Saturday, April 30, 2011

‘Fantastical’ 9/11

The ABA Journal gives us the lowdown on the latest news from April Gallop's 9/11 lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al. in  ‘Fantastical’ 9/11 Lawsuit Could Lead to Sanctions for Lawyer, 2nd Circuit Says.

The three person appellate court panel, which includes George Bush cousin John M. Walker,  continues the criminal cover up in their decision of April 27 not only affirming the dismissal of  the suit {pdf} as  frivolous but also "Gallop and her counsel are hereby ordered to show cause in writing within thirty days from the date of entry of this order why they should not pay double costs and damages in the amount of $15,000, for which they would be jointly and severally liable."

In the written ruling the judges made sure to include various terms such as  “cynical delusion and fantasy,”   "fantastical,"  “factually frivolous,”  “fanciful,” “delusional,”   as well as reinforcing the official myth of  “agents of the al Qaeda terrorist organization hijacked commercial airplanes and attacked the World  Trade Center in New York City and the national headquarters of the Department of Defense in Arlington, Virginia.”

The monetary sanction that the 'court' is trying to impose against Gallop and her lawyer is an attempt to set a precedent and scare away any future lawsuits and the lawyers that may bring them.  This is only a few steps away from actually sending someone to prison for questioning the 'official' tale. It reminds me of Ernst Zundel's lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, who was just released from a German prison for the crime of  'defending her client.'  Think this sort of thing couldn't happen here?  "The big lie" must be protected at all costs. 

What is really fantastical about 9/11 is that almost 10 years later we still hear the same old lies from the government and media and there has been no justice. The real perps are still free and counting their money. 
h/t Facts Not Fairies

Indict George W. Bush

Shareholder Proposal: Insurer to Investigate 9/11

9/11 Pentagon Damage - Good Quality Raw Stock Footage 

9/11 Pentagon Explosions and Missing Plane Wreckage

9/11 WTC 7 Crime Scene Removal And 'Happenstance' Bernie Kerrick NYPD 'Volunteer' 

9/11 WTC 7 Pile - 23 Hours Later Debris From Collapse 'Blew Up' Causing Distant Roof Fire

9/11 WTC Steel And Concrete Pile Still On Fire 8 Weeks Later 

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I occasionally get my hopes up with  Medea Benjamin and her Code Pink friends. Wishing and hoping that they are not just another controlled opposition group designed to make us think we actually have a chance. Once again, they disappoint.

Their 'Move Over AIPAC' anti-Israel  "series of protests against Israeli policy and its support by AIPAC  planned in May to coincide with the AIPAC conference in the U.S. capital and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech there" with Helen Thomas as the keynote speaker seemed like a good idea. Sure to stir up some much needed discussions and give Helen a forum to once again speak her mind.

Not to be. Too many jewish 'activists' in Code Pink and the pressure to appease a few members of the tribe overrides putting on a real show of force against the illegal foreign lobby. Helen is real and that doesn't sit well with those afraid of losing some meal money.

She was too nice about bowing out of the event.
"I am delighted that people are coming together for this gathering and I want to make sure that the focus stays on AIPAC and U.S. policy, not me." 
 I can understand why she said this but I'm also disappointed that she didn't put up more of a fight. James Abouezk explains that it most likely wasn't her decision.
Helen was first invited to the anti-AIPAC meeting, then was ceremoniously “disinvited” on grounds, she was told, that she would be a “distraction.” First of all, it is difficult to imagine how someone with similar views, such as Helen Thomas’s, would distract anyone from the presumed message of the anti-AIPAC group which would, we imagine, recite the political evils of AIPAC. Without a more clear explanation, which was not provided to Helen when she was disinvited, we can only assume that the political cleansing operation started by Abe Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League, is ongoing, even using the platform erected by the stated enemies of AIPAC.
The clear intent of Israel’s apologists is to make the Helen Thomases of the world disappear, along with their views opposing what Israel is doing to those under its occupation.
The presence of Helen Thomas as the keynote speaker may have forced the hand of the mainstream media to cover at least her part in 'Move Over AIPAC' and as it's often said "there's no bad publicity," especially since the anti-semitic canard is so tired and worn out. Now it will probably be a total ignore, a blackout. 

