Monday, February 21, 2011

Controversy and Cognitive Infiltration

Aside from Judy Wood's theories, perhaps the most controversial ideas on the 9/11 WTC demolitions are those of nuclear explosions. Although not new, Ed Ward has been writing on this for several years, the latest to get all the attention is Dimitri Khalezov.

Khalezov was virtually unknown until about a year ago when a 26 part video of his nuclear demolition theories was posted on youtube and then very quickly taken down.  Two ideas come to mind. One is that someone didn't want these theories to be known, maybe they are too close to the truth. The other is that taking them down gave credibility to what could be a disinformation campaign. The videos are now available at youtube and Khalezov gives a number of interviews and has become a staff writer at Veterans Today where he gets an extensive audience.  Some will point their finger at VT as contributing to disinfo but that's another story for another time and each individual will have to decide that for themselves.

Others besides Khalezov also see evidence of nuclear explosives.

   Via wtcdemolition (with perhaps a caveat) ...
 Dust by Jeff Prager

It is my considered opinion that all of the people that use the “thermite/thermate” theory are frauds working for the US government producing what we call a “Limited Hangout.” As such, it is their objective to conceal the thermonuclear demolition of the Twin Towers. It is their job to conceal the nuclear component at all costs. This does not mean that the “thermite/thermate” theory is in error, just that it’s being used to obfuscate the truth. This is the classic definition of a Limited Hangout. {more - pdf}

The bottom line is that with all of the competing theories on the mechanics of the 9/11 demolitions, everyone can't be right. People can be sincere in their theories and still make mistakes and be just plain wrong. People can also be part of the infiltrated 9/11 truth movement and spread disinformation to keep us all going in different directions and try to discredit everyone who gives a damn.

Cass Sunstein is probably somewhere smiling and saying "See, I told you this cognitive infiltration would work. They are fighting among themselves at every turn."  Actually some of this disinfo, as with current version of 911 Blogger, is fairly easy to see through. It's the best of the propaganda that still can get to us and that's why we have to be vigilant and willing to speak out even in the face of ridicule and the prevailing concepts.

Some of us are very interested in the hows of 9/11. It's just our nature. It's been pointed out to me that it's the whos that are most important and that bringing those responsible to justice will reveal the hows. I won't argue with that.


Speaking of controversy and cognitive infiltration and what's disinfo and what's not, the UFO/alien issue is getting a lot of mainstream media coverage so that makes it very suspect to being a psyop of concern. I would guess that Cass Sunstein learned much of what he proposes from the long term disinformation games of  the UFO 'community.'

Via Media Monarchy comes the latest from Clyde Lewis at groundzeromedia. Worth a look if you're interested in alternative viewpoints to what may or may not be happening concerning 'UFO' and 'alien' phenomena.

Uforia's Secret - The Undercover Story
Ufology has now become a complicated soap opera of tall tales in short order and short tempers for those who want serious disclosure. There are professional skeptics in bed with the government, some UFO researchers in bed with them as well. The government is also in bed with the Military industrial complex which is allegedly in bed with aliens and it is all there to obfuscate and confuse people into writing it off as some undercover tabloid ruse. {more}

 Project Blue Beam and the Rise and Fall of-the-Neo Skeptic
In the original “Watchmen” comic (set in an alternate reality 1985), one of the “heroes” commits what can be considered a villainous act for the “good of all mankind.” He contrives an “alien invasion” so that the United States, the Soviet Union, and the rest of the world will join together in peace and harmony to protect themselves against the outside “alien threat.”
If the story rings familiar to some of you, it is because it is based on speeches given by Ronald Reagan in the real world, in which he said an “alien threat” would be the solution to uniting a hostile world.

Numerous “conspiracy theorists”, most notably former naval officer William Cooper, the author of the famed underground book Behold a Pale Horse, speculated that Reagan’s speech was an expositional public “debriefing” to prepare the public to accept a global government as a necessary response to an alien invasion scenario. {more}

Good advice .....
"read everything, believe nothing, unless you can prove it to YOURSELF with YOUR OWN research"
Bill Cooper

The Legacy of William Cooper

Behold a Pale Horse - pdf download


  1. Thanks for posting this. I found it very provides a background to some of the truth like David Icke and others. I guess Bill Cooper preceeded them. It also confirms how the war against truth is a real fighting war where soldiers like Bill get killed in battle.


  2. For a re-written and readable version of the Khalezov's original Wikipedia article "Nuclear Demolition", which was quickly removed when posted in March last year, see here

  3. Hi Kenny

    "read everything, believe nothing, until you can confirm it with your own research" I'll buy that.

