Thursday, January 20, 2011

What If?

50 years ago today was the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. One one level, for many of us, it was the beginning of a lifetime of "what if" questions. 

What if JFK had lived? The Federal Reserve crushed and the U.S. issued its own debt free currency? The CIA broken into a thousand pieces? The Vietnam War never ramped up and the military industry complex held at bay? Israel's nuclear ambitions thwarted and maybe they could have been convinced to change their course of actions? More basically, what if Kennedy didn't ride around in a convertible all the time? The assassination plans would have still gone on but who knows what would have happened.

Moot points. 

Backward looking "what ifs" may make for interesting discussions but what do they do for today? Possibly give us philosophical points to use when trying to effect positive changes for the present and future? Maybe. 

On a personal level we all have plenty of historical "what ifs." We could make those lists and run them over and over in our minds but to what end?

An acquaintance of mine runs a "what if" over in his mind every day. What if he had not encouraged his son to join the military? It would make him a man he said. It did, a dead man. He wishes him alive, maybe married, maybe have a kid, maybe even happy. It's too late. We don't get to go back on our "what ifs." 

The rambling point of all this is that we can't dwell on what might have been. JFK didn't make it. There is no Camelot. That doesn't mean there can't be. Our decisions not only materialize in overt events right in our face but also effect what doesn't happen, what we don't see, what we don't even know. 

JFK's legacy or legend as some call it is still important in the sense that it gives us a point of reference.  The idealism of that time, although unrealized,  is not lost. It's just been put on the back burner due to the ever increasing control of liars and psychopaths for the last 50 years.

"What if?" Two words that can take us in many directions. It's misdirection that holds us in check.

"Time is tight."  It always has been.


  1. One of the best books I've read on the Kennedy assassination, and it was just published a couple of years ago, is JFK and the Unspeakable, by James W. Douglas.

    On a different note, Gilad Atzmon recently posted an article about a new Israeli comic book called "Captain Israel." The thought occurred to me that somebody should spoof it, and a number of ideas come to me in that regard. For instance, you could do a comic book showing Captain Israel and his confederates plotting and carrying out the World Trade Center attack. I'd take on the project myself, but I don't have the drawing talent to pull it off. In case anyone hasn't seen it, here's Atzmon's post:

  2. I like your idea for a different version of 'Captain Israel' Richard but I don't think it would be a spoof. Keep passing the word on it and maybe someone will take it up. A very independent writer and publisher it would have to be though. The controlled press wouldn't touch it.

    As a side note, the feed for your site updates here is not working. I hate it when that happens or doesn't happen as the case may be.

  3. Some of the saddest words Kenny are ‘if only…’ We can take it as a positive beacon when a light emerged from such a long line of hollow and corrupt shells that have filled the office before and since. They can kill the messenger but not the idea - hope.

    I grieve for your friend’s loss. He will have a long time to ponder the choices made. We all have a choice. We might not like or understand fully their consequences at the time. Nevertheless, we still have a choice. That is the fountain of freedom. Even in the darkest of times we still have a choice and it takes real bravery to make the hard ones.

    Our collective peril lies in the new ‘reality’ where evil can wrap itself in the words and images of light. That was how your friend lost his son. In a world run by liars ‘doing the right thing’ is often the opposite. If everyone else is doing it, it’s time to choose a different track.

    V word = macing. Not tried that yet but CS was a gas.

  4. Discovered a new way to draw out the McCarthyists. Walk the halls with an unlit cigarette.
    They're like Scanner zombies... "BraaaaAAAck! THERES NO SMOKING IN HERE!"

    "Its not lit"
    Too funny.

    Tears for Jackie. Still.

  5. Thanks Chucky, good words from you as always.

    The only gas I've been exposed to is nitrous oxide. Not bad for a laugh or two.

    anon, "scanner zombies" that's funny. I'll be thinking of that when they've got their eyes on me.

  6. The rumor is that JFK Jr. was going to expose his father's killers, so he was killed. In retrospect, Teddy's final speech at the Democratic convention was a disappointment. After losing his two brothers and then JFK Jr., he surly must have wanted to SCREAM- "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"
    (yes,Planet of the Apes)
    I guess he figured, although He's dying, he is leaving other Kennedys behind, in the cross-hairs.

    Time is tight is a great tune! here's another one with duck dunn and steve cropper

  7. One thing that was always interesting to me about the Kennedy assassination was how as you peeled back the layers of the mystery, communists were always turning into anti-communists and back again. Later, as I started investigating history generally with the same critical eye, I found the same mysterious reversals...

  8. I liked and danced my ass off to "green onions" when I was 18..
    Booker T was there then with the M.Gs... Good to see he is still rockin'

  9. It's hard to believe that Dunn and Cropper both turn 70 this year. Time's flying too fast.

    LL, I've noticed the same thing but it's not so much a mystery anymore.