Yep, Helen is a threat to AIPAC. Code Pink is not. They pulled a 'Goldstone,' and you know what ... I'm not surprised.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Tuscaloosa tornado

"One of the greatest if not the greatest tornado outbreaks in American history" says the Weather Channel. They may be correct. The south has been hit so hard that we'll be days finding out the extent of the devastation. The talk on what this all really is about will go on for much longer.

The world seems to have become a "disasters r' us" super store. Equal opportunity for all.  Few of us are safe, we all know it and there's not much we can do. Find some peace within ourselves, love on our family and friends and keep our eye on the sky and the horizon may be about it.

The CO2 global warming crowd are already nodding their heads in confirmation of their beliefs with today's climate events. I'm not buying it. Neither am I going with the current crop of Christian Armageddon cultists who see God's wrath or fulfillment of their convoluted prophecies in every negative life changing event.

From our limited perspectives in our short lifetimes we can't deny that there is climate change going on. In the big picture of the known and little known history of the earth we also may be aware that there's nothing new under the sun. All of what we are experiencing has most likely happened before in the cycles of change. It may be as simple as the earth is shaking, shifting, moving, expanding and being influenced by the sun and cosmic forces as it always has been. If that's the case then it's possible we ain't seen nothing yet.

Of course there's the chance that all is not the result of nature. It's not implausible that there are man made weather modifications that can enhance the effects of weather patterns. HAARP is the wild card along with other dark side inventions that we can only speculate about.  If the technology exists, psychopaths will use it if they think it gives them an advantage and that they can get by with it. If a very small group of people can kill a few thousand on 9/11 to further an agenda, what else would they do, if they can,  to speed up their endgame desires? I don't know but I do know this will be a subject of much discussion in the coming days.

Disasters also become opportunities for distraction from all the crimes against humanity going on. While we pick up the pieces there's a thief picking our pockets and we don't even notice, we're too busy trying to survive. The police state mechanisms will no doubt make some attempts to capitalize on the chaos.

Bottom line for this emotionally draining day is that I and my family and community are some of the lucky ones and that no matter what the reasons for what has happened ... I'm in awe and I'm humbled.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Favorite Nuclear Plant

We've been doing a little work near Al Gore's hometown of Carthage, Tennessee and very close to TVA's monument to folly, the Hartsville Nuclear Plant. That would be the one which after an untold amount of money, maybe a couple of billion, was spent in 7 years of construction on another one of those infamous GE boiling water reactors only to be shut down when TVA decided they didn't need the capacity.

It's a beautiful area with rolling hills, the Cumberland river and great farmland which was only until a few years a major tobacco growing area. Now the unused cooling tower stands as a surreal idol to corporate and government insanity, visible for miles especially when standing in an elevated location.

All I can say is ... whew, that was close.  Many of us were none too pleased with the thought of a nuke plant in our area. About 50 miles upriver from Nashville's drinking water, had it gone on line who knows what the outcome would have been. At the least, spent fuel rods would have been accumulating waiting for someone to figure out what to do with them and TVA's  power of eminent domain would have had giant transmission lines spreading out in all directions through the farmland.  The worst case scenario would be difficult to envision but we all know now what it could be.

Speculation of using the site as an industrial park and even as a private for profit prison never materialized so TVA is still spending a ton of money maintaining the complex which of course becomes part of our monthly electric bill.

