Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deception is the Rule

Not just bottle rockets anymore but a sophisticated missile from Iran or Syria says Israel as it  retaliates and ups the ante for more Gaza carnage.

Lucky for the schoolkids as all of them but one had just been unloaded as the 'missile' hit the bus.

Supposedly 16 other mortar shells fired from inside Gaza at about the same time fell into open areas, as they usually do. No reports on anyone taking credit but the typical suspect comes to mind and it's not Hamas. With more and more in the "civilized world" supporting the Palestinian cause, Israel's victim status must be ever enhanced which of course will lead to the next war.

Isn't everyone sick and tired of this government 'shutdown' puppet show? Every excuse under the sun is being used for the stalemate ... except for one. $1.5 trillion annually on unbridled militarism and imperial wars. That  is off limits for almost all of the congressional traitors.  11 of the 13 freshman GOP senators just declared their allegiance to Israel while vowing to never cut off the free money and although left unsaid they also mean to never stop fighting wars for them. Israel and the 1%'ers have these clowns under their thumb. Bankers love war. It's their big money maker.

It's not just the Obama administration and Congress that are subverting the country. The judicial branch plays its part too.

The  April Gallop lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Myers for attempting to kill her in the false flag at the Pentagon gets Bush's cousin John Walker as one of the judges on the appeals court panel. The motion to dismiss Walker for conflict of his cousin's interest was denied.

9/11 Blogger has the story but it's buried in their blog section. To them it's not worthy of the front page as Gallop's assertion that there was no plane that hit the Pentagon section she was in doesn't fit with their LIHOP narrative. Otherwise there seems to be a main stream media blackout. April is an unsung hero for bringing this case but heroes for truth are treated as pariahs in our media and government deceptive world.

Fukushima remains a big deception and will be for a long long time but the curtain is being pulled back. We here in Tennessee are now seeing radioactive fallout in our air and rainwater. Safe for the babies as they always say.

Fake terror alerts, only two levels -- elevated and imminent,  may soon be issued by the government through Facebook and Twitter. I guess that means the 'terrorists' may get me. I don't have accounts.

The big deception of what we call the presidential election is soon to become a major distraction unless something big hits us in the meantime. The background singers will choose for us a designated winner and loser and we all know that voting for those who are chosen is a rigged game.

So maybe we have some fun with it. Just for shits and giggles I'm leaning towards a Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket. No illusions that they could win in our Diebold world. Heck, they may even be in on the game. Neither goes far enough in truly naming the enemy but at least some of our messages would get out and the debates would be more interesting. Who cares how the media whores would portray it? The circus needs spicing up.


  1. Junichiro Koizumi was also of the "Abe" faction and the Mori party. He was the same one who sometime back kept bowing at the forbidden shrine honoring Japan's militaristic past which so infuriated the Chinese. Shinzō Abe had visited the Yasukuni Shrine (a shrine that includes convicted Class A war criminals in its honored war dead. Abe also buds up with India, In short the Asian Nato.

    This talk of America haarping Japan is just so much silly small talk to divert attention by Fulford groupies.

    When Kishi got out of prison on war crimes for joining Tojo in his genocide campaign in China and then founded a great new political movement it suggests he had some powerful benefactors does it not?

    Abe holds conservative views in the Japanese imperial succession controversy, and has said he opposes amending Japanese law to permit female blood lines to succeed the imperial family. Succession of the imperial family by the female blood line should not be confused with ascension of a woman to the Chrysanthemum Throne as Empress. This bloodline thing is on going and goes all the way back to Manasseh of the 12 Hebrew tribes which founded Shinto Buddhism in Japan.
    Anyone care to explain why Obama bows to the emperor as happened not too long ago?


    "Japanese democide in World War II can now be estimated (lines 381-384), and Japanese democide in China included (line 386). This gives a total democide of 3,056,000 to 10,595,000 with a likely mid-total of 5,964,000 people killed."
    As can be seen, nearly one out of every one-hundred people controlled by Japan was murdered, or almost three per thousand people per year.

  3. I must admit that watching Ron Paul rip the Republicans in the debates in 2008 was great fun. I have my issues with him and his cowardice on issues like 9/11 and Israel and his fascist/corporatist views on the economy but watching him tear apart the neocons he would be running against would be interesting. Remember when he schooled Giuliani?

    And yeah, as has been documented 911blogger has long been taken over by disinfo tools and useful idiots. Anything alleging that a Boeing did not hit the Pentagon gets shoved aside and shouted down. Of course just about nobody there mentions Israel(most of the independent thinkers have been banned). I was banned like 3 years ago or something.

  4. anon, we share similar viewpoints on Ron. At the least we do need someone to counter the warmongers at the debates.

    I just noticed on 911 blogger that 3 of their front page stories are on Ventura. hmmmm

    mick, Fulford groupies? That's funny. