Monday, March 21, 2011

Kill Teams and Anti-War Kooks

Spiegel Online report on "The Kill Team"

'Trophy' photos from Afghanistan are very similar to those the redneck hunters take to show off their deer kill.

No surprises here. Soldiers brainwashed to see their 'kills' as sub-human or animals will continue the war crimes as long as we send them to criminal wars.

Apologists are already saying that the release of 3 photos out of close to 4,000 photos and videos that Spiegel 'obtained' will harm the war cause. All we can say is "we hope so."

Spiegel is a partner with Wikileaks so no telling what kind of psyops game is going on. Who benefits from these photo leaks? Spiegel is certainly not doing this as an anti-war statement.

Speaking of anti-war, I was going through the radio channels today seeing what was being said about Libya and ran into one of our local neocon war whore talking heads who used the words "anti-war kooks" a least 10 times in about a 20 minute segment. That would many of us he's talking about. Those who don't go along with the program of kill them over there before they kill us here.

I'm sort of proud to be a kook.


  1. 'anti war kook'?
    soon they'll be wondering where all their listeners and advertisers went

    good 911 article here:

  2. Hi Kenny,
    looks like we are in Synch again.

    the hunting aspect got me too, since i been there, many years back though.
    They love their "trophies" don't they?
    Many regards A13

  3. What kind of reparations do you think America will have to eventually pay?

    It seems like we're being set up for a serious knockdown.


  4. anti-war kooks" if you even ASK questions about going to war you're a kook. War is the norm...war is the default. Peace is passe.


  5. I just talked to a friend back in America and should told me the whole NPR crowd is loving the new war. I predicted that if Obama were elected war would be fine again with the 'educated.'

  6. Just imagine all the photos they didnt release and how bad they are.

  7. An, embarressed Canadian anti-war kook said:

    Today is a day that makes me feel so proud of the white man’s culture. You know, that “western” or European way of war. That something we think is special in us that somehow situated us on the cutting edge of “civilization” and “technology”.

    Today we clothe our “white man’s burden” with corporate imperialism and the soothing benevolence of words like “modern” and “market-driven”, and “inevitable”.

    This creates the paradigm from whence we can sell armaments to and invest in cell-phone and cable TV systems for desperate, starving, captive 3rd world markets instead of focusing on irrigation, agricluture and local self-suffiency.

    And if they won’t buy into our cherished dream of progress we can always demonize them suddenly, (there is always some disgusting loacl trait we can exaggerate) …“pound” them with Tomahawk missiles , so as to “protect civilians”.

    Our alliance of the willing is a holographic projection of the desires of globalist billionaires, who are no longer concerned about the interests of nation states, or of the planet or of mankind.

    We hide our imperialism in an array of acronyms that brand our aggressive cultural superiority …NATO, the UN…the EU… the IMF ….USMC… WHO…SAS…MI6…IDF…CIA…NSA…SS.

    We throw words like “democracy” and “freedom” around though we have never known what they mean.

    Our collective military stategy has become very like that of the torturors of the catholic inquistion, who burned people to get the devil out of them. They too justified themselves using similar words like”mercy”, “salvation” and ethnic cleansing.

    Today, we in the “alliance” are like that nuclear generator in Fukushima. We were both made in the industrial heatland of America, by GE (General Electric). We’ve both been sold to globalist capitalists, by globalist capitalists We both used to appear like a splendid edifice, all safe and sanitary from the outside. We both seemed to provide a new technology full of potential and green sounding theoretical promise for the future. But we both have at our core a hideous smoldering radioactive evil that powers the whole system and threatens the planet.

    I suggest we re-evaluate.

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  9. I'am very surprised the dead body was not duct taped to the hood of a
    It looks like "we" have become the
    zionist IDF(as they perform in the
    west bank & Gaza.

  10. Kenny, looks like american everyman has been shut down.....
    Scott thinks political sites are being targeted.... jan

  11. 1000s of Wordpress sites are down. Mine looks to be gone, just a blank theme in it's place. People were complaining their sites were dropping out earlier. Meanwhile, tons of fluffy Wordpress sites are unaffected. I wonder if they are having "selective" problems or scrubbing up their servers...

  12. Willy, wordpress says the engineers are working on it. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon but you never know, wordpress has a history of censoring a few blogs.

    Thanks for all of the other great comments folks. We 'kooks' are in good company.

    BTW, blogger is sending some comments to the spam bucket again. Mark, yours was in there. I always restore them as I notice it but sometimes I'm slow at realizing it has happened.

