Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Mubarak Moment

A 'Mubarak Moment' could become a new pop phrase for when everyone from the media to the president appear to anticipate and report something that doesn't quite end up as their talk suggested.

Today was almost one of those "Dewey Wins" days.

Maybe it's the move that those in the background actually wanted. Give some power to the CIA helpmate Omar Suleiman and hopefully buy time to get their plans straight. It gives the appearance of appeasing Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Or maybe it's an attempt to really stir up the protests? How are those in the streets and the military going to react? Peaceful, repression, chaos? Will Egyptians kill more Egyptians? Send a message not only to the other restless Middle East countries but to Americans that taking protests too far will have consequences? Mubarak hinted at it.

The idea that this is one more step to 'balkenize' the Middle East is still in play. Plans that go back decades don't go away easily but plans can go astray.

Break this cycle of control of the people and never ending war?

It will take millions of people in the street ... with resolve ... and love. 

First in Egypt ... then in the rest of the world.


  1. I can't say whether or not this is the way it is but here is a view mentioning coup. I really don't know.

  2. I wouldnt believe much coming off VT. Its mostly dis info.

    My view is that Mumbarack is stoking the flames and will inturn provoke violence. This gives him and his handlers the opportunity to severly clamp down.

    My guess is all out hell will hit the streets on Friday night. Friday is a non working day in mid east nations, im sure both sides are planning for it as we write.

    It should be intresting to see how this plays out.

    On a side note I was watching CNN right after the speech as they were interviewing protestors. A group of two were interviewed. the first said he was ready to die. the second said somthing along the line of bombing Israel. The program immediately muted the next few seconds of the live interview.

    I believe the vast majority of the protestors are aware of their puppet leaders be controlled by Israel. This may be one of their primary objections.

    America is also run by puppet leaders under the control of the Israelis.

  3. It was nice to see Obama make a complete and utter arse out of himself today. He has egg on his face.

    His arrogance/ignorance was on full display on the worlds stage.
    I wonder if Mumbarack set him up with this false report of him stepping down.

    I'd say he is out of the influencial loop now, at least as far as him steeping up to his telepromter and taking credit for any events that will transpire in Egypt.

  4. Israel and her colony, the USSA are shitting bricks, worried that REAL democracy might break out in Egypt.

    If that happens, and Egyptians don't trade one Israeli ass-kissing Zionist stooge for another, how are they going to keep Gaza on the edge of starvation?

    Between DHS GESTAPO head 'Nappy' warning of another FALSE FLAG and what's going down in Egypt, don't be surprised if the next INSIDE JOB is blamed on some Egyptian patsy, that way, the USSA will have an excuse to send in the AF and Marines to keep Egypt an Israeli bitch.

  5. FINALLY!!!
    mubarak stepped down,finally.
    First class one way ticket to israhell is next, I'm guessing ....

  6. No time to relax. One victory does not win the war.