Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Repetition Rides Again

The repetitive babbling being transmitted daily from the tower only confirms that those that think they are in charge are getting desperate in pounding their agenda down our throats. They know that their latest round of deceptions is not going over that well.

Obama 'logic' on the continuing use of nuclear power plants on fault lines, on the oceans and rivers ...
It’s important to recognize that nuclear energy doesn’t emit carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”
Much better to have plutonium spread around, don't you think?

Don't worry. It's all just a matter of numbers. The EPA is preparing to dramatically increase permissible radioactive releases in drinking water, food and soil after “radiological incidents.”  So unless you're going swimming in the reactor pool, the new limits should keep you safe.

No kidding, who would have thunk it?
President Obama has a signed a secret presidential finding authorizing covert operations to aid the effort in Libya where rebels are in full retreat despite air support from U.S. and allied forces, a source tells ABC News.
'setting up a legal framework for more robust activities in the future'
Legal framework .. like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Gaza?  "Robust activities" ... don't you just love these new terms for murder and mayhem?

Wolfie Blitzer loves this.

Going too far for even the most gullible to believe  ...
Al Qaeda Planted 160 Nuke Bombs Across USA. Al-Qaeda Nuclear Scientists working in Dimona?  

9/11 Omission co-chairs are still babbling on to increase the centralized police state powers. Their backtracking and saying they were deceived by the Pentagon and others does not fly. They are still criminal co-conspirators.
Lee Hamilton:  "The terrorist false flag threat will be with us far into the future, demanding that we be ever vigilant."

Tom Kean: "Alarming development" of "self-radicalization" of U.S. citizens and residents patsies and scapegoats.
"Al-Qaeda CIA/Mossad and its allies continue to have the intent and the reach to kill dozens or even hundreds of Americans in a single attack," "There is a high risk of attacks, but they will likely be smaller."
Given these co-liars track record, could that really mean another likely 'big one?'

Bomb Belarus Now! They are trading with Iran.
As usual, Joe Lieberman leads the tough talk for Israel against Iran sanction breakers and includes China and Russia as those who are not helping the cause of his real homeland.
McCain and Lieberman babble on about Syria. What's good for Israel again ...

Massive teacher layoffs while we rush headlong into more war.  Johnny can't read but hey, the military can educate him in the fine art of shooting Muslims and becoming cannon fodder.

Ben Bernanke keeps repeating that surging prices for food and fuel won’t wind up breaking the cost of living for Americans. Of course not. For every dollar more you pay for bread and gas, the cost of a big screen TV goes down by about the same amount. You see, it all balances out. 

Chaim Witz  (Israeli-born Gene Simmons) gets more unwarranted jewish media face time and says of those bands and musicians who boycott Israel ...
“They’re fools.” 
Like those who have bought Kiss records, concert tickets, lunch boxes, etc., eh Gene. Has there every been a band that sucked any more than Kiss?

Closer to home the repetition is focusing on one certain aspect.
Have homeland security and FEMA been reading too much Edgar Cayce on the New Madrid Fault or do they know something?

FEMA New Madrid National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 11), May 16-19

Predictive programing,  fear mongering, justifying the large FEMA budgets?   Underwater body bags need to be procured?

Soon to be new naval and commercial shipping port  in Kansas City? Maybe that NAFTA superhighway is going to come in handy west of the new waterway?

Diane Sawyer got in on the New Madrid talk tonight calling the area the most dangerous place in our country.

Watch as they continue repeating the New Madrid danger.    ... just in case they have the chance to say "I told you so."


  1. I guess that is what you call synchronicity. I just threw up a post explaining it this way.

    "Americans are told is the EPA is going to up the standards on safe doses of radiation. This is not an exact science see. When people begin keeling over then we will know they have had too much. "

    We are told that iodine 131 has reached sea water and is being reported 10 miles south of the plant to the tune of 1850 times the normal amount for safety but not to worry as it only has a half life of 8 days. no word on plutonium and how much of this has leaked into the ocean as it has a life of some 24,000 years and one particle ingested into the body begins to destroy it with cancer at some point. It is not there in levels that threaten human life according to TEPCO. So the proclamations that plutonium leakage is nothing to worry about are a fairy tale.

    WV... fughqu.... I tell you google is getting nasty!

  2. Great summary Kenny.


  3. Hey Mick,

    Did it really say 'fughqu'?

    Fughqmi! Those rude fughqn ghqunz!

    And hey Kenny, a worthy read as ever.

  4. “It’s important to recognize that nuclear energy doesn’t emit carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

    What sort of clueless buffoon is this person? Oh, wow, I'm soooooo glad that nuclear energy doesn't spew out one of the most important building blocks for life on this planet.

    He'd better watch out, though, because every time someone exhales, INCLUDING HIM, that's what they're doing.

    Fuck -- we're doomed! Crank up the reactors!

  5. That is what it said Nobody. Another comment at APs concerning the reactor gave me "scart" also. I dumped my google blogs for wordpress. I believe they are taking it personally.

    All I can say it Scroogle, the search engine for good!

    WV... harasha=harass?

  6. No marines for me here. Corexit/radiation super storm headed for me. Nobody said the apocalypse would be easy.


    400 lightning strikes in 20 minutes, widespread flooding, power outages near Brooksville and points east. This is from the first hours of this storm, although it was turbulent overnight.

    Majority of storm still out in Gulf, aimed at coast just north of Clearwater. Storm moving 45 mph. They keep extending the tornado watches. Wind 100 mph in places.

    Lots of reported tornado sightings. Everything canceled, people running for cover. Weather guy on channel 8 is explaining it as just another cold front. Lots of high rises on the beach near St. Pete are in big trouble in about 15 minutes.

    Dutchsinse called this two days ago on YouTube.

    Report from St. Pete: "My dogs have been freaking out since Sunday night."

    National Weather Service: "Main threat straight line winds." Hmm, that would put the multiple tornadoes second. Lightning and hail #3.

    WV preca You don't want on google's bad side.

  7. "Has there every been a band that sucked any more than Kiss?"

    No. Never.


  8. Maybe Obama's been watching too much Talmud Vision

    CNBC’s Larry Kudlow on the earthquake in Japan: “The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that.”

  9. I have never purchased a KISS song. Chaim can KISS my ass. So an most everyone you featured in this post.

    BTW: The Demon is a Dumbass

  10. Check this out.

  11. Thanks for responding everyone.

    Glad to see I'm not alone in my opinion of Chaim'z kiss.

  12. Kiss should move to Israel, open a theme Resort, play their shows for the Jews. Play kiss music on Israel radio 24/7, sell their Kiss Paraphernalia to the Jews. International Jews can make pilgrimages to Israel to see the Shows. They could have make up contests, Kiss lookalike contests. Kiss TV channel. Sounds great to me.

  13. kiss a "kite" goodbye .....
    piss on kiss.

  14. "Has there every been a band that sucked any more than Kiss?"

    That's a good question. You know, I remember the band, and of course all the pictures of them with the makeup on their faces, but so unmemorable was their music that I can't now actually think of a single song they ever did. It's like the whole purpose of the band was the shock value, rather than producing anything artistic--which is actually in keeping with the "cultural Chernobyl" effect that Zionists have in countries where they gain power over elected governments and media. (See John Pilger's article "Murdoch a Cultural Chernobyl" from several years ago:

  15. Goldstone-a set up from the start? Or a coward swayed by threats? Either way fuck him. Sorry, just had to get that out somewhere.