  13. they say they are working on the "read only" aspect of the network. All other Wordpress blogs are in read only mode... mine is gone. Theres a difference. They have shut down the forums page where we were talking about it, removed email contact info, and will not allow new topics in the forums... fluff sites seem to up and running just fine. mine is gone. I hope you are right but this is really worrying me. 4 years.

  14. @ Mark Finnegan, Haarper is a zio puppet. Canada ( I live there too) is a ZOG. In school they made me sing 'God SAVE the Queen'. Now I PRAY: "God DAMN the Queen" London (Rothschild and the Bank of England|)is the root of all evil in the WORLD. I actually think they are going to crash USA, spare Canada, and rebuild USA from Canada (just a theory)

    Here's a wordpress I like:

  15. looks like Wordpress has sacrificed some "front end" servers to try to get admin servers up and running. that would explain why my site is empty of 4 years of content.

    " “Operations have not been successful bringing the last data center online, and stabilitizing the load in the other two data centers. Not affecting web site visitors continues to shape each action we take. Operations is carefully shifting some front end servers to act as admin servers. We’ll know if this has the desired effect in the next 20 minutes.”"

  16. looks like they got the backup servers back online and recommitted the server with my site on it back to a "front end" server, meaning, yea, I am back.

  17. When I first saw those pictures, I asked myself "who is the israeli [soldier)?

  18. I've got a family member who served in Baghdad three tours. He had a pack of photos he showed me.

    These are tame compared to what he showed me. When the war was really going hard in the mid 2000's it common to shoot down civilians, I was told by him.

    In the first few months of the war he told me they would corden off areas and would sit all day in armored vehicles and hummers. Numerous Iraqis would cross these cordened off areas in cars and be riddled with 50 cal rounds.

    He said at times numerous cars filled with dead and dieing would be scattered across roadways.

    When leaving the FOB in convoys, anyone around was shot or shot at.
    The reason being was to stop an ambush on their departure and on their return.

    This stuff is common, its just now being released, why ?

    These wars for Israel need to STOP.

  19. Here is a great article on the new war.

  20. London, Saturday, WOOHOO!
    BLESSINGS Englanders
    Love you, from
    Kanaduh where more than three is 'organized crime'
    Best of luck

  21. incogman is an obvious hasbarat clown.

  22. I imagine that people at 'home' will see their fellow countrymen torturing and smiling and thank their lucky stars that they're over there not at home.

    nevertheless , it's alleged that the snuff-movie pedophile crew do this 'at home' though behind closed doors.

    Alternatively perhaps its just moving the population to accept torture, killing as they have slowly pushed the pornographic objectification of children.

    Doubtless this pic and others will inspire a Gaga video

    Lady Gaga , famous for saving Gay people by getting Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed so oppressed gay people can kill innocent children or perhaps take a few home


  23. Oh no, Gaga and gays are the downfall of society! You fucking clown, if you are indicative of the opposition to the warmonger zionist elite we are indeed screwed as a people. Gays are not the issue, some popstar is not the issue but the scum warmongers thank you for focusing on such diversionary bullshit, no doubt about that.

  24. Any word on Goon Squad?

  25. Glad I Don't Live In Northern TalmudistanMarch 23, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    "Today we clothe our 'white man's burden' with [blah blah blah]."

    It's called Tikkun Olam, dipshit.

    Oops, I see you're a Canucktard which means your ass would be thrown in jail if you actually told the truth.

    Better to crawl on your belly, I guess.

    It's one of the few things you folks are good at.

  26. Anyone who chooses to blog at Wordpress is an idiot and deserves whatever happens to them.

    The kosher thought police run wild over there with no checks or balances to stop them.

    If you offend the Chosen Ones, your blog will be deleted very quickly.

    It doesn't matter whether you intended to offend them so don't think you're safe just because you mince your words.

  27. And today’s troll forecast is moderate to heavy with a mild overcast of hasbara name calling.

  28. I'm proud to be a kook as well, Kenny.

  29. the problem with Kooks is that they are too kooky to get together behind anything. they keep squabbling about their one kooky issue and accusing everyone else who doesn't tow the kook line. and yes, obvious hasbara site is obvious.

  30. I wouldn't disagree with you willyoman.

  31. And today's tool forecast is moderate to heavy with a mild overcast of controlled opposition bleating.

  32. Interesting avatar, Chuckyman.

    Is that what you really look like?

  33. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Cheers for the compliment Anon@4:49

    Anon @5:15 - I must admit to having less hair. The ears aren’t so big but close enough (grin)

  34. anon @March 25, 2011 5:15 PM

    You must be at the right age where all the rabbis find you ... attractive?

    I am voting Chuckyman for president!!

  35. LOL musique. Sorry, I have no intentions of running for pubic orifice (grin).

    V word= rentio ??