Interesting stories about the site have become part of the local lore. Some have come up with it as a HAARP outpost. More about that here and here. I actually talked Sunday to an old friend who works for the same Hartsville radio station referred to in these articles and all he could say was the stories appear to have come from one source, his former boss at the station. It also seems that the alleged eyewitness accounts/recordings of strange goings on there have disappeared from the web so there's no confirmation. Still, you never know. The government possibly could be reluctant to let this expensive site go to waste.

As we were traveling alongside the Cumberland river yesterday, the conversation turned to how strong the currents are and that a swim across the river could well end up a death by drowning. It reminded me of what TVA has been reluctant to pursue ... run-of-river electric generation.  Small scale with some environmental impact but nothing compared to coal fired, large dams and nuclear power. With hundreds of miles of river currents not being utilized, why is this not being considered as an alternative?

Anyway, despite the eyesore that the giant cooling tower is upon the countryside, the Hartsville nuclear plant is still my favorite. It's the one that never came on-line.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday, Earth Day, Predators and Hellfire, A Drive Thru Church and Lady Gaga Raises the Dead

'A billion acts of green ®'  to save the planet, millions in church for Good Friday and Easter to save their souls and a few drone launched hellfire missiles to kill some arabs.

Love the earth, be a good Christian and cheer on the killing.  Seems like a disconnect to me but who am I to judge.

Religion and environmentalism are very similar. Both require beliefs, some of which are useful to society and some of which are nothing but deceptions for profit and control. War requires beliefs too. Blind believing in leaders and the inability to see through propaganda. Beliefs that the enemy is always out there somewhere and let's get them before they get us. Beliefs that our government would never kill their own and blame it on others. You might think that religionists and environmentalists would find common ground and join together to battle wars of lies that pollute both the spirit and mother earth but I guess that's just too much to ask.

Here's a couple of Good Friday stories from different perspectives that sort of merge onto the same path ...
 Jews Expressing Their Love of Jesus and Resolving the Plot. When self described Christians and atheists come to some of the same conclusions, well, maybe there is hope.

And for those who need a little old time religion but are just too busy to go traditional routes, there's a former bank in Nashville that now has for a limited time only ... drive through services. Casting out the money changers takes on a whole new meaning.

Proof came to Nashville that Lady Gaga is not a demon spawn using occult symbolism to corrupt the youth. A 33 year old fan at her recent show here died and was brought back to life.

No, she didn't die during the song Judas and it was actually medics with a defibrillator that brought her back but surely Gaga wearing crosses as nipple covers had something to do with this miracle.  

As they always say, "The Lord works in mysterious ways." 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Merchants of the Myth

Iranian TV 2006.

An Iranian viewpoint of the 'holocaust.' Saved from the soon to be deleted google video. 
For educational and historical purposes only.

 memritv translation. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We're All Castaways Now

A friend keeps making the joke that "It's going to be a great gardening year. Just like the Gilligan's Island episode Pass the Vegatables Please."

Here's the plot ...

Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds. The plants grow quickly and grossly misshapen, but the Castaways are so hungry for new items in their diet that they consume them quickly. The plants, when eaten, give the castaways super-human powers. Of course, after he realizes that the vegetables are radioactive, the Professor saves the day by having the castaways eat the soap they had been making to absorb the radioactivity.

 'Art' predicts life so we'll go with the Professor's advice and try and eat our way out of this current radioactive mess we're in.

aangirfan has a post Foods to Protect Against Radiation and it reminded me of what we think we need to eat  that may be to our advantage in fighting off the invisible devils that plague us.

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation is another overview and there are many other folks who have sound advice.

People are talking about all kinds of exotic remedies that may be of great value. Herbs and supplements I'm sure are useful but there's a problem for those of us of limited means.  We won't be able to get any of these 'medicines' and pay the light bill at the same time. That leaves us pretty much with a diet only resistance and on the budget we can swing.

Growing our own, organic, raw, local, non-processed, non-GMO are some of the keywords. You know what to do. I don't have to repeat it. Suggestions for a poor man's fight against poisons are always appreciated.

