Friday, March 4, 2011

The Missing Factor in the American Protests ~ Global Zionism

art by David Dees

via Artists for 9/11 Truth and
WTC Demolition

Somewhat lost in the standoff between Wisconsin governor Walker/Koch brothers and union supporters are the kids. As if we didn't already have a problem with the 'deliberate dumbing down of America,' students are the pawns in what is quickly becoming a contrived national issue that is a diversion away from more pressing and ultimately more important concerns.

Also MIA is what Richard Edmondson calls the  “the global Zionist factor” in the controversy that is affecting all sides.
Last Saturday saw a flurry of “Save the American Dream” protests around the country in support of workers in Wisconsin who have maintained a vigil at the state capital in protest against an anti-union bill being pushed by the state’s governor. The spin-off solidarity protests, some of which drew several thousands of people, were held in all 50 states, in locales like Columbus, Ohio, Tallahassee, Florida, Lansing, Michigan, New York and Los Angeles. However, there appears to have been little if any talk or discussion—either at these smaller protests or the main event in Madison, Wisconsin, which drew an estimated 70,000-120,000 people—about the Zionist lobby or its adverse impact on daily life in the United States.

There are any number of reasons why average Americans, and especially members of public employee unions, might want to be concerned about this. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for instance, and the trillions spent there, along with the billions given each year to Israel, inevitably mean less money for domestic needs such as public education. But even beyond monetary considerations is the corrupting and degenerative effect the Israel lobby has on American political life. With a long history, going back several decades, of pouring money into elections to defeat officials who advocated America adopt a more balanced position in its foreign policy, the Lobby has in effect coarsened and debased public affairs and government in America.

Of course the protesters in Wisconsin are in a difficult position. Many people involved in the protests are Jewish. Start drawing connections to Israel and you risk having the entire coalition fall apart. This is not to say such connections aren’t being made in the wider American labor movement as a whole. They are. A January 10, 2010 story on the website includes a quote from Kentucky school teacher Sharon Wallace, who had just then returned from Egypt where she had participated in one of two convoys attempting to break the Gaza blockade. “Palestinians,” she says, “are being exploited by the same entities that are exploiting U.S. workers.” The story goes on to add of Wallace:
She and a small but growing band of U.S. unionists—some of whom are Jewish—are fighting to educate fellow members and mobilize their unions behind a global call to pressure Israel with a boycott, divestment, and sanctions.  
They face substantial barriers to winning union support: Activists say leaders of U.S. unions still seem enamored with the myth that Israel is a pro-labor government. In an October speech at the Jewish Labor Committee, AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka opposed international efforts to boycott Israel, suggesting that opposition to Israeli policy was anti-Semitism in disguise.
As would seem to be indicated by the example of Trumka—who has more recently made fiery speeches in Wisconsin—getting labor leaders to recognize the threat of global Zionism is going to be a sticky business. This is complicated even more by the fact that the U.S. labor movement and the Zionist state are intricately intertwined by means of investments that unions have made in state of Israel bonds. According to, a total of 279 labor bodies in the U.S., including locals, labor councils, and the AFL-CIO itself, have purchased altogether some $5 billion worth of the Israeli bonds as part of their pension portfolios. {more}


  1. Nice rip off of a Dees painting. I'll stick wit the original. Somebody needs to get their own ideas for a painting.


  3. My mistake. It is David Dees artwork. Thanks for the correction.

  4. Kenny that is a very timely and informative piece, very descriptive as to where things stand. Hats off also to as that is some serious research.

  5. Ziocracy Is Not DemocracyMarch 4, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    All Workers will continue to suffer as long as we are forced to operate under Ziocratic rule.

  6. Geeze!

    Hey Kenny, how does it feel when your readers go out of their way to be so antagonistic toward you?

    Personally, I'd find it gratifying, in a perverse way, to know someone is paying attention.

    No hostility here. Keep up the good work.

  7. HO!

    Almost missed this one and read it with great distress!

    We got labor orgs all over the US scooping up "$5 billion worth of the Israeli bonds as part of their pension portfolios..."

    Ye gods.

    That is one big, BIG hostage they got from us. We got? Umm...