Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19 - Blood and Fire Sacrifice

The message they want to convey to you is state power will always win. We'll paint you as a child molester and we'll paint you a a methamphetamine manufacturer. We'll say any lie we want over our propaganda machine the main stream media and we'll burn you and your children in your fucking homes. So you just be apathetic America, you stay docile and don't you ever forget ... you're free to do what we tell you.     Bill Hicks

The Waco Massacre of April 19, 1993 and the false flag bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 were the trial runs for the really big show of 9/11. Destruction of evidence, media complicity, lies and more lies. The government got by with both Waco and OK City and became emboldened and arrogant.

This arrogance and war against the American people and the world continues to this very day.  We're not doing much about it.

April 19 is another one of those days of infamy that should always be remembered. 

Waco Holocaust Museum

Remembering That The Oklahoma City Bombing Was A False Flag 

Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage 

General Ben Partin was one of the first to bring attention to the facts that did not line up with the official OK City bombing story.  It is unusual that there is no Wikipedia entry for General Partin ... or is it?

Since Google Video will soon delete all of its uploads, this talk from Partin is now up on youtube in its entirety.


  1. zio-tube is owned by google.

  2. Kenny - I happened to be watching the raid live that day in Waco, I saw the tanks withdrawing from the buildings spraying flaming napalm!!

    These videos were almost instantly cut from the MSM and are almost impossible to locate anymore.

    The ATF openly murdered these people in Waco, covered up the proof, and calls those of us who seen it insane.

    Shame on the USA!

  3. The effects of Waco, oh man, thanks for the reminder.

    TIME magazine did a cover story on "radical militia groups" not too long ago and I know just where that started.

    I was working at a large industrial site in 1993 and that was when the dwindling working class started radicalizing. It was amazing. Amateur videos of the events at Waco showed up at gun shows within weeks, proving what sort of liars were running the US. That was then and there's more now.

    If patriots, the REAL ones not the Koch brother zombies, ever get their hands on the mass media in this country the current rulers will have less than a day to go to ground or die. That I believe.

  4. Thank you Kenny for the General Partin video. I was thinking of these events recently and could not remember the general’s name.

    3 times the American people have been murdered in mass by cowards hiding in positions of trust. Never forget and never forgive. Otherwise it will happen again and again.

  5. Damnit I wish Bill Hicks was still alive.

  6. Thanks all for the feedback, it helps to keep me going.

    And yes anon, we know who owns google, youtube and blogger. We'll use them until they they won't let us anymore and then we'll do something different.

    On April 18, 1993 our family had a life changing event with a death in the family and I missed the whole Waco massacre. Soon afterwards I began lying in bed at night and to occupy my mind listened to the patriot/militia shows on shortwave who were getting more of the real story of Waco out.

    It reinvigorated my interest in government manipulations and atrocities. I thought the resistance was moving forward toward getting the truth out and that we had a chance.

    OK City changed all that.

    Gen. Partin was a frequent guest on the shortwave shows after that and seemed legit. It wasn't enough, the patriot movement was demonized and it was a big setback.

    At least the knowledge of OK City being a false flag, although at that time I don't think the term was used much, helped us to know on 9/11 what it really was.

  7. great video Kenny.

    in researching OK city i came across one site that said, basically, that after the S&L crisis, the militia movement correctly identified the bankers as the trouble. and from that time they were marked for destruction, infiltrated and set up.


  8. I think that's correct pez. From your link, the guy from judicial inc. is a character and I often viewed him as a possible plant but a lot of his talk was hard to argue with. He seemed to have gotten this right.

    Thank goodness for the internet and people like you pez. We're trying to make up for all the lost time.

  9. Hopefully not too much off topic:

    Star of David Tattoo on "Libyan" Rebel


  10. April 19th was the day Charles Manson was sentenced to death.

    Manson being one of the government-sponsored murderers like half the 'serial-killers' , most of whom were ex-military. Their crazed behaviour , of course, fuelling the fear at one level while the 'terrorists' smack us over the head from another angle.

    Also another siege: The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord were besieged by FBI, though all lived. It has been linked to OK City bombing.

    They were going to send up the shuttle ENDEAVOUR on the 19th but now they've postponed it to the 29th [ Royal Wedding day].

    Considering OK City, The Covenant and Manson the meme of 'race war' trundles along.

    Crazy White American Gentiles - an ever-imminent danger :)


  11. Our ancestors would be shooting by now. -

  12. haha, it's all your fault Kenny. you were my first big supporter. :D

    i've heard the same about judicial inc over the years. could be that sometimes those rumors get started to steer people away from something good. the only thing we can ever do is be very careful, very vigilant with information.

    ferris, it's always a big red flag when bad guys miraculously survive to kill another day. i see the have the triple iron ring of security for teh royal wedding, especially now that we have some mooslim fanatics ready to "hijack Royal Wedding" by burning effigies along the parade route. hoo. boy.


  13. didnt Judicial Inc. crow about the Pentagon tape "putting to bed the conspiracy theories"? Sounds like disinfo to me.

  14. I hope that’s not an ominous sign in delaying the shuttle launch to avoid a ‘space traffic jam’ – whatever that is. Symbology and ceremony is always a factor with that bunch

    I check in with Judicial Inc from time to time. Disinfo agents normally get a bigger budget rather than getting dropped by multiple web hosts and treated like an Internet pariah.

  15. I don't know about judicial's Pentagon statement. Perhaps it's here


    or here


    Disinfo or not, 'skunk's' site was entertaining to say the least and as pez sez, being careful and vigilant are key.

  16. LOL - I obviously don’t check hard enough Kenny. I’ve been using;

    I assumed (I know!) that the Rev Jacob Judicial title was just for taking the piss. Maybe the name Jacob was a clue. I suppose we have bigger fish to fry but I did like his stuff when I first was finding my feet online.

  17. These are really horrible pictures of disasters. People really would be sacrifice lots of things in those destroys.

  18. Hey Kenny and everyone else, I didn't even realize that Waco was the same day as OKC. Crazy shit. You can tell I'm still learning a lot about this criminal, evil lot running the affairs here on planet earth, so do forgive me for my ignorance at times.

    Kenny, I posted some videos and articles earlier today about OKC before I went to work. Didn't have time to stop by and check out what you posted until now. After listening to The Ugly Truth podcast reposted by Mark Glenn the other day, seems pretty clear to me Mossad had a big role in the OKC false flag attack. A trial run for 9/11, or maybe an operation that failed to get the intended consequence (invasion of ME for Israeli/Zionist interests), which ultimately led to 9/11?

    See here:

    And here:

  19. I always hold my breath around April 19th. I would say it had occult significance, but it could be that this varies year to year because it's close to Passover, which has to do with days of the week. Columbine happened April 20th. I think those guys were mind-controlled to ratchet up fear. There was also a terrorist attack in Washington on the 20th back in 1984.

    Other things that happened April 19th:
    * 1775: The start of the American revolution (shot heard 'round the world)
    * 1782: The Netherlands recognized the new United States.
    * 1933: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a proclamation that removed the U.S. from the gold standard.


  20. Oh, yeah, and the "oil spill" incident happened last year on the 20th, too.

  21. It is disgusting to know that the leaders whom we trust to protect us are the same ones who will bring us close to death. Our politicians have clues that the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 were going to happen but they didn't do anything to stop those from happening. Who can save us from this kind of people?