But when the seeds become radioactive ... we'll know we're in trouble. Gilligan warned us.

This unknown artist's rendition seems symbolic of our times.

"We're being swamped."

music h/t Aletho News

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19 - Blood and Fire Sacrifice

The message they want to convey to you is state power will always win. We'll paint you as a child molester and we'll paint you a a methamphetamine manufacturer. We'll say any lie we want over our propaganda machine the main stream media and we'll burn you and your children in your fucking homes. So you just be apathetic America, you stay docile and don't you ever forget ... you're free to do what we tell you.     Bill Hicks

The Waco Massacre of April 19, 1993 and the false flag bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 were the trial runs for the really big show of 9/11. Destruction of evidence, media complicity, lies and more lies. The government got by with both Waco and OK City and became emboldened and arrogant.

This arrogance and war against the American people and the world continues to this very day.  We're not doing much about it.

April 19 is another one of those days of infamy that should always be remembered. 

Waco Holocaust Museum

Remembering That The Oklahoma City Bombing Was A False Flag 

Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage 

General Ben Partin was one of the first to bring attention to the facts that did not line up with the official OK City bombing story.  It is unusual that there is no Wikipedia entry for General Partin ... or is it?

Since Google Video will soon delete all of its uploads, this talk from Partin is now up on youtube in its entirety.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Drug War Clock 2011

Statistics from DrugSense

Every for profit endeavor in order to succeed must have one thing ... customers. 

For the police/judicial/prison systems the 'War on Drugs' creates its own customers by implementing laws that say what an individual cannot ingest or possess. The question remains whether the drug use or the legislative/criminal 'justice' system does the most harm to society. Many of us came to conclusion long ago that it's not the drugs that are the major problem but the war against them.

Lately I've been following what is going on in my local county. Arrests for drugs and violation of probation for previous drug charges far outnumber all others combined. Sometimes it's marijuana but most often it is the latest 'craze' ... meth. Don't get me wrong, I'm no proponent of meth use but there's one thing to understand. Meth is a do it yourself drug, similar in that respect to weed. Country folks have always had that DIY mentality and combined with lack of education, money and jobs, some choose to go into business for themselves. Plus they like the high.

Every single person in my county jail is white so here it is not a minority issue. Bail for those caught with the "shake and bake" meth making technique has been set at up to $400,000 just in the last month. Besides maybe 1st degree murder, any other crime will get you out on a much less bond. The police are always itching to nab a meth maker. It justifies their existence. Without the 'drug war' much fewer police would be needed, a county strapped for cash could use the money elsewhere and those police left on the job could concentrate on the more egregious crimes against persons and property. This applies not only locally but to the state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The government hates DIY. The sanctioned illegal drug market includes everything from the CIA and military and federal officials to the big banks that launder the money. One needs to look no further than Afghanistan to see that our own government in combination with international bankers are the major players in the world wide drug trade. They have plenty of help but you know the story.

Many will say that legalization of all drugs is the answer. After all, the medical/pharmaceutical legal drug trade kills many more people than the illegal ones do. A fraction of the billions of dollars saved each year by legalization could be going into honest prevention and treatment. Yes, there will be still be casualties in legalization. A percentage of users, however small, will not be able to handle drugs and fall into the abyss of addiction and death. That's the way it's always been. Most of us have seen it. Legalization will not change that.

The idea that government should get into the drug business with taxation and control of the market won't work at all if too high a taxation is imposed. That would just leave open a black market to undersell the government and the criminal elements would continue. The end of the prohibition of marijuana with allowing people to grow whatever they please is a no-brainer. Along with that the re-introduction of industrial hemp would create new farming opportunities and a multitude of renewable 'green' products. That scares many big corporations who don't want the competition. Legalization of all other drugs is a more complex issue and I don't have all the answers on that.