    The "nanothermite" distraction that BYU bought and paid for is dead or at least on it's way out. I have been wondering about this new revival of the "mini-nukes" hypothesis. My guess is, it's once again something, anything, to keep Truth advocates from looking at the most obvious cause of controlled demolition, which would be the explosive controlled demolition industry which just happened to be represented by CDI at the site of Ground Zero on Sept. 11th 2001 about 5 minutes after the first plane hit the first tower. They didn't leave for 9 months (they were in charge of clean-up along with others)

    They also provided NIST the excuse for not testing for residues of high explosives and they also just happen to be the leading company in the field of explosive controlled demolition, both then and now.

    People are coming around an understanding that "nanothermite" can't create a concussion wave as that it's at best a low explosive and even Steven Jones had to finally admit it was probably only used as a electric match to ignite conventional high explosives.

    So all of a sudden we have this new push for a rebranding of "mini-nukes" theory.

  4. It should also be noted that with the 10 year anniversary coming up, isn't it odd that they are doing their best to marginalize David ray Griffin while all of a sudden a resurgence of mini-nukes pops up?

  5. Upon signing the Declaration of Independence from the Rothschild's home base, England, Benjamin Franklin said something like:

    "We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

    And that's what those seeking 9/11 truth need to do, hang together to root out this evil that has taken over our country.

    We can have our differences, but don't let egos get in the way of finding and bringing to justice the REAL perps behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB.

    Don't let those blood-soaked criminals and thieves get away with mass-murder and tyranny, hiding behind Zionist 'stink tanks,' and the Zionist owned MSM, which tells lies non-stop to keep all the other lies about 9/11 intact.

    Together, we can and MUST bring to justice those REAL 'evildoers' behind 9/11.

  6. Some World Trade Center victims were ‘vaporized’

    01/15/2002- USA Today

    Three months after the World Trade Center attack, victims’ families are being forced to face the ghastly possibility that many of the dead were “vaporized,” as the medical examiner put it, and may never be identified. So far, fewer than 500 victims have been positively identified out of the roughly 3,000 feared dead.

    Two other times, victims were 'vaporized.'

    One was Nagasaki and the other, Hiroshima.

  7. hmmm...

    so I went to the website you linked to... ... and what I found was the "Third Truth" site of Khalezov (former Russian/Soviet intel officer) and on that there are several links for more info... so, I checked the first link (3 truth 911)and that brought me to a Go Daddy ad, so I checked on the second link, (911books . net)and that brought me to a Site not Available statement. The third one (911thology) is basically a link to the other two and a link to his video, a Donate button at the bottom, and a picture of a payphone that someone wrote "9-11 inside job wtcs nuked" on.

    I got wtcnucleardemolition to open once (5th link or so) and I saw where it claimed that CDI is the "leader" in nuclear demolition industry. uh... yeah...

  8. I just started watching the second video in his series... in which the interviewer, reading from the notes of Khalezov's book, says that Flight 77 hit the North Tower and Flight 11 hit the Pentagon. Khalezov does not correct him.

    Then Khalezov goes on to explain that no planes hit the towers because "everyone knows aluminum planes cannot penetrate steel buildings"

    hmmm... doesn't know which planes hit which buildings, he's a "no planer", AND he's espousing "mini-nuke" theory...

    and that is all in the first two minutes of the 2nd video.

    any questions?

  9. Here's a better link for Khalezov's writings, interviews and videos.

    By design there's always been a lot of muddying of the waters. Exotic/nuke, thermite, conventional. Heck, maybe it was all of the above.

    My question is still 'will we ever see grand jury subpoenas?'

  10. Great article and very thought provoking. I had heard of Cooper but I knew little about him. The embedded video really opened my eyes to all his hard work.

    When I first came across Khalezov’s nuclear demolition theory I thought – here we go and where’s my foil hat. I have watched his full DVD on the 911 events as well as reading the free portion of his book on the same topic.

    When I watched Khalezov’s video and read the book I was impressed by his strict adherence to known physics. He thoroughly describes the mechanics and effects of nuclear explosions above and below ground.

    He makes a very logical and technical discussion of the use of large prepositioned nuclear demolition charges (250Kiloton) in the 3 WTC towers – not mini-nukes. He states that they were planned for in the initial design of the towers and were set out in a classified portion of the towers’ design.

    He also states that the same design was used in the Sears Tower in Chicago. Incidentally that tower was evacuated on the day of 911. His work covers the seismic records, tower collapse order discrepancy, sickness amongst the rescue and cleanup workers and the tremendous high temperatures of the rubble piles.

    He seems to think that no planes hit the tower but that one is still unproven for me. The cartoon like airplane shape in the second tower was always suspect for me but that doesn’t mean that a plane was not also involved.

    Has he found the holy grail of the all encompassing theory – no. He does have a multi-layer explanation to the subsequent cover-up. He’s also an ex spook and is now working with other ex spooks as you hint at the Veterans today site.

