Saturday, April 16, 2011


Drug War Clock 2011

Statistics from DrugSense

Every for profit endeavor in order to succeed must have one thing ... customers. 

For the police/judicial/prison systems the 'War on Drugs' creates its own customers by implementing laws that say what an individual cannot ingest or possess. The question remains whether the drug use or the legislative/criminal 'justice' system does the most harm to society. Many of us came to conclusion long ago that it's not the drugs that are the major problem but the war against them.

Lately I've been following what is going on in my local county. Arrests for drugs and violation of probation for previous drug charges far outnumber all others combined. Sometimes it's marijuana but most often it is the latest 'craze' ... meth. Don't get me wrong, I'm no proponent of meth use but there's one thing to understand. Meth is a do it yourself drug, similar in that respect to weed. Country folks have always had that DIY mentality and combined with lack of education, money and jobs, some choose to go into business for themselves. Plus they like the high.

Every single person in my county jail is white so here it is not a minority issue. Bail for those caught with the "shake and bake" meth making technique has been set at up to $400,000 just in the last month. Besides maybe 1st degree murder, any other crime will get you out on a much less bond. The police are always itching to nab a meth maker. It justifies their existence. Without the 'drug war' much fewer police would be needed, a county strapped for cash could use the money elsewhere and those police left on the job could concentrate on the more egregious crimes against persons and property. This applies not only locally but to the state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The government hates DIY. The sanctioned illegal drug market includes everything from the CIA and military and federal officials to the big banks that launder the money. One needs to look no further than Afghanistan to see that our own government in combination with international bankers are the major players in the world wide drug trade. They have plenty of help but you know the story.

Many will say that legalization of all drugs is the answer. After all, the medical/pharmaceutical legal drug trade kills many more people than the illegal ones do. A fraction of the billions of dollars saved each year by legalization could be going into honest prevention and treatment. Yes, there will be still be casualties in legalization. A percentage of users, however small, will not be able to handle drugs and fall into the abyss of addiction and death. That's the way it's always been. Most of us have seen it. Legalization will not change that.

The idea that government should get into the drug business with taxation and control of the market won't work at all if too high a taxation is imposed. That would just leave open a black market to undersell the government and the criminal elements would continue. The end of the prohibition of marijuana with allowing people to grow whatever they please is a no-brainer. Along with that the re-introduction of industrial hemp would create new farming opportunities and a multitude of renewable 'green' products. That scares many big corporations who don't want the competition. Legalization of all other drugs is a more complex issue and I don't have all the answers on that.

Some will say that legalization will lead to a drugged society that is much easier to control. It's a valid argument. One of the recipes in the cookbook of the Protocols is to ply the masses with alcohol and in the updated version it is drugs. Aldous Huxley warned us of this in "Brave New World." The  'soma' would be  designer drugs to allow us to enjoy our slavery and debt. For all we know they are already on the shelf ready to go when the time is right. A tweaked version of Ecstasy (MDMA) maybe?

We have numerous pressing issues facing our declining country. Illegal wars of empire and a contrived collapse of the economy for the profit of a few stand at the top of the list but at this point in time it also seems to me that a great number of lives are being wasted because of the 'war on drugs.' Non-violent offenders whose prospects for a 'normal' life are cut short because the war needs customers ... and they are it.

The Land of the Free punishes or imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation. This collection of testimonials from criminal offenders, family members, and experts on America's criminal justice system puts a human face on the millions of Americans subjugated by the US Government's 40 year, one trillion dollar social catastrophe: The War on Drugs; a failed policy underscored by fear, politics, racial prejudice and intolerance in a public atmosphere of out of sight, out of mind.

The United States has only 5% of the world's population, yet a full 25% of the world's prisoners. At 2.5 million, the US has more prisoners than even China does with five times the population of the United States. 8 million Americans (1 in every 31) languish under some form of state monitoring known as correctional supervision. On top of that, the security and livelihood of over 13 million more has been forever altered by a felony conviction.

The American use of punishment is so pervasive, and so disproportionate, that even the conservative magazine The Economist declared in 2010, never in the civilized world have so many been locked up for so little.

The Exile Nation Project has an interesting full length documentary on the 'war on drugs.' Part 1 is below and the rest can be found at NoMoreCensorship.


  1. Could not agree more Kenny. As Thurgood would say, "I don't do drugs, just weed." LOL, just watched that movie last night, funny your posting about a similar subject today.