Some will say that legalization will lead to a drugged society that is much easier to control. It's a valid argument. One of the recipes in the cookbook of the Protocols is to ply the masses with alcohol and in the updated version it is drugs. Aldous Huxley warned us of this in "Brave New World." The  'soma' would be  designer drugs to allow us to enjoy our slavery and debt. For all we know they are already on the shelf ready to go when the time is right. A tweaked version of Ecstasy (MDMA) maybe?

We have numerous pressing issues facing our declining country. Illegal wars of empire and a contrived collapse of the economy for the profit of a few stand at the top of the list but at this point in time it also seems to me that a great number of lives are being wasted because of the 'war on drugs.' Non-violent offenders whose prospects for a 'normal' life are cut short because the war needs customers ... and they are it.

The Land of the Free punishes or imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation. This collection of testimonials from criminal offenders, family members, and experts on America's criminal justice system puts a human face on the millions of Americans subjugated by the US Government's 40 year, one trillion dollar social catastrophe: The War on Drugs; a failed policy underscored by fear, politics, racial prejudice and intolerance in a public atmosphere of out of sight, out of mind.

The United States has only 5% of the world's population, yet a full 25% of the world's prisoners. At 2.5 million, the US has more prisoners than even China does with five times the population of the United States. 8 million Americans (1 in every 31) languish under some form of state monitoring known as correctional supervision. On top of that, the security and livelihood of over 13 million more has been forever altered by a felony conviction.

The American use of punishment is so pervasive, and so disproportionate, that even the conservative magazine The Economist declared in 2010, never in the civilized world have so many been locked up for so little.

The Exile Nation Project has an interesting full length documentary on the 'war on drugs.' Part 1 is below and the rest can be found at NoMoreCensorship.

Just a Little Music Saturday

Featuring Buddy Miller and Friends

Friday, April 15, 2011

Balkanization of the Spirit

art: Paper Fire Rock Democracy by Stevan Jacks

We are all familiar with the concept of balkanization as it applies to dividing states into small, quarrelsome, ineffectual factions for the purpose of control. We see it happening right before our eyes in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Once we take off the blinders we also see the speeding up of the dividing of our own nation into the haves and have nots, the sanctioned criminal elements vs. those who would prefer honesty and equality and the false premise of political parties to save us.

I heard from someone again the other day ... "there's nothing we can do." That's the balkanization of the spirit. The feeling of helplessness that pervades those whose struggles are only beginning. The lack of unity and most especially courage. The problem is how to put into as few a words as possible to counter that type of thinking when the conversation is in passing. I'll be the first to admit "I don't know" how to quickly address these feelings of weakness and that's a poor excuse. 

The last couple of days brought what I've been waiting for almost a year. A fresh salad from the garden, spinach, 5 kinds of lettuce, chives and spring onions. A simple pleasure that I won't take for granted. Chemical free, non-GMO, radiation free ... well maybe radiation free, at least for now. I was thinking about those near and even not so near Fukushima whose crops are contaminated like the spinach that can't be sold on the open market without deception. What's a hungry person to do? You eat it and hope for the best as I would think many are doing already. Perhaps this is coming to our own backyards.  As of this writing, I see that Japan's nuclear event has dropped off the front page of Google News and the TV networks are quiet about it. The controllers are hoping that we will forget that what we can't see can hurt us.

I noticed that World Bank president  Robert Zoellick, the neocon, zionist, Goldman Sachs, treasury department,  PNAC signatory who has jumped from one criminal enterprise to another throughout his career is issuing a warning  that rising food prices, driven partly by rising fuel costs, are pushing millions of people into extreme poverty. It's more predictive programming to prepare us for increased poverty so they can say "we told you so."   1.2 billion people living on less than $1.25 a day and on the verge of starvation is not enough. The goal is 99% of the world's population, minus a great number of dead useless eaters, living hand to mouth. It's more than enough to test our spirit. 

