Friday, January 7, 2011

The Script

As with any major movie production, there has to be a script. The actors can wing it at times but to keep the show on target they must sooner or later be given their lines. On 9/11 those who were given the advance script kept popping in and out of the narrative throughout the day.

By 4:00 pm the theme of who was responsible for the attacks was being consolidated and  fed to all the major news outlets. Israel's Shimon Peres (at 5:31 of the below video) was ready with his scripted zombie like statements, setting the stage for the pre-planned wars.
"The only one that can save humanity from this terrible danger is the United States of America.
It is a sophistication of the most evil kind. Only the most evil people can arrive at such sophistication. The measures must be radical as the evil itself."
Ehud Barak followed up later that night.
As with the BBC, CNN dutifully took the message that was given to them and announced that WTC7 had already collapsed or was collapsing, well before the actual demolition.

The rigged 9/11 Commission didn't even mention WTC7.  The media actors read their lines out of sequence and that was one part that had to be covered up with silence. It was far from the only aspect to be buried. 

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  1. Dimitri Khalezov explains that there is a 1/2 hour safety delay after the nuke button is pressed. That explains the BBC fiasco. For my mind, 'September clues' and Dimitri Khalezov are the most credible take on 911. CNN BBC ABC NBC etc are all legally liable for TRILLIONS in damages. They are owned and operated by the perpeTRAITORS. Turn off your TV!

  2. Regarding the 'no planes theory': no planes = no arabs= no reason to go to war. All 911 disino sites want to shut down 'no pane theory'

    One vicsim on a passenger list had the name 'Jude Larson' and his partners name was Natalie Larson. I see these fictitious names as a message from their creator. The symbolism involves the wordplay with- LARCENY. Friends, it's NOT A LIE. Jude may have some symbolic meaning as well.

  3. Another line from the script:
    "9/11 = a new Pearl Harbor"

    This was from the PNAC (Project for the New American Century, a neo-con think tank) report "Building America's Defenses" written in September 2000:

    "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor"

    And what do you know? Immediately after the planes hit, Bush, Chuck Hagel and Henry Kissinger all echo the same talking point:

    "The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today." -- Bush's diary

    "I don¹t think it is an understatement to say that this is the second Pearl Harbor" -- Hagel


  4. It is the Wetikos!

  5. Regarding the 9/11 commission.
    From xymphora today.
    "First, you remove the guards."

    Cryptome pdf.

    Jody, good additional quotes from the script.

    anon 1, my jury's still out on Dimitri Khalezov but I don't discount the use of later generation mini-nukes. We know they've been around since the 50's.

    anon 2, the vicsim theories are just that and hard to prove but I agree that it is not too far fetched that the perps would use 'code' names in the passenger lists. They're so vain and think no one would notice and also give insiders something else to laugh about.

  6. WTC victim James Gartenberg trapped in tower 1 called into a live TV broadcast to make a report on air. A Youtube video exists of the call. The two on-air talkers didn't have him in their script and after letting him speak for a couple of minutes, just started ignoring him and talking over him. The guy was expecting to be rescued, but was reporting that internal explosions coming from the core area had blocked his and his secretary from getting out.

  7. Good video anon. Poor guy, he thought everything was under control. Here's the direct link if anyone is interested.

  8. Speaking of anagrams, Anon2 ...

    Way back in the early days, just after 9-11, I remember the final words of Madeline Amy Sweeney (a stewardess on flight 11) really bothered me: "I see water and buildings. Oh my God! Oh my God!" First of all, how fakey a line is that? An experienced flight attendant doesn't recognize Manhattan? Then I woke up in the middle of the night, realizing that you could get the names "Osama bin Laden" and "George W. Bush" out of that line. I posted it to Global Indymedia and someone else said you could also get the words "I did it" from that as well. Even the name "Madeline Amy Sweeney" is kind of weird ... it's could be an anagram for "My name is Neal E. Dewey" (or Leena Dewey, or something like that ...)

  9. I'm so interested in the word play they seem to enjoy taunting us with. Don't know if this one's a long shot, but if the phrase "when pigs fly" denotes a scenario so far fetched it's almost laughably incredulous, when just that has taken place couldn't one assume the swine flew? The creative pun very much intended for their homemade pandemic recipe.

  10. Fiction is allowed to stick to possibilities, truth isn't.....Mark Twain

  11. Definitely there seems to be script of sorts, but I think there was one moment in the interview when Peres seemed to get a bit caught off guard:

    Inteviewer: Mr. Foreign Minister, I hope you'll answer this. Let me ask it anyway. Uh, did the government of Israel have any intelligence prior, any indications prior, that something like this might happen?

    Peres: (Long pause) N-nnnnnooot specifically. We have had warnings and all the time warnings, but we know, and all of us are aware, of some of the addresses from where terror can origin (sic), but anyway I don't have any specific information...

    According to Eileen Fleming's book, Beyond Nuclear, Peres was instrumental in the kidnapping of Mordechai Vanunu. She quotes him as saying, "Bring the son of a bitch back here." She also supplies a quote from BBC journalist Olenka Frenkiel to the effect that, "It was the young Shimon Peres, back in the fifties who negotiated a secret deal with the French to buy a nuclear weapons reactor like theirs."

    If the Israeli Mossad carried out 911, my guess is Peres was in on the plan.

  12. "If"? What the eff is up with that?

  13. The only thing shills can do these days is to make shitty talk shows trying to spread confusion and distraction.

    Anyone 2010 that comes out with new info about 9/11 and don't talk about the FAKE footage the first thing they do, has to be treated as a person that is up to no good.


    Every time you hear Military,Government, Researchers, News Media, and the rest of the big shots say the words:

    Plane, Camera, Footage, what we saw in the videos, Al CIAda, you should understand that they know what is going on and they know there is no Plane, Camera,Real Footage, what we saw in the videos, Al CIAda.

    So you should ask yourselves the question:

    Why don't they scream out loud and say, THE FOOTAGE IS FAKE