Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There should be a law against all this treasonous feet washing

Gadhafi and Gaga vow to never leave but don't worry about that now, we have bigger threats to deal with.

"Wash a foot, go to jail. I have all the proof of this treason right here in these papers."

A proposed new Tennessee state law would make following the Islamic legal code known as Shariah law a felony, punishable by 15 years in jail.

State Senator Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro, introduced the bill, known as Senate Bill 1028, last week. A House version of the bill, House Bill 1353, was introduced by House Rep. Judd Matheny, R-Tullahoma.

The bill claims that Shariah law is a danger to homeland security.

“The threat from Shariah-based jihad and terrorism presents a real and present danger to the lawful governance of this state and to the peaceful enjoyment of citizenship by the residents of this state,” the bill reads.

The bill exempts any peaceful practice of Islam.

But it also claims that any adherence to Shariah law – which includes religious practices like feet-washing and prayers – is treasonous.


  1. You know what? I know this will win me no fan base here but then again if it was fan base I was after, I would write a blog about NASCAR.

    I like Gaga. I know, it's kinda a weird and strangely sad admission, but I like her.

    Didn't used to till I saw Bad Romance video. That's a good video.

    I went to school for theater, performance arts, done nothing with it since... but I'll tell ya, whomever directed that, did a great job.

    I also respect what she's done. 24 years old now. She went to school in New York, figured she could be making money instead, quit, and 4 or 5 years later, here she is. She didn't sell out and get lost in Hardees commercials, she's doing her own thing. Gotta respect that.

    so I kinda like her. there, I said it.

  2. Hey Kenny,

    It's my considered opinion that the hooha about Sharia law isn't about Sharia law per se (since it's as likely to be introduced as compulsory Mandarin for all government business, which is to say 'not ever'), rather it's about Sharia proscriptions for banking. In this regard, even a nincompoop would, at the merest first glance, have to concede that Sharia banking is the most obvious and unarguable common sense imaginable.

    As Aang was saying lately (and I've been saying since forever) it's all about banking. All of it. The GWOT = War on Muslims = War on Those Not Subject to Rule by Usury. Me, I call it the The Sanctity of Banking Campaign. And in amongst a campaign against non-usury, an otherwise absurd attack on 'Sharia' (pivoting on misrepresentation, sure) is almost inevitable. They couldn't not do it, if you know what I mean.

    Otherwise I wanted to say how much I grooved on your last piece. The only thing we know for sure re 911 is that the government story is bullshit. That's the only position I'll refuse to resile from. Everything else is up for negotiation. Certain aspects I'll view as more likely or less likely but I certainly wouldn't stake everything on them and defend them to the death. Wars over this and that are idiotic. There's only one war and that's between those pushing the government line and those calling them out as bullshit.



  3. HI Keeny,
    I guess Noahide laws are ok then hey??
    Cheers A13

  4. Hi Kenny.
    sorry my bad, i meant Kenny.
    Cheers A13

    Word verification= mandrapt, sound like an 80's cock rock band..

  5. nobs, you're exactly right. Muslims and non-usury have to be demonized to continue the carnage and attacks on all of us. I haven't figured out whether these guys introducing these laws are just brainwashed dupes or getting paid for it.

    A13, Noahide laws in their hidden forms are also a threat. No doubt.

    willy, gaga's theatrics are attention grabbing. Check out Vigilant Citizen for another viewpoint on her.

  6. obviously her MO is "attention getting".. that's what pays her bills and makes her "gaga", get it? she's 24 years old, clearly talented, and you know, sometimes, just sometimes, a banana is simply a banana. Sides, you ever seen a Mockingbird that could dance like that? give her a break. she's just a kid with apparently good taste in videographers and directors... (she designs her own ridiculous costumes from what I understand)

  7. Gaga is harmless. I laugh at the people who think shes a part of some media plot to insert masonic imagery into videos and shit. They are almost as ridiculous as the numerology people or end-times 2012 religious nuts.

  8. You can find the bill online on the tn.gov website. But what you really should figure out what organisation wrote it. It is my understanding that most state legislature nationally is written by just a few 'policy' organisations.

  9. One thing for sure is that every generation's musical 'heroes' from Elvis to the Beatles etc. have been portrayed as destroyers of youth. We didn't turn out that bad, did we?

    LL, when I get time I'll try and research that.

  10. I laugh at anonymous posters who don't think gaga is not just another brain dead illuminati puppet, pied piper for the room temperature crowd, in the long steady march to satanism and degradation.