If the shills and enablers of the ruling psychopathic class have their way, many of us will soon be singing the "Fixin' to Die Blues."  Some already have, the rest of us are waiting in line humming the tune and that line is moving right along.

Put simply, besides food control, the two most destructive forms of manipulation have to be war and usury.  One kills quickly, the other a bit more slowly but the end result is still the same. Greed and big profits override the rule of law and although many see it they are frozen in place by the fear of what it may take to end it. Better to go along with the program and the politics of hurt than to stand toe to toe against the enemy within. That could be dangerous and 'sensible' people tend to avoid danger.

But that's enough negativity. Dwelling on what could be or what is to be should not be the main focus. Once we can see the possible outcomes it becomes necessary to prepare ourselves, educate others and develop alternatives and actions to what is being planned.  Of course that's easy to say. The application will be much harder. Suggestions are always most welcome.

Once our spirit is divided and unsure, it leaves us vulnerable and that's when the predators sense the opportunity to strike. Unity in spirit will keep the wolves at bay. They will sense that we are not as weak as they would like us to be.

Nothing that is possible in spirit is impossible in flesh and blood. Nothing that man can think is impossible. Nothing that man can imagine is impossible of realization. 
                                                                                      Wallace Wattles

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Protection of the Institution is More Important Than Learning the Truth

The title is the words of 9/11 commission member Janice Kephart. It may be one of  the most truthful statements ever to come out of the mouth of an accessory to the cover up.

IranContraScumDid911 has a couple of new videos on the Pentagon. Where is Flight 77?

Another week goes by and still there is not a peep from the controlled main stream media on the April Gallop lawsuit where George Bush's cousin is one of the sitting judges.

Interview April Gallops Attorney 911 Pentagon Survivor Sued Cheney, Rumsfeld, Meyers Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3

click image to enlarge

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"The Farm"

Visible made a reference to Stephen Gaskin today which brought back a flood of memories and since I don't think I've posted anything about The Farm and its cultural influences, it seemed like something positive to do.

Almost 40 years ago Gaskin and his band of 'hippies' came to Tennessee to escape the craziness of San Francisco and begin an experiment in community and sustainability that continues to today.

1971 and their bus caravan stopped and camped on Old Hickory Lake in Sumner County not far from my hometown. The area quickly became a tourist attraction and the road became jammed for a few days with the locals wanting to get a glimpse of real life hippies. Of course we went and talked with some of them and left with the idea that this may be something big. It was but maybe not on the scale that we envisioned.

They soon found land near Summertown and the infamous tale began.

Would I have become a vegetarian and organic gardener 38 years ago without the influence of Gaskin and crew's writings and lifestyle? Who knows? Maybe, the ideas were becoming more acceptable but it was evident even then that their presence did help jump start a lot of folks around here to pursue different forms of alternative living. Small natural food stores began opening up all over and I had the opportunity to work in a couple of them. The deliveries of their products by the Farm folks became an opportunity to discuss food and life. Over time even the locals were won over with their hard work and innovation.

Stephen's wife, Ina May, wrote the modern manual on natural child birth, Spiritual Midwifery.  Her teachings still remain invaluable and will be for many years to come. I knew a number of couples who went to the farm to have Ina May and other Farm midwives deliver their babies. Everything always turned out fine.

We would go see the Farm Band with Stephen as the drummer every chance we could. They weren't the best around but they helped to form a philosophy I like ... "What you lack in talent, make up for in intensity."

If you are interested in more Farm history and current events, websites are here and here. Anyone contemplating communal endeavors would do well to study the trials, tribulations, successes, failures and changes of the Farm. 

Permaculture, solar energy, humanitarian efforts and much more are all a part of the Farm's story. You can even get a radiation detector from them if you feel the need.  It's funny but what they've brought to the table is not just for hippies anymore.

I'll close with this still relevant excerpt from Stephen's 1981 book "Rendered Infamous." 

