50 privately funded jaunts to the Holy Land in 2009. The cost of those trips beat out all domestic trips combined to claim the year's biggest price tag for the first time in LegiStorm's records.

    While Israel is a frequent congressional travel destination, the number of privately funded trips ballooned to 118 at a total cost of $1.2 million in 2009, up from 49 trips costing $435,000 the year before. The majority of those Israel trips were bankrolled by the American Israel Education Foundation, which is the fundraising arm of the influential pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC.

    Apartheid Israel, the land of numerous hidden CCTV's; easy access to the drug Ecstasy and that 'friendly' guide who is actually a Shin Bet 'honey pot.'

  7. The food must be great in Israel, huh?
    And the seaside views.

    Ted Koppel? He hasn't been exposed as a conduit for MSM thinking enough? And his hair was sooo nice.

    I'm guessing that this guy is related to the famous Father Coughlin?

    You rock, baby!


    Con Coughlin is his real name.

  8. The mainstream media tells us:

    People Power (not the CIA) overthrew:

    The Shah, Marcos, Suharto, Ben Ali etc.

    Cetain child abuse scandals never happened or were greatly exaggerated:

    Dutroux Affair, Jersey, Franklin etc.

    The Lockerbie Bombing was the work of Libya or Iran (rather than the CIA)

    The internet is not being redesigned so as to promote commercial junk and demote good truthful stuff.

    The USA is a force for good, and had nothing to do with Operation Gladio terrorism in Europe or the Mumbai attacks.

    The CIA is not a bunch of fascists and mafia types.

    Jewish folks and spooks do not have too much influence in the media or various governments.

    The CIA and its friends are not the power behind militant Islam and the clash of civilisations.

    - Aangirfan

  9. Caring about America is a waste of time.

  10. Uh, I don't get it.

    What is so funny?

    Isn't this all true?

    What am I missing here?