    Any clear thinking individual knows drugs and so-called drugs (ie, marijuana) are illegal in order to provide a racket for the criminals. A lot of these black ops and false flag attacks are financed from the proceeds of drug running by the intelligence agencies.

  2. Thanks for the confirmation and support John.

    Over at the late Joe Bageant's site there is the introduction to his new book that hits home. A great read.

  3. Kenny you're right on this. Drug War Rant site is right on this. But look who's got all the guns!

    I am cursed to be stuck in an area with lots of "conservatives" of the Limbaugh variety around. This annoys me because this part of Ohio, once upon a time, was flinty old Bob Taft country (the original, mind-your-own-business Right, so dead and gone now.)

    Anyhow THESE right wingers just love the drug war. In their minds we ain't locking up enough of them. They're even annoyed that Rush himself didn't have to do time. All this plea-bargaining is just decadence in their opinion. Throw away the key!

    And most of them are real young. Just out of college, not much in the way of jobs. Got to blame something. Since it's passe to blame illegals or boomers, the druggies come in handy. Scapegoat might be the word here.

    I've seen the future and I'm fast running out of optimism.

  4. Hey Kenny,

    For the record, I never smoke marijuana unless I've got some. I blame Hollywood and all those war movies with the officers telling their men to "smoke 'em if you got 'em". Dig it, getting stoned thus becomes a variety of patriotic duty. Kind of thing.

    Anyway... have you ever checked out Portugal's drug policy? I don't have a link sorry, but if you do an obvious google there'll be plenty of stuff out there. The long and short is that despite predictions of Portugal turning into some variety of druggie central with the streets running mad with laptop stealing addicts it seems that drug use actually declined and habit supporting theft did likewise. In fact all crime declined.

    Their simple approach was to treat drug use as a medical problem with free treatment offered to those who wanted it. Funnily enough smack addicts, in the absence of sermonising arseholes with their prison-is-all-we-got big stick, were happy to come in from the cold and leave their former lives of laptop stealing behind them.

    Gee whiz, eh? Who'd a thunk it?

  5. Here's a good source about Portugal's drug policy:

    Greenwald is a big time 9/11 disinfo shill, but he's spot on about this.

  6. Franz, I hear you and it's not just the drug war, it's the neocon right wingers that want war on everything. Yes, it can be discouraging.

    nobs, yeah I've been aware of what they've done in Portugal. It's makes too much sense. Too much money involved for us to go that route.

    John, Greenwald gets this and many other things right but he does fail the 9/11 litmus test and that makes him suspect. Not that many jews will take on 9/11 because they know where it will lead. Greenwald likes his Salon and occasional MSM gigs and knows who pays his bills.

    A little local bird has been whispering some county jailhouse talk in my ear and tells me that most of the inmates are getting daily doses of xanax, pail killers and other 'legal' drugs courtesy of doctor's scripts and taxpayer's money. So they bust them for dope and then keep them doped up at our expense. Seems crazy to me.

  7. This showed up in an email Kenny and whoever synthesis is does a much better job going into this than my feeble attempts. It has implications for Tennessee also.

    Apocalypse and the New Madrid Fault

  8. Hi Kenny,
    Interesting post.
    They create these "customers" by their vile social programmes and reversed engineered outcomes, a new cheap source of "controlable" labour and the entities that own these private prisons are modern day slave merchants, they should be ashamed..the war on drugs is nothing more than a war on people who know that life isn't supposed to be like this and turn to drugs for some mild relief of the pain of this existence..and reality which the vile TPTB manufacure..
    Cheers A13

  9. May I suggest an alternative - or at least supplematal explanation of the war on drugs?
    The United States has an enormous Black population that is prone to violent crimes; it has a very large Mestizo popuation that is more prone to violent crime than the White population, but less prone to vioent crime that the black population; the United States also has a substantial population of lower I.Q. psychopaths. It would be impossible to hire enough skilled detectives to arrest all of the violent criminals and even the stupid criminals do not stand over their victims until the police arrive. Almost all of the stupid violent criminals also do drugs. Most of them are too stupid to hide their drug usage. Since it is politically incorrect to sweep the streetss of the low I.Q. violent crinimals it useful to put them away in warehouses for extended periods for the crime they are too stupid to hide. The war on drugs kieeps large numbers of violent low I.Q. trash off the streets.

  10. Robert, I tend to think that what you say was part of the Nixon administration's justification for the start of the 'war on drugs.'