Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busting the People

You may have seen the Remote Area Medical project or something like it in a city near you. A two day free medical, vision and dental clinic set up in a  high school where folks such as this lady in the picture have been in line, camping out since 5pm yesterday to get a number for the start at 6am today.

The National Guard was used for security to keep the peace and the 1,200 slots for today were taken by 3am.

The extensive local media coverage of  "get your ticket and get in line" also serves the purpose of getting us accustomed to possible things to come, say food lines. 

This is what America has become.

Trillions for bankers and the war machine but just the mention of universal health care for all brings on the cries of socialism, communism and whatever other term is in vogue for not taking care of our own.

Take a look at the Cost of War to the United States. Go the trade offs and see how your state or city could use all of the blood money being thrown around the world for the benefit of those at the top of the killing chain.

If we weren't being robbed through taxation of our labor, I'd say millions of people would be glad to give a little more to some real charity causes that might lead to permanent help for the poor instead of just a few in a two day event. If our Congress and state legislatures weren't bought by the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, they just might come up with a health care system that didn't  bankrupt individuals and states. If our food production wasn't corporate controlled and subsidized by their legislative friends and there was a focus on healthy foods instead of big profits, we could take a burden off of health care with a less poisoned population. Lots of ifs .....

The protests in Wisconsin are encouraging.  Taking a cue from the Egyptians may seem odd but maybe the time has come for Americans to take their frustrations to the streets and capitols. These "step by step, inch by inch" moves to widen the gap between the rich and poor have to be confronted.

The right wing media shills who are whoring for the moneyed interests are blasting these protests as anti-American. They essentially are saying everyone has to pay his share as we all but a few must become poor together.

The fake 'tea party' is even having counter controlled opposition rallies against the union supporters.  Obama and some of the dems give lip service to the unions but that's just political maneuvering. It's manipulation number 1 ... divide and conquer. The ends of the two party game are the same ... debt slavery and submission of the people.

Maybe we're seeing a grassroots 'blowback' but it has to go beyond the personal pay and benefit cuts of this protest. It has to be aimed at the bankers, the shadow government, the war promoters and their media lackeys.

If we don't, well ... we all may be getting in line to get that pair of eyeglasses or a tooth fixed or that last loaf of bread. The powers that be like us to beg before we die.

But slowly we see the 'elite' worry that they are losing control. I tend to think their plans of  'busting the people' won't be successful.

Americans arguing with Americans. Just what 'they' want to keep the focus off of the deeper criminal issues. 

When the outcome is in doubt, always evoke the ghost of Reagan.


  1. Libertarianism = CorporatarianismFebruary 20, 2011 at 7:16 AM

    I'm tired of libertarians pretending to be something they're not (defenders of individual liberty) while they go about promoting an economic agenda straight out of the plutocratic playbook.

    No one screams "socialism" louder than they do whenever the subject of universal health care comes up.

    But bloated military budgets and corporate welfare don't seem to concern them.

    This is why I don't support Ron Paul.

  2. I'am not defending R.P. but if you
    hear what he's saying he wants to shut down the over 120 military bases US has overseas which would
    release the stranglehold of the military/ind/complex on our country
    as long as we keep recycling the same pol's nothings going to change
    it all comes down to $'s zionist control the money of this country
    example:look @ s/s pol's (both dems&rep's)nave been looting OUR $'s to help bal-thier budget Bush the 2nd robbed over 800 million his last year alone,then the same
    people tell the sheeple "its going broke" so we "the people"pay twice"
    for s/s as gov borrows the $ for s/s

    checks and taxpayers have to pay it back w/intress not a word about
    this GREAT swindle being played out
    on us in the msm or almost anywhere
    the sheeple are "playing useful morons" by bleating "please sir fix
    the mess we have".

  3. In fairness, Ron Paul may be a corporate lackey to a large degree but he IS certainly against the bloated military budget. Save for Kucinich he was clearly the most anti-war candidate out of both parties in 2008.

  4. Out of both corporate owned parties I should say. McKinney ran in 2008 as a Green and she of course was the only one who directly took on some of the 9/11 lies. You don't get more anti-war than that.

  5. A pox on both their houses. The unions represent the unions, not all working people or taxpayers. I don't like their politics, like healthcare "reform" when they made it about themselves and whined about premium costs, blaming the uninsured. Thus, the "reform" was shifted to mandating insurance instead of going after the profiteering.

