Thursday, March 24, 2011

Game Plans

Just because you've got the wild cheerleaders doesn't mean your game plan is secure ...

March madness is not just for basketball anymore. We've noticed that this month. But just like basketball, 'winning' endeavors for control of this big round ball we live on have to have preparation. Ya gotta have a game plan. Sad as it may be for the now dominate 'team,' game plans often fail.

The most famous game plan is surely the Protocols. Now before you cry 'forgery' and 'antisemitism' let's play a mental game and replace jews and zion with "the little green genies of Granada,"  or any other name you want to attribute to the writings. It's still a cookbook. There's the recipes. Tweak and twist them to fit the times and technology but the guidelines are there and if it's going to be cooked up just right you don't deviate too far from the basic recipe.

PNAC had a game plan. So far so good if you're on their side.  Still, when you hand out advance copies of what you're planning to do, sooner or later the opposition catches on. They know your moves, they tell others. The only thing missing is the teamwork and the specific actions in a counter game plan. Divided teams always lose. That's why I see 'our team' coming together. It's of necessity.

Folks like Visible and Timster are in synch in expressing their thoughts that the cabal of death dealers are going down and that it won't be easy or pretty. It's the kind of thing we need to keep repeating and reminding ourselves of so we don't lose sight of what we think needs to pass. Positive visualization is essential if you are a 'gamer.'  

Our opposition at times likes to full court press. Line to line pressure. They add the in your face arrogance and smack talk to try and intimidate us. The media touts their invincibility but they have that worried look on their face. The refs never even call a foul on them so that makes our offense fluid and innovative. Even though they contest every shot, we still get them off.  Our shot percentage is getting better. Once our opposition gets the 'deer in the headlights' look  in their eyes, we know we're finding their weaknesses. It's coming.


There's no excuse for the killing for sport in Afghanistan by the dumb hicks, the grunts of war who in a sane world would have known better but what about the war criminals who sent them there?  That's not how things work, so far. The little pawns go to jail. The big ones are still counting their money.

Prepare to hide your babies Libyans. The Marines are just off your shores.
"The ability to launch these and other missions directly from naval vessels illustrates the unique and valuable capacity of the Navy/Marine Corps team called 'sea-basing'", said Captain Timothy Patrick, spokesman for II Marine Expeditionary Force. "Having these forces embarked aboard amphibious ships means that at any time we can execute a variety of tactical missions with little or no footprint on foreign territory."

On a local note regarding people going down is finally the news of University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, once the most prominent jewish name in collegiate sports, getting fired for (drum roll...) lying and cheating. Certainly not the first and won't be the last coach fired for ethics violations in the hypocritical world of college athletics but the demise of this crying clown brought a smile to my face.

He received a very good severance package to keep his mouth shut. No anti-semetic charges from him yet but his wife did have this to say a few months ago in typical 'victim' behavior ...
"Now I know of two jewish men who have  been crucified."

In case you've missed it, Facts Not Fairies has been posting a lot on Al Jazeera as a tool of the zionists. Is there any major media that is not? Silly question.

The new Anthony Lawson video, Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid?, has been posted in many places but if you haven't seen it spend thirty minutes for the educational talking points presented and the grin you get from knowing that some messages are not yet censored.

Update 3-31-11 ... youtube found it necessary to remove the Lawson video. Vimeo for now has it.

Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? from SomberImperil on Vimeo.

Nothing like a map to know where you're going.

I see that  General Carter F. Ham, Commander, U.S. Africa Command, is the head guy of the military intervention in Libya. To think that he is only a few days younger than me and also an Aquarius causes me ponder just how those born in America at about the same time have taken such different paths.  The definition of success is in the eye of the beholder ...


  1. Replace the words jew/zion with muslims and most American hick neocons would agree as they already think muslims are taking over America. War is so easy to sell when you dehumanize the victims of it. 8 killed in Gaza and the media barely notices. An explosion in Jerusalem kills 1 under usual shady circumstances the day before and the media cant cover it enough. That says it all.

  2. Kenny I got rid of my google blogs, the campfire and the other one. It was becoming almost impossible to post on them due to various scripts that made the browser disappear every time I changed something or posted and had to log in again to everything. I am sticking with wordpress from now on.

    I also am starting over with the photobucket as some of the older shops, I wasn't sure what pattern I started out with, so I want to alleviate any question of infringement. The photoshops I do in the future will be only on a pattern that is public domain for the most part, or ones or ones usable with attribution.

    Hasta la vista google

  3. Zionist frontman Rothschild and TPTB have sent the zionist allies, including the CIA, Mossad and MI6, to procure a coup d'etat in Libya.

    Webster Tarpley has caught the deer in the headlights.

    Merkel and Germany have said they've had enough.

    Is the fall of modern Rome nigh?

    Tim and Les are doing superb work with the truth.

  4. Khaddafi, Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama & Harper's Masters, Cantor & Lieberman, "The Opposition": JEWS

    Merkel does not represent Germans. And she supports the war, but knows it would not be accepted by German citizens.


  5. THE GAME:

  6. Was reading Grieder about MLK and the civil rights movement. He said people mistook the theatrical part for the substance. The substance was the revolution in people's minds. Blacks would no longer accept "their place" and whites could no longer ignore the injustice. The change in perception was the revolution, prior to manifestation.

    That is the revolution we have now. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time as come. The old order is falling. The new order will depend on how the fall is perceived.

    So far, the revolution is in hearts and minds. Its influence will grow until everyone sees it, even politicians and media will go along reluctantly, still trying to wrestle the agenda back to the billionaires'.

    That map is very useful to see where we've been dragged the last several decades, and to extrapolate for whose benefit.

  7. I am victim oh Lord I am a victim.

    I was wondering when they were going to fire him.

  8. I give up on commenting 3 tries
    nothin shows up!