Usury and Sharp Practices

The myth of the free market assumes some parity among the horsetraders. In olden times, there were proscriptions against usury that were in effect from the church, when usury was against the law. Not only usury, but there was a level short of usury which was considered, if not a legal matter, at least an ecclesiastical matter, and people would be warned against the un-Christian nature of "sharp practices." Sharp practices included the kind of farming mentality that confused husbandry with being sure to plant the fruit trees on the side of the property close to the fence, so the shade would fall on your neighbor's property and the fruit would fall on your own.

But the Bible taught that the first two rows along the edge of the road were dedicated to passing travelers who in those days of non-frozen or concentrated foods, could not possibly carry enough food for a very long journey, and probably didn't have any actual money on their persons as they traveled.

These were cultural norms. Some may say that is naive and it was easier then, and there are more people now and times are harder. But two rows alongside the field of a giant complicated farm is virtually insignificant. There are huge quantities of food produced and harvested these days, but two rows could still be done without damage to the industry. It is merely that sharp practices have become "normal", which is to say not right or acceptable, but done by so many people that the curve describing the frequency of that action is near the norm.

High Times Films - Stephen Gaskin

part 2

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deception is the Rule

Not just bottle rockets anymore but a sophisticated missile from Iran or Syria says Israel as it  retaliates and ups the ante for more Gaza carnage.

Lucky for the schoolkids as all of them but one had just been unloaded as the 'missile' hit the bus.

Supposedly 16 other mortar shells fired from inside Gaza at about the same time fell into open areas, as they usually do. No reports on anyone taking credit but the typical suspect comes to mind and it's not Hamas. With more and more in the "civilized world" supporting the Palestinian cause, Israel's victim status must be ever enhanced which of course will lead to the next war.

Isn't everyone sick and tired of this government 'shutdown' puppet show? Every excuse under the sun is being used for the stalemate ... except for one. $1.5 trillion annually on unbridled militarism and imperial wars. That  is off limits for almost all of the congressional traitors.  11 of the 13 freshman GOP senators just declared their allegiance to Israel while vowing to never cut off the free money and although left unsaid they also mean to never stop fighting wars for them. Israel and the 1%'ers have these clowns under their thumb. Bankers love war. It's their big money maker.

It's not just the Obama administration and Congress that are subverting the country. The judicial branch plays its part too.

The  April Gallop lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Myers for attempting to kill her in the false flag at the Pentagon gets Bush's cousin John Walker as one of the judges on the appeals court panel. The motion to dismiss Walker for conflict of his cousin's interest was denied.

9/11 Blogger has the story but it's buried in their blog section. To them it's not worthy of the front page as Gallop's assertion that there was no plane that hit the Pentagon section she was in doesn't fit with their LIHOP narrative. Otherwise there seems to be a main stream media blackout. April is an unsung hero for bringing this case but heroes for truth are treated as pariahs in our media and government deceptive world.

Fukushima remains a big deception and will be for a long long time but the curtain is being pulled back. We here in Tennessee are now seeing radioactive fallout in our air and rainwater. Safe for the babies as they always say.

Fake terror alerts, only two levels -- elevated and imminent,  may soon be issued by the government through Facebook and Twitter. I guess that means the 'terrorists' may get me. I don't have accounts.

The big deception of what we call the presidential election is soon to become a major distraction unless something big hits us in the meantime. The background singers will choose for us a designated winner and loser and we all know that voting for those who are chosen is a rigged game.

So maybe we have some fun with it. Just for shits and giggles I'm leaning towards a Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket. No illusions that they could win in our Diebold world. Heck, they may even be in on the game. Neither goes far enough in truly naming the enemy but at least some of our messages would get out and the debates would be more interesting. Who cares how the media whores would portray it? The circus needs spicing up.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fair Warning

For the last 4 days the extended weather reports have been telling us that today would have severe storms with the probability of tornadoes.

