Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maybe all soldiers need to go AWOL for mental health reasons?

I don't know the motivations or mental state of this 30 year old Ft. Campbell soldier but he may be on to something.

Refusing to re-deploy to Afghanistan and checking himself into a mental health treatment program is the best thing this young man can do for himself, his wife and two kids. He needs a little gentle deprogramming if he hasn't done that himself already. He deserves a chance to live as normal a life as possible.

After all, he was manipulated into 'volunteering.' His training included a form of mind control. Who knows what he saw and learned and physically encountered in his first tour of Afghanistan? Maybe he found out that everything he knew was wrong and wants no more of the lies? Maybe he just needs a little help in separating himself from the madness?

I'm taking off my grave clothes and walking away.There was a time when we called AWOL "another week of life."  It's still the same today. Refusing to deploy or better yet not volunteering ... it's he healthiest thing a young man or woman can do.

"I'm taking off my grave clothes and walking away."
              "War will cease when men refuse to fight."
                                -Fridtjof Hansen

FT. CAMPBELL, Tenn. – The wife of a formerly AWOL Ft. Campbell soldier who was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan said her husband has entered a mental health treatment program instead.
Spc. Jeff Hanks went AWOL during his mid-tour leave from Afghanistan last year and turned himself in on Veterans Day.

The 30-year-old soldier complained about the lack of treatment by the Army for his behavioral health issues he said stemmed from previous deployments and a concussion suffered in Afghanistan.
His command ordered him to return to Afghanistan to finish out his deployment, but his wife Christina Hanks said Tuesday that he is now staying at Cumberland Hall, a residential treatment program in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Ft. Campbell spokesman Rick Rzepka confirmed Hanks will not deploy immediately, but would not discuss his case due to privacy rules.
Hanks' case has been taken up by supporters from the group Iraq Veterans Against the War, who were with Hanks during a press conference outside the installation's gates last November when he turned himself in.


  1. That is about the bottom line, when people decide they don't want to be in any more foreign wars.

    It also appears Wheeler the pentagon official who ended up in a dumpster was the one who fired everybody during the missing nuke crisis when Cheney tried to steal them. Him and many more are dead ever since that happened.

    It is going to be hard for the media to paint Loughner as anti-semitic also as he and Gifford went to the same synagogue.

  2. night of the comment commandos talking shit in a safe placeJanuary 12, 2011 at 12:19 AM

    One of those congress persons had an interesting quote the other day about feeling insecure. He stated that it made him feel expendable or as cannon fodder after the Saturday shooting. Now he must know how the troops feel.

  3. 69th Fighting Keyboardists the LeatherfingersJanuary 12, 2011 at 6:37 AM

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  4. No worries, as long as we have god and country idiots that love their neighbors and love to fight, fund, and die in the money masters wars for profit we will continue to kill as they set and collect and laugh at the stupid fucking people on this planet

  5. Eye don't even know my neighbors name or what they look like and if some clique of corporate criminal cocksuckers wants me to come fight in their pipeline "big chess game" war I'll tell em to go get fucked.

  6. A standing army on home turf (USA +UK) won't march in circles all day - they will launch a military coup and remove the British Monarchy, Rothschild Banksters, and Corporation of the United States. That's why they have to be kept very busy overseas.

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    The dumbing to robots of our kids is almost complete.
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  8. Speaking of real military nut cases this was my censored reply to Gordon Duff's latest self righteous blog at Veterans Today titled,'MURDER IN ARIZONA-MORAL FLEXIBILITY AND RELATIVISM January by Gordon Duff ·I have discovered that both Bud Burrell who threatens my life and Gordon Duff both posted mention of a meeting of old 'military men' in Arizona about the same time without mentioning each others names and it is too much of a coincidence so I now blame the cowardly scumbag DUFF FOR BEING IN CAHOOTS WITH KNOWN ROTHSCHILD ATTORNEY CONNECTED STOCK FRAUD AND MONEY LAUNDERER WHO POSTS TORTURE AND MURDER THREATS AGAINST ME.WHAT KKKOWARDLY HYPOKKKRITICAL SKKKUMBAGS !
    It's a little late - about ten years to late - for them to all of a sudden 'discovered' 9/11.
    P.S.-My heart goes out to Spc. Jeff Hanks who really may actually be too sane to be a war criminal in the U.S. military.
    -Tony Ryals


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    -Tony Ryals

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    Yeah, those keyboard commandos sure are wusses, aren't they?

    But those brave Israeli commandos who mowed down a bunch of unarmed civilians on the Mavi Marmara.....hell, those guys are real manly men!

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