    And I sure don't support the Koch Bros. or any other billionaire's right to bully us.

    Both sides are right, and both are wrong. Yes we are taxed too much, and yes corporations are getting rich while we're getting poor. The bottom line is they mean for us to fight each other and forget the bigger picture. They'd love to have this be a pro-anti union fight instead of a revolt.

  6. We need a real populist candidate we can support wholeheartedly, not Ron Paul and his pseudo-populism.

    Paul likes to portray himself as a champion of working Americans but he's not.

    His economic policies would strengthen the grip that corporations already have on our government.

    And his proposal to abolish the Federal Reserve is a sham.

    He wants to stick us with a system called "competing currencies" that would replace the current money cartel with a bunch of smaller cartels controlled by the gold and silver industries (what we actually need is a usury-free currency that would be issued and managed as a public utility, not some debt-bearing shit cranked out by private profiteers).

  7. "Taking a cue from the Egyptians may seem odd but maybe the time has come for Americans to take their frustrations to the streets and capitols."

    It doesn't seem odd at all. Interestingly, Egyptians are now expressing solidarity with the people of Wisconsin. Check it out:'s_tahrir_square_show_solidarity_with_wisconsin_workers'_uprising/

    And even ordering pizzas for them:

  8. What the USA needs, but will never get: someone willing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Until then, it's going to be same old, same old.

    Ron Paul hasn't touched 9/11 to my knowledge, and his economic policies seem like a stealthy trick right out of the Zionist bankers pockets. I am all for his anti-war, anti-bailout sentiments, but we need more than a limited hang out to get rid of the crime gang. Don't know if that'll happen, ever. The system is so compromised.

  9. Paul has been a true coward on the topic of 9/11. Hes of course not alone but considering all the praise he gets he should probably get more criticism for accepting and promoting the underpinning of the phony "war on terror"-the 9/11 lies.

  10. That's pretty much how I've been getting my health care for the last decade or so. Meanwhile, the feds have plenty of money to bail out "to big to fail" banksters. Those guys are out-and-out criminals and ought to be in jail.

    Good post, Kenny.

  11. The Egyptian protests were comprised of Egyptians who were tired of joblessness and starving while their leaders lived high on the hog with foreign money.

    The Wisconsin protesters are NOT starving, have jobs with taxpayer funded benefits that outweigh private sector employees salary and benefits, often double or triple what the private sector tax payer receives. ALSO Many of the protesters in WI are tax exempt organisations based outside of WI, and most cases from Washington, DC. Those protestors are GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES being asked to levy a little relief on the state budgets. They are NOT LABOR. They are effectively part time employees, and in most cases could care less about the performance of the students, the health of the community in which they live, or the content of the curriculum in which they teach which instills a sense of entitlement and expectations of receiving benefits with little or no effort.

    These are the people financed by tax exempt left wing groups that would abolish the history of America because of some perceived wrongs by the founding fathers.


  12. I don't know who the Committee of 300 will appoint to be the next president. If they choose Paul, watch your wallet (his love of gold standard is the sign of a Rothschild agent). Americans should have been in the street when Bush was appointed, after Gore's win, but they stayed home. After 911, they stayed home again. Cut your cable. Talk to your neighbors, go to church, unions, associations etc, solidarity works

  13. Steven, you don't believe that the "tea party" is a legit movement do you?

  14. Anon 6:45,

    I think the tea party started out as a legitimate movement, hijacked by establishment neo cons and repubs, but still has people who are seriously tapped out for any more funds, have a genuine concern for a fed gov that doesn't know what a brake peddle is for, and see us speeding towards a brick wall. The appearance of the tea party and the near universal derision of said by msm and even the benefactors of the movement have without much fanfare said that "we need to coopt and control" those tea party people. I think John Boner was quoted as saying something similar. No Link, sorry.


  15. My problem is, every "tea partier" Ive encountered is simply a Republican hack who loves war and loves defense spending. They are garden variety political hacks and sheep who have been conned into yet again voting the 2 party system. Bunch of fucking redneck war loving Becktards. And you are RIDICULOUS for suggesting the MSM is against the tea party, the MSM CREATED and sustains the phony tea party because again-it helps the 2 party sham and is more of the same.