Monday, March 14, 2011

I Never Will Forget That Floating Bridge

Sometimes all we have is the blues ...

"Floating Bridge" by Gregg Allman from the album "Low Country Blues" - Jan. 2011

Photos: Japan - March 2011


  1. Kenny,

    I am hoping that Micky is doing ok at St. Thomas.

    Can you believe such triple layers of tragedy - earthquake, tsunami & now nuclear meltdown? Nuclear is something their previous generation experienced over sixty something years ago!!

    The very first pic of the little boy with arm raised with frightened look all over his face is the most touching image I've seen in recent years. I am sure Plenty other Americans has seen this image and feel very deeply for this little boy.

    But haven't we all seen similar images before? From occupied Palestine, instead of being tested for radiation contamination, some evil monster pointing gun at a small child and similar expression captured on the child's innocent & frightened face. So strange similarities.....

    This sick jew named Gilbert Gottfried has enough free time to crack & tweet some sick jokes from this tragedy, here is one:

    What do Japanese Jews like to eat?
    Hebrew National Tsunami.
    more here

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Disability insurer Aflac Inc fired comedian Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of its iconic duck on Monday after a series of Twitter jokes about the earthquake in Japan, Aflac's most important market.
    Since 2000, Gottfried has voiced the duck in the insurer's TV ad campaign in the United States, quacking "Af-LAC!" in the comedian's famously abrasive voice.
    Gottfried fired off a dozen jokes on the social media service over the weekend, all riffing in one way or another on the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami. One joke suggested Japan needed an urgent shipment of rubber ducks, though many tended toward the crude and sexual.


    WOW!! Can a German make pizza jokes? Nope, he'll be handed over to the "weasels & foxes" for being a anti semite prick!

    Any news from Greg Bacon?

  2. I've sent a comment message to Greg. I don't know any other way of getting hold of him.

    You know musique, we have talked before about you doing your own blog. Fill in the gaps when we're not available or not in top form. Ready yet?

  3. Kenny,

    I often think about creating a blog except my ideal blog will be all visual - collection of images, cartoons, vids & animations of the criminals. As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. I feel comfortable doing picture manipulations but my goal is getting better at creating vids and animations .. I am not there yet. You guys are my blog Gods!

    Speaking of contacting Greg, I think buelahman is the one who has Greg's email contact/connection.