    There is nothing remotely entertaining about gaga. How a normal person cannot feel pity for her is byond me. In fact she indicated she wants her next perfume to smell like blood and semen.

    Numerology is the formulas of the Greek philosopher; known as Pythagoras of Samos. Pythagoras sought to interpret the entire physical world in terms of numbers and founded their systematic and mystical study. It is one of the higher sciences and I wouldn't expect most layman to understand it.

  11. right.... I am too stupid to understand how Lady Gaga is bringing about satanism because she's making fun of the perfume industry by making a bad smelling perfume.

    we don't need to oppose the billionaires and their subservient millions, we need to stand up to a 24 year old girl who rides around in an egg.

    got it. thanks.

  12. Mick, good one. I had forgotten about the alleged 'blood and semen' perfume.

    I would say to Gaga that "you've come a long way baby," but maybe she's just another small stepping stone for what's to come next.

    Maybe I'm getting old but are not the handlers of the big money music industry and their peripheral money makers taking things further than some of us think are appropriate to a stable and maybe family oriented world.

    In any perceived culturally significant money making endeavor shouldn't we ask if there's an agenda beyond the money?

    And yes willy, it's all a big diversion to distract the youth from perhaps making a difference in the real issues. When gaga goes beyond just gay rights and into anti-war anti-empire anti-corrupt banking system etc. etc. etc., I'll try to be more open to her 'artistry.'

  13. "brain dead illuminati puppet"

    Ohh, do tell Uncle Alex Jones, who are the "illuminati"? Satan? Really? You an end times religious nut too? Wanna hit the judgmental nutbag trifecta? Gaga is just trying to be shocking, another Marlyn Manson in a way but to religious nuts she HAS to be a satanist meant to make our kids evil! Oh wait, Marlyn Manson is CERTAINLY doing the devils work too huh?!?! Hes not just a Trent Reznor reject or anything...

    Ive enjoyed and agreed with many of your comments over time here Mick, its too bad you fall for that "illuminati" goose chase bullshit.

    I dont know kenny, call me crazy but I think parents should raise their kids,not Lady Gaga or any other tool on tv and I dont think everything should be watered down for those kids whose parents let pop culture raise them. Those kids will be fucked up anyway, whether Lady Gaga existed or not.

  14. anon, I certainly agree that parents should raise their kids but I'm not sure what you mean by 'watering down.' My kid philosophy has always been to to teach them all the truth as best as one can possibly can, no matter what that is, even if non-mainstream or non-pc. And yes, that's always subjective. I'm trying not to accept the premise that they will be 'fucked up anyway.'

    Since you mentioned him, I saw Trent Reznor and NIN once. They only played for an hour but it was about as intense as music gets. They smashed all of their instruments at the end and I was thinking "damn, my ticket paid for that and some poor kid could have really used those guitars and drums." I came away unharmed except for the swiss army knife the security confiscated when patting me down at the door and I didn't get back. It was the last arena show I ever went to. (big grin for the memory)

  15. It doesn't matter whether you are open to her "artistry" or not. She's talented and apparently she approaches her work as a craft. And if you can't see that, I can't teach it to you. If you won't see it simply because her subject matter isn't up to your standards, well, that's a little different.

    I've run an anti-globalization and Truth site for awhile, you have run one for awhile. We both know what it is to make sacrifices for this stuff.

    I guess the difference between you and me is that you know exactly how you would behave if you had a 160 million dollar a year contract at the age of 24. You know that you would be saying to hell with it all and writing songs about Donald Rumsfeld and the suffering Palestinians, right? And that is why you can so easily dismiss what she is doing, on a political basis, on the basis of what you would do in her shoes being what you would expect her to do.

    Me... I don't know what I would do in her shoes when I was 24. I would like to think one thing, but I try not to hold that against anyone. because I know, it just ain't that easy. Hell, would I risk that money now? would you?

    That's not my criteria.

    Her last video, Bad Romance, was about the black market sex slave trade in Eastern Europe and it ends with her killing the guy who bought her.

    I also wouldn't dismiss "just gay rights" so quickly. to some people it matters. I mean, we are all in this together, right? Proposition 8 sure mattered to the Mormon church. And they are about as powerful in this country right now as anyone else.

    Not quite Donald Rumsfeld and the Mossad, but she damn sure ain't Justin Beiber either...