    I think your approach is closer to what we need. We know the names of many of the plotters. Once they and their accomplices are locked up the real investigation can take place.

    I try to not sling mud or call people names if I can help it. It absolutely is counterproductive and merely wastes valuable energy that is needed elsewhere. I did it once and made a complete ass of myself - it was a simple personality clash. That shows how much I know doesn’t it?

  11. Last spring I watched the vids and read the free version of Dimitri`s book. I`m open to it, but am more interested in who did it

    Simon Shack on Dimitri:

    Andrew Johnson on Dimitri:


    Nukes under the Twin Towers, nukes crashed into the Twin Towers, a nuke on a vintage Soviet missile launched from a submarine into the Pentagon.

    Kevin Barrett was laughing at them at the end of the interview.

    come on people...

  13. Thanks for all of the comments.

    Chucky, you're the physicist. You know any good presentation would have to be rooted in accurate science.

    anon @ 3:39pm, good links.

    I liked this comment at simon shack:

    "The method of destruction will only come out in a trial of the 9/11 actors and stooges. And people are trying to save them and get around that by demonizing a weapon.

    f#ck that sh#t. Weapons are arbitrary without the criminal hand operating them. Can we please try to focus on nabbing the criminals again?"

    Still the question ... 'how do we do that?'

  14. "Still the question ... 'how do we do that?'"

    like any other criminal investigation, you find the hard physical evidence and arrest them. Circumstantial evidence does not produce arrest warrants. Or at least, it hasn't in this case so far.

  15. Damn willyloman. I had just typed a long response and now its useless (grin)

    I am moving into an area I am shaky on – American law. Motive and probable cause should be enough for a grand jury to be convened. Silverstein fits the bill.

    The majority (I think) of the authors of the 9.11 report have called it for the whitewash it is. There are a number of legalistic strategies to proceed with but it all boils down to someone in the US in the required position to convene a grand jury. That person will need balls of steel and a bodyguard of angels.

    In the piece I just trashed I finished with;
    We all seek ‘the truth’. It’s a path not a place and I welcome any brother that helps to pave the road. Some flagstones are new and may fit or not. I embrace the community and relish the discussion. I’m glad to have shared some of it with you.

  16. Just passing this little good news to Kenny, hopefully without causing distraction from this very important topic about 9/11 ....

    I am officially a proud U.S. citizen, happened today! :)

    Very thankful to you Kenny for all the topics that you cover here, at least one less docile, apathetic & duped immigrant turned citizen to worry about! :)

  17. Don't really know where to post this...there are fewer and fewer sites to communicate with other like-minded individuals in the War for Truth.

    Here's my take on the very recent devastating earthquate in Christchurch New Zealand:

    I remember almost a decade ago when I first got interested in the truth movement there was a great investigative blogger called Joe Vialls, now deceased. He lived Down Under and often blogged about things that happened down there.

    I remember him saying that if the Jews ever got kicked out of the middle east, they were going to head en masse for Tasmania or other parts of that sub continent.

    Now I am hearing about a devastating earthquate in a part of the world that didn't even have a known earthquate fault until last year! I am thinking that the HAARPists are laying waste to the area in preparation for a Ziofascist immigration....

    ....following a quick exodus from the incendiary Middle East.

    Just a thought/theory.


  18. Sorry, that would be "earthquake"...just getting used to a new keyboard.


  19. "Willy Loman." Your pseudonym tells me all I want to know. Your arguments amount to nothing. You and "Khalezov" can go in the street and play (your both worthless, according to me).

  20. You might as well have called yourself Willy Noman. Scott Creighton is a joo. Me? Im not so "anonymous" after all. My name is Steven Crisp,

  21. William Cooper was a weenie too. Maybe he woke up after 1992? He was clearly WHACKED before then. I've heard his good work too. Was he a liar or a lunatic ere then?

  22. Or do you believe what he said just might be true? I give the same odds of that to Loman and Khalezov.

  23. musique, congratulations! You are a welcome addition as a citizen.

    gc, HAARP and the possibility of earthquake generation is always a suspect. I know nothing but to take a wait and see attitude.

    Steve, Cooper is a character who I've never posted a word about before, at least that I can remember. I take all of his earlier UFO talk with a big grain of salt. He's one of those 'for information purposes' only guys.

  24. Planes are the official version. Anyone pushing planes is a perp, paid shill, or has tribal loyalties and should NOT be trusted. I figure Rothschild ordered an 'extra large even' Tavistock, Mitre, Rand, CNN, CFR Mossad, CIA, etc delivered. It was a media event. Dimiti's conclusion is that it was ordered by the 'elite' not motivated by money or oil- just power and control, to help instigate a gulag planet, which I agree with. Shills say 'no planes' hurts the 'movement', the opposite is true.

