Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Taxi of Jedaya"

It's all explained now. The protesters in Libya are not only under the influence of Bin Laden but 'al qaeda' is handing out some sort of hallucinogenic drug called the 'taxi of jedaya.' So says Gaddafi.

The first thing we hear is him talking about drugs that have been given to protesters to cause them to turn against the regime. He says there are no protesters over 20. These "kids" have been given a specific drug called the "taxi of jedaya" that makes them feel high and they start misbehaving.

We laugh but this is no more crazy than what we hear daily from our own leaders and media.

Obama on Libya: “the suffering and bloodshed” as “outrageous,” “These actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency.”
Not much different than U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, eh Barry.

Hillary Clinton on the Iran protests: "Off the streets, the regime's leaders have targeted human rights defenders and political activists, and authorities have recently rounded up ex-government officials and their families; former members of parliament; clerics and their children; student leaders and their professors; as well as journalists and bloggers." Clinton's statement said the United States "remains deeply concerned by the persecution of Iranian citizens at the hand of their government."
No word of a Clinton apology to Ray McGovern.

U.S. official on drone attacks in Pakistan: "There hasn't been a single non-combatant casualty since last summer. And it's ridiculous to think that you can't go after lower-ranking terrorists who, among other things, are targeting American forces in Afghanistan -- not to mention our homeland."

Rahm Emaneul's election and the Hollywood connection: Little bro {Ari Emanuel} was instrumental in raising a nice portion of Rahm's reported $12 million war chest, which dwarfed the competition
One of my favorite (printable) Rahm quotations is his observation that the talk in his home when he was growing up led him to believe that the Democratic Party "was one of the 10 lost tribes of the Jewish faith."

The Sunstein/Vermeule article: The authors contend that conspiracy theorists suffer from “cognitive blunders” and “crippled epistemology”. Using psycho-philosophic parlance they are saying those failing to accept the official story of the 9/11 Commission, leading members of which admitted it was “set up to fail”, cannot think straight.

Raymond Davis saga: US warns of moving International Court: US officials have indirectly warned that their country could approach the International Court of Justice (ICJ), if the spat over their ‘consular employee’ Raymond Davis, is not resolved in accordance with the Vienna Convention. US diplomatic officials on Wednesday continued to insist that Davis was a member of the ‘technical and administrative staff’ of their mission in Pakistan and hence immune from criminal prosecution.

Alleged dolls and baby carriage terrorist arrested in Texas: A young college student from Saudi Arabia studying chemical engineering in Texas purchased explosive chemicals over the Internet as part of a plan to hide bomb materials inside dolls and baby carriages to blow up dams, nuclear plants or the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush, the Justice Department said Thursday.

You get the picture.

Now where can I hail that "taxi?" High and misbehaving ... sounds interesting.


  1. "One of my favorite (printable) Rahm quotations is his observation that the talk in his home when he was growing up led him to believe that the Democratic Party "was one of the 10 lost tribes of the Jewish faith."

    Oh heck yes and by the way Rahm wants to sell you a used car.


  3. "the Democratic Party "was one of the 10 lost tribes of the Jewish faith..."

    It's not just the D's. Lots of people have gotten Lost Tribe Franchises.

  4. Rahm's been elected mayor of Chicago.
    He's now ready to "make his bones" like his father.

  5. Speaking of Susstein...think his hand prints are all over this?

  6. GaDaffy says the serfs are on drugs, the only possible explanation for their contempt for such a perfectly benevolent leader.
    Security word unkingog, is that a lost tribe?

  7. The Zionists who were behind 9/11 are running scared and that makes them even more dangerous.

    They realize their plans for world domination are falling apart and that the Rothschilds bastard offspring, Israel, is in danger of not being surrounded by ass-kissing Israeli lap-dogs.

    The future is getting grim.

    Do we stand by and watch our nation go to hell or develop some cajones like the Egyptians and take back our country?

  8. I think you already know the answer to that question Greg. We are a nation of sheep. If Israel falls it will be no thanks to most sheep Americans.

  9. I often hear that the American people are too dumb, too fat, too lazy, too television addicted, too, too to do anything about the corrupt government.

    First, it stereotypes 300 million people.

    Second, I was reading about Thomas Paine's writing of Common Sense. Right up until the time it was published, popular opinion was solidly against him. Economics played a role in changing public opinion, but his words landed like a match in tinder, and the rest is history. Perhaps it will be so again.

  10. Its not that all 300 million are that way its just that enough of them are to render those who are awake politically powerless. The sheep have all the power. Look who they vote in.

  11. I think more than anything the people of the US, and much of the world in all likelihood, are just simply misinformed. Until you're ready to learn the real history of this country, and the players behind the scenes, you're going to continue to buy the bullshit and vote for the stooges like Bush and Obama.

  12. Anony @ 6:43, I think you're putting the sheep before the cart... so to speak. The sheep have no power. They vote for who they're told to vote for, go to war with those they're told to, and bail out and hold blameless those who should be blamed. That's why they're sheep.

    We are powerless to those who have the power, a group distinct from the clueless sheep. Should those sheep, who have been told they are free, ever catch wind of how badly they have been used, they will be - at minimum - very pissed off sheep. If they rise up on their hinds, it might get ugly for the shepherds.