  16. I mean being PC or watering down media to "protect the children". The assumption being that because kids see Lady Gaga on tv they will automatically want to dress like sluts and engage in "illuminatism" as some would have it. The kids will be fucked up anyway if their parents cant overcome the fact that kids look up to people on tv. Yeah, if you leave your kid in front of the tv all day every day he/she might latch onto some influences you would rather they didn't.

    I blame the parents not the media, though god knows I blame the media for a lot. I tend to blame them more for pushing a pro-war,corporate first,constantly zionist friendly message rather than for distracting the kids with pop stars. There have been politically aware groups in the mainstream before(though not often) yet the kids stay distracted and dumbed down. Its not the content or artist,its the absence of actual truth in our news media. If the parents were informed the kids would be informed and it wouldn't matter what music they listened to. As it stands I feel it doesn't matter anyway. I believe like I'm assuming you and dublinmick do in the negative power and reach of our media but I do not buy the whole "pop stars are meant to brainwash our kids and sell satanism!" stuff.

  17. And maybe I'm showing my "satanist illuminati loving" hand here(I'm actually agnostic-oh shit, no wonder I stick up for heathens, I'm godless right dublinmick?!?! jk) kenny, but I really envy you for going to a NIN show. First CD I ever bought was a NIN one. I don't listen to much industrial rock now but still pop them in from time to time.

  18. willy, I'm not dissing her talent. She plays piano and can sing somewhat. I respect all musicians, always have. It's her handlers and the limits they place, the social engineering they promote that I have a problem with.

    You're right. A 24 year old or most of any age is unlikely to skip the money for social conscience. Whatever subjects she espouses in song are what she is 'allowed.'

    I don't dismiss 'gay rights.' I've been around gays all my life and there are several in my extended family who I care about and only wish the best for. Why is this minority group now so 'powerful' and promoted so heavily in the media? Diversion from other issues is one reason. Decline of the traditional family as a control technique of the population is another and I'm not saying that from any kind of religious perspective.

    anon, I see what you mean. Media entertainment will go as far as they can to squeeze a buck from kids and their parents. My question is why some of the directions they take? Maybe it's as simple as 'taboo sells.' I guess it always has.

    And yeah, the MSM is basically propaganda lies. Turning off the TV helps but kids still go to school. Looked at a grade school or high school history or social studies textbook lately?

  19. This debate would play better on some freeper site. You will find most of the clientele around here are way past it.


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  20. Kenny getting back to the foot washing bill, it would seem that Tennessee should pass a law unconditionally stipulating that idiots cannot run for state office. This guy sounds a bit like a crew foreman on Orwell's funny farm.

  21. No dublinmick, you are simply a dupe who buys into phony disinfo bullshit meant to make you and anyone who latches onto what you push look like a lunatic. Hate to break it to you. Do you believe in astrology too? And Jay-Z is "occult" too huh? Yeah, that hand symbol is pretty scary. Nevermind that he raps about standard rap bullshit like how many cars he has and how many women hes fucked. Are you being serious or is this some kind of joke? I seriously hope for your sake its the latter.

    Finally "mick", when you talk about 9/11 do you bring up the numerology aspect(that you no doubt believe in)? Do you think that helps or hurts the cause of opening peoples eyes to the 9/11 lies? Be honest.

    (also,you never answered my question about the illuminati. Who is it exactly? And how are they using Jay-Z specifically? Or Gaga? Fuck your links, YOU tell me how this works if you actually believe in this bullshit)

    Kenny, again I must disagree that pop stars are being used to socially engineer kids. I would again blame the NEWS media that sells us lies daily well before I would blame a new age Elvis(remember how supposedly "evil" he was? Wanna go back to the 50's?) like Lady Gaga for the downfall of society.

    Now kenny, do you think that when blacks got equal rights in the 60's they were unduly "powerful"? I know where you are going with this-that the media is pushing a "gay agenda". I hear it from religious fundamentalists all the time and its total bullshit. The media is lagging far behind the country and only grudgingly covering gay rights because circumstances force them to(gay marriage bills etc.). They still give plenty of airtime to people who think gays are destroying society. To me thats not exactly a "gay friendly" agenda. Are you suggesting that if gays sat down and shut up and went back in the closet the "family unit" in America would be better off? I am secure and straight, the only reason I even bring that up is because the only people I see being taken in by such BS(imho) arguments about gays degrading society comes from Pat Robertson types and really insecure closet case rightwingers. I know this isn't you so I'm surprised to see you fall for it.