  25. The powers that be rally have to kill 'no plane theory' AT ALL COSTS. If the general public ever accepts 'no planes', they will realize that they are being taxed by their ENEMY, and may decide to engage in tax evasion. Patriotism would be reversed and the tax evader would even have the moral high ground

  26. Right. There were no planes anywhere, I'm a "Joo", and don't pay your taxes. Got it.

    Now that I have a religious belief, do I get like cookies or something? Is there a secret handshake? What does circumcision mean?

    Oh wait, I am not just any regular "Joo" I am an agent "Joo" because I believe planes were used in the FF attack of 9/11. Ahh... I see. Oi vey... OOPS!... let that slip didn't I?

  27. That 9-11 Blogger mp3 is sickening. The whole 9-11 truth thing is infested with zio-shills like fat John Gold. Makes me want to vomit.

  28. The best clue is flight 77. Check out its flight path.

    Why did'nt the "hijackers" of 77 just dump their plane into the White House. Why did the hijackers perform a high speed 360 turn over the Pentagon and hit the Army Accounting Dept which was investigating the disappearance of $3.5 billion that went missing while Dov Zakheim, an ordained Rabbi with an Israeli passport, was comptroller at the Pentagon.

    Oh, I think I just answered the question.

  29. For some reason the first half of my comment got cut.

    It was;

    Khalezov states that it was bin Laden who placed the nukes in the WTC.

    So why fly the planes into the WTC. Someone could just have detonated the nukes at ground level and caused far more damage, and Silverstein would still have got his insurance payout.

    The Planes were used as cover for whatever did bring down the WTC. Providing cover would not have concerned bin Laden.

  30. From memory Khalezov states that ‘authorities’ were led to believe on the day that nukes (separate from the demolition charges that he discusses) were located in the tops of the twin towers. They were told that either the nukes were planted in the towers or were on the planes.

    An airburst from the top of the tower would be vastly more damaging than a ground level blast – at ‘ground zero’.

    Sorry Israelite, he definitely does not discuss Bin Laden in that capacity. He discusses a BS excuse given to some of the CONgress critters that Benny got a mini-nuke from Saddam. That was ensure their silence and complicity in the coverup.

  31. Gnaw, sorry Kenny -- I was not criticizing YOU for posting Cooper at all. Last night was kind of...glug, I must confess...and when I got to that part of the video where he (Cooper) is b-essing about the giant spaceship flying up out of the ocean, it made stomach turn; that's all, &c.

    Meanwhile, here's one a good one for the no planers / no brainers:

    Anthony Lawson: TV Fakery is a Fraud:
    * Part 1:
    * Part 2:
    * Part 3:

  32. Uh, Willy. Apologies (of sorts) unto you too. I like a lot of what you write. But then again, I disagree with you at least 50% of the time. Best cheers.

  33. thanks Stevis. 50% ain't bad. It's more than I agreed with my last girlfriend or my last employer, so for me, 50% a marked improvement. cheers

  34. Scott, Very kind of you. Sincere apologies indeed. And I should have stated what I did in a positive "glass half-full" kind of way: "I like much of what you write -- in fact, I agree with nearly half of it", &c.

  35. @steve c,

    turn down the כליזמר music on your ipod

    YOU, Lawson and gallway are all disinfo/

    the formula-
    slam Israel (to trick everyone into liking you), reaffirm 911 myth and or holohoax, collect payment from Israel, repeat

  36. You mean Israel will PAY me for this?! Damn... I've been givin this shit away for 4 f*ckin years! goddamnit...

  37. wait a minute... how do you know Israel pays?

  38. lots of good TVfakery vids here:

  39. Chuckyman,

    Just watched 13/26 again and you are right. I stand corrected.

    Will spend some more time and start from 1/26!


  40. No problem Israelite. It’s a fascinating approach and the first time I came across it my BS detectors red-lined. Reading his PDF at the same time helped to get a better understanding – especially of the physics.

    I still keep in mind that he’s an ex-spook. His analysis of the motivation is the only thing I could question. On a good note – he nails mossad as the perps.

  41. Dimitri showed up on my website to leave a comment. I guess now I am famous. He didn't seem to want to answer questions... go figure

  42. And I suppose willy banned Demetri, too?

    Kenny, you have now become my "go-to" site for this research. At least you don't ban people for alternative discussion to a personality's forced opinion.

    Moving on, I am interested in all the continued debate over whether or not "nano-thermite" (as opposed to regular everyday thermite) has enough explosive potential to create the fine dust we see in the videos.

    I have run into various ppl continuing to split that hair, in defense of Jim Hoffman and Stephen Jones.

    What do you know about this difference in technologies and can nano-thermite be used as an explosive and not simply cutter charges or a match to light other explosives (which has thus far been my opinion)?

    They keep using Hoffman's thesis of high energy nano-thermite as their source and no others (which is suspect to me).