Sunday, January 30, 2011

The World is Watching - Egypt and Beyond

For the last couple of days the Al Jazeera live stream and Livestation have been overloaded with traffic and at least from my end virtually impossible to watch. I found this morning that the Dailymotion Al Jazerera feed is working fine so that may be an option if you're having problems.

I don't know the words to use but the Egyptian protests are exciting to put it mildly. The question remains will this be a revolution where the will of the masses prevail or end up as just a continuation of  the U.S. and Israel's desire to divide the middle east and northern Africa into more easily manageable parts.

My feelings on this are best summed up from an anonymous comment at aangirfan:
"We should be skeptical. There might be two revolutions here. One merely a consolidation of power, and the second genuine. People around the world want to throw off their corrupt governments. I know I do. Our government no longer pretends to operate Constitutionally or uphold the law for all. Yet politics around the world keep providing these fake change moments - like our last election. It let's off just enough steam to appease, or confuse, the people so that no real change comes about."

One important thing to remember is that no matter how the U.S. administration, the CIA and other intelligence services are working to influence the ultimate outcome in Egypt, they are not omnipotent. They have money and power and allies but they are only human. The outcome of their agenda is in doubt. The people can have the power if they can just learn how to use it and see through the lies they are being fed. It requires taking chances.

Hillary Clinton seems to now be the mouthpiece of U.S. policy but has been speaking out of both sides of her mouth.  Democracy is an Orwellian term when it comes from her globalist zio puppet tongue. As much as she tries to hide it, she is worried that the house of glass is going to break.

Hats off to the real Egyptians. Americans may one day take this page in history and learn from it.

Also see: Twelfth Bough ... Les Visible ... Facts Not Fairies ... Greg Bacon ... American Everyman ... WRH ... and others on the blog roll for viewpoints on what is happening. It is interesting times indeed.


  1. thanks for the link Kenny. i know an Egyptian political scientist, and i know that the frustration is real and deep. i saw that comment too at Aan's and it stuck with me as well. it's real frustration and the spooks are trying to control it. may they fail at controlling it.

  2. It doesn't look controllable to me. This may be a long civil war unless Mubarak gets out of Dodge and I think he probably will pretty soon but that is just a guess.

  3. Many thanks for the link.

    What is happening in Egypt is a CIA-NATO-Mossad coup.

    It is an inside-job.

    - Aangirfan

  4. Once Egypt has been wrecked, it won't be too long before the USA grabs Saudi Arabia's oil wealth.

  5. Throwing off corrupt government: Would Loughner come under that heading or is he just a loon?

    I would imagine enough division has been sown in the US to stop any real overthrow.

    There's too much to lose for the Whites, Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Right and left etc etc.

    I guess that's why the 'lon killer' is the US' only overthrower of govt.

    11 police officers shot on one day the a week or so ago.

    Just a though


  6. Connecticut.
    I'm SO embarrassed.
    At least I don't live there.

  7. The hypocrisy is flashing neon green in 100 foot letters! We went into Iraq to bring "demockracy" at gun point and now we send in the troops to make sure it stays the hell out of Egypt. I am so sick and tired of this fucking zionazi side show, God will it ever end?

  8. According to aljazeera Hosni is going to Israel for asylum. Even the Saudis would not take him. Egypt had some top of the line representation.

  9. "Blessed Children of the Sweet Mother"--a poem for the people of Egypt and Tunisia.

  10. Kenny,

    You wrote: "One important thing to remember is that no matter how the U.S. administration, the CIA and other intelligence services are working to influence the ultimate outcome in Egypt, they are not omnipotent."

    Right on.