Thursday, January 27, 2011

International Extortion Remembrance Day

Bankers fund all sides of conflicts, promote war and people die. An estimated 60 million or more died in WWII alone. There were maybe 160 million killed in wars and genocides in the 20th century although that number is just an educated guess from many sources. One was too many.

For all of this carnage for the profit of an elite few there is only one group of 'sacrificed' people who get their own international day of remembrance, the most publicity and funding. There's only one 'holocaust' that really matters and that's for the 'chosen ones' and their magic 6 million number.
The UN designated January 27 as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day  in 2005 "to keep the memory alive in a bid to prevent future acts of genocide." This was in the middle of the Iraq war genocide of well over a million civilians for the benefit of the U.S. but mainly for Israel. Hypocrisy at best.

There are more 'holocaust' museums in the world than I care to count. The one in Washington DC costs taxpayers nearly $50 million a year. Any of those budget/deficit cutting reps in Congress calling to eliminate this? I didn't think so.

Holocaust education in the public schools of the U.S. is big business.  Some states require it by law, most defer to those who scream 6 million the loudest. The jewish holocaust is a new religion not to be blasphemed against.  No state schoolbook in the country mentions the holocaust of Germans after WWII was over. The holocaust of Native American Indians is not taught as such. The holocausts of Stalin and Mao are glossed over as insignificant compared to that of the jews.

No surprise that  Google has partnered with Israel’s Yad Vashem museum to keep the spin alive as they also appear to be partners with the NSA. Go with the money, eh Google.

Reparation/extortion paid to WWII jews and to Israel estimates vary but I think it's safe to say that it's more than all other war time reparations paid to individuals put together. Sort of. Much was stolen and taken by lawyer's fees.

No other event in history has to have Western world  laws that make it a crime to question the numbers or the details. Ernst Zundel is the most dramatic example of the persecution of this 'thought crime.'  Even where there are no laws against free speech, groups such as the ADL make it their purpose to demonize those who just ask the questions. If the planned U.S. internet censorship comes to be you can bet holocaust revisionists will be near the top of the list to be banned.

Now it's becoming slanderous to even use certain words in unacceptable ways. Holocaust and Nazis are nearly trademarked terms that can't be used to describe anything or anyone else outside the realm of how some jews want them used. Even the degenerate media propagandist Glenn Beck is feeling the wrath of the rabbis for non-kosher use of the words in a $100,000 full page ad in the WSJ calling for his boss Rupert Murdoch to 'sanction' him.  This is part of the the continuing attempt to control the words to control the masses.

The days of jews crying victim at every turn and the world nodding in agreement are coming to an end. Many in the world already see through the lies. The extortion racket of international banking and corrupt governments with their wars and genocide and thefts must end.  It's coming down to us or them. One fact is that we outnumber them by far.

A friend of mine always says "It's not all jews, it's the criminal jews." OK ... it's also the criminals of every race and creed that collaborate to enslave the world and those by their silence and inaction that are complicit. 

Connecting the dots reveals that Zionists, bankers and Nazis worked hand in hand. It's probably the most taboo tale in the world. It needs to be told.



    Here is one nobody seems to have heard of, 6 million Irishman starved by the crown.

  2. Hey Kenny,

    There I was in amongst Rakovsky and the Red Symphony and I pop over here and find a similar discussion. You're ofay on the aforementioned yeah? Otherwise pop it into google and have a read.



  3. "Bankers fund all sides of conflicts..."

    Except for the Palestinian side.

  4. Hitler was a zio-puppet.

    Mussolini too.

    German and Italian soldiers were just pawns in the game.

  5. i dont know how after all the trails of information there has yet to be a revolution and the elimination of all bank owners adn their "money" I understand peopl are pretty invested in the lie, but I personally am disgusted, yes the attrocities of all humans really does keep me up at night.

    Thank you for your honesty, bless your family members that were oppressed before us and give us strength to stand up for ourselves.

  6. net control= jew control, spread the word

  7. Great piece Kenny, could not agree more. The Holocaust myth is beyond absurd.

    By the way, may not fund the Palestinian side per se, but other elements in the Zionist crime network sure seem to.

  8. You are a filthy antisemite, repeating many of the worst antisemitic lies. As such you are among the lowest and most contemptible people on this earth.

    I have nothing more to say, scum.

  9. Thanks for dropping by green. Name calling without specific debatable points is always so refreshing.