  22. Yes, its the history books(lies) that concern me, not Lady Gaga!

  23. Perhaps I'm naive or have been isolated in a certain segment of society but I remember a short period of time in the fairly distant past when many gays were neither 'in the closet' nor 'in our face' in the media. Accepted for what they are and it was no big deal. That was a seemingly idealistic and hopeful time. I see the continued black/white, gay/straight issues to often be divisive techniques to keep us 'debating' among ourselves while being robbed of our rights and away from deeper issues.

    Anyway, this thread has veered off into areas I didn't anticipate. It was meant to be a smart ass jab at the creeps saying they want more laws that contribute to dividing us.

  24. We need more laws to protect us from the scary disgusting gays! JK.

    Yes, they were in the closet much more because most people were not as accepting of them as they are now. The good old days huh? Not really.

    How are they "in our face" though? Because of the gay marriage bills? I watch more tv than I would like to admit and I just dont feel oppressed or bothered by gays. I just dont see the "gay agenda" that so many speak of. Maybe because they dont scare or bother me?

  25. You're twisting things. The law in the post was concerning the psyops of shariah used to perpetuate the fraud of the war on terror.

    And what's this JK reference?

  26. Kenny, On most forums I've seen.. JK; Just Kidding

  27. JK-Just kidding. That first comment was a bad attempt at humor not what I actually think you think. I understand your post and completely get it. I would argue there is a parallel though-the psy ops of shariah is indeed used to perpetuate the fraud war on terror(I stress this all the time actually because Beck/Hannity/Limbaugh always talk about it and sadly many people in my life are influenced by those assholes) much like in my opinion the demonization of gays is just more divide and conquer BS. A different kind of psy op but demonizing gays or any other minority group(you see it with Mexicans often in our media,along of course with the constant muslim bashing) no doubt benefits the elite. At each others throats instead of at theirs. Worried about "the others" instead of worrying about them.

  28. OK, thanks for the clarification. I know that I'm not the best at expressing my thoughts and sometimes my ramblings make it worse.

  29. I have to call you on this Kenny, I'm sorry...

    "I see the continued black/white, gay/straight issues to often be divisive techniques to keep us 'debating' among ourselves while being robbed of our rights and away from deeper issues."

    If you happen to be gay, and Cali passes legislation allowing Gay marrage, and all of a sudden Prop 8 is funded by Morons from a different state to "rob you of your rights"...

    ... isn't that exactly what you just called the "deeper issue"? "Robbing us of our rights"?

  30. In fact, this is probably the first time that I know of where constitutional rights which had been earned, were literally taken off the books for a targeted percentage of the population.

    and it happened because of a push from a religious institution from a different state.

    now if it's our rights you are talking about, this case is the first time they have been literally taken off the books once established. You don't see how that is relevant to this discussion?

  31. there is an interesting video put out by a Mormon mother on this subject...

    "My church tells me there is a slippery slope for allowing gay marriage rights but they don't talk about the slippery slope of not allowing it. What happens if we give the government the power to decide who can be married based on morality? Who is to say that in 10 to 20 years they won't come around and say my marriage isn't moral? That they don't like the church that I belong to?"

    now that the religious institutions have a proven model to go by, what's next?

    I think this is a tremendously important rights issue for all of us.

  32. Anonymous frankly I don't care what you think. Looking at your rambling it appears you are missing too many pieces of the puzzle to have a rational debate with anyway. In short you don't appear very intelligent.

    As for the gay movement I don't see it as having so much to do with religion or morality. If nature intended same sex couplings, people would be born with both organs, a scenario chemical contaminants and poisoning of the food supply may help with anyway. It has more to do with common sense and trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    Some things are always going to be regulated. I don't think laws against murder or rape are going to be dropped either because it interferes with some ones freedom to practice their beliefs.

  33. By the way anon please come up with a handle, simple Jonah or clueless Bill, something we can recognize you by in the future so that you can be recognized and treated as the object of scorn and ridicule you so richly deserve.

  34. Hey Kenny,

    Umm ... I was wondering if Mr. congressman going to cut access to clean soil, rocks or sand too?

    Hate to disappoint this congress clown but when there is no water around, a Muslim can tayammum.

    From wiki:

    Tayammum is a "dry ablution" using clean soil, rock, or sand and is to be performed when water is not readily available to perform ablution or when one is defiled (on janabah) and could not perform ghusl, and is authorised under specific circumstances.

    Now someone should drop a bucket of cold water(from the dead sea of course) on your racist congressional clown chair and make you disappear ....

    just like Almira Gulch/wicked witch of the west.