Sure enough. They came. Very good predictions for the weather people. They were right on top of this one with almost insider like information. Betting against the insurance companies would have paid off.

Of course we're the new 'tornado alley' and in this time of year the patterns repeat so it's not much of a stretch to see the big storms coming.

Trees and power lines down throughout the mid-state, straight line winds, downbursts and numerous reports of small tornadoes that caused a ton of trouble. Not the super tornadoes that we've had over the past 18 years or so but what is becoming a fairly typical spring storm day in the 'alley.'

We got the warning, we had plenty of time to plan but with this kind of phenomena it's mostly just improvise with where you are and what you've got to deal with. 

We remembered the drill with a low key type of paranoia. Repetition of the drill over many years makes us almost resigned to the potential threat of fate.  TV and radio reported the warning of rotation right above us so it's get to your perceived safe spot and hope for the best. Grab the dogs, get to the hall in the middle of the house and hunker down. We waited it out and although hit hard, we were spared the brunt of the storm.   The danger came and went. Until the next time, and we know there will be a next time.

A tornado, an earthquake, a tsunami, quick and to the point. Not exactly like this slow burn of man made radioactive clouds and water that we face.  We've had the warning for decades and we allowed it to happen. "The meek shall inherit the poisoned earth."


A new sideshow has opened up in the Libyan war front. Wayne (sometimes right, sometimes wrong as we all are) Madsen is reporting that the story of Israeli backed "African mercenaries' is a CIA psyops with black African foreign workers being targeted and scapegoated in a racist ploy.

Michael (sometimes right, sometimes wrong as we all are) Rivero of WRH is adamant that the 'rebels' have captured some black mercenaries and gives photos and videos as examples as well as this statement:
"There is a story being spammed around the net that the Israeli mercenary story is a hoax, but given that there is photographic and video evidence of the mercenaries, it would appear that Madsen's story is just more Israeli face-saving."
Is Mike calling out Madsen as a spreader of Israeli disinfo?
Personally I can't tell by the images if those captured are mercenaries or pawns. I need some more information. Any thoughts?


On the same day that Obama declares himself candidate for re-election and will need a billion bucks, his administration declares that there won't be any civilian court trials for the 9/11 suspects patsies. We all knew there would never be civilian trials, too much of a chance for cover up error.

Shimon Peres of Israel comes to town to meet with Obama and others on a “scouting” trip. In typical arrogant Israeli fashion they announce new illegal housing in the West Bank and a disputed area of Jerusalem on the eve of White House visit. Peres brings with him a message from Jonathan Pollard's wife to "let my husband go." Obama wouldn't actually do that, would he?


Let's play 'all good propaganda has to contain a lot of truth to be believed' and see if we can sort this out. Gordon Duff in "Nuclear 9/11 Undeniable."

Saturday, April 2, 2011


"Flying the Colors of a False Flag"

Katie B and Zen Conspiracy

Friday, April 1, 2011

We're No. 1

I rarely take the CDC's statistics as something to bet the farm on but this time they may be on to something.

A slow moving barge going down the river is an apt symbol. 

Using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention State Indicator Report on Physical Activity from 2010, we've ranked the 10 laziest states with stats on physical activity of adults and high-schoolers.

No. 1: Tennessee
Physically active adults: 51.8 percent
Highly active adults: 29.9 percent
Adults with no leisure time physical activity: 27.3 percent
Students (grades 9-12) that are physically active: 24.3 percent
Students (grades 9-12) that have daily physically education: 30.4 percent 

The military may really need a pre-boot camp fat farm here in Tennessee to keep the recruitment numbers up.

I'm wondering if the CDC used stats on what is many Tennesseans biggest form of exercise ... walking the aisles of Wal-Mart. Even that may be cut back as the CEO is saying that the 'everyday low prices' are going up.

Happy April Fools Day. The joke's on us.


Censorship is no joke. Anthony Lawson strikes back at youtube for the censoring of his video  "Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid?"