  35. willy, actually I think I should keep my mouth shut on this. I'm not qualified to debate the gay issue, I only throw out opinions that I'm not even sure of myself. I don't think I've ever had a single post on the subject.

    Anyway, I need to head over to your place and read the Dimitri thread comments. That's more up my alley.

  36. As far a s Pythagoras goes maybe anonymous could point out some errors with his algorithms and why Hanover College would be studying him and not you.



  37. dublinmick, its all well and good to be interested in the numerology but do you live your life by it? Do you honestly think it has any real relevance outside of being a sort of interesting topic? Oh and your pathetic and typical fear of homosexuals is interesting. Actually its a red flag for retardation and repressed feelings. Duly noted.

  38. Nobody mentioned any fear of homosexuals, that is simply a figment of your imagination. I simply view it as an aberration, regardless of whether it has the approval of of the MSN media or anonymous trolls and people on message boards, Hollywood or whoever espouses it. If you wish to glom onto some man more power to you.

    Numerology can provide some stunning correlations for those who are inquisitive and look at it. For instance both Bushes total the number six. But you don't strike me as that inquisitive type of person.

  39. In fact I am sure you are very pretty but I prefer women.

  40. The fact that you view it as an aberration says more about you than you apparently realize. You insecure little pussy, it must suck being such a fear based little bitch like yourself.

    dublindick-"Anonymous frankly I don't care what you think."

    Really? Responding to me sure is a funny way of showing you stupid son of a whore.

  41. "For instance both Bushes total the number six."

    Wow! Tell me more! Though I don't think "inquisitive" is the right word for your interest in what is basically a parlor game for weak minded pussies like yourself. ILLUMINATI!!!!!!! Who is it dublindick? You fucking Alex Jones style moron.

  42. "I prefer women". Yes, people who fear/hate homosexuals tend to feel the need to point this out a lot. You're just proving how insecure you are mick. Though it also might be a case of overcompensation to hide your closeted tendencies. Secure men don't feel the need to call people different than them "aberrations". Spoken like Ted Haggard by the way. You know him because you are likely just like him. Your repressed weak minded kind are a dime a dozen.

    dublindick"glom onto some man"

    No, just not afraid of homos like you are. But hey, hating fags makes you more of a man right mick?!?!?! Poor little guy, so insecure.

  43. Im very surprised by this support of lady gaga by willyloman.

    I would never allow my daughters to be exposed to this whore. I wonder if willyloman is a father and if he would allow his kids to be exposed to her perverted sick filth.

    I'am blown away by his support to this filthy whore.
    Amasing, absolutely amased by this.

    He seems to have a blind spot in his thinking, his blog is good but what the hell is this endorsement to lady gaga?
    I wonder if he is aware that young girls emulate pop stars?
    I wonder, if he is a father, does he have aspirations of his daughters to be just as raunchy as lady gaga?
    I'am blown away by this guy!!

  44. Well I guess that makes you a good parent then Anon@3:34! Did Elvis' hip swaying have a similar effect on you? Lady Gaga is a harmless popstar(harmless if like yourself you have parents there doing their jobs as parents). Get over it, she,like Elvis before her,is not Satan. I am amazed that some people expect "raunchy popstars" to raise their kids for them and/or blame them for their own kids problems.

  45. Gags on Gaga. The person drips Illuminati symbolism. Any star who just bursts on the scene like that is or has been compromised for a reason.

    Those Noahide peeps do not like competition and they want to demonize dem dere Ay-rab Moolizms .... easy to dig up dupes to work on that for a few shekels...

    Just keep puttin the troof out dere so some peeps find it and absorb it a little. It is the Noahide Laws that people must be made aware of and how Bush the balless Jr. signed them into law.

  46. The "illuminati" is simply a term meant to protect REAL criminals, usually Israeli firsters/jews. I lose respect for anyone that buys into such BS. Gaga is nothing, to wory about her or any other artist is a complete waste of time.

  47. Whoa. Missed all the fun. I'm siding with DublinMich. In addition to a great blog his posts on Kenny's sideshow have always taught me something new. I know not to reject something automatically without researching and studying the topic unlike some people. And you have to be a complete moron if you have not noticed the nauseating political correct madness that is the gay agenda. Gay people like everyone can be good or bad people, but their homosexuality is a disorder. Of course the paid off/corrupt scientists will not dare reveal the truth. Because ya know gay people are so "persecuted" gimme a fuckin break. After the Jews, homosexuals are the most coddled after in the MSM especially by libtards. Willylo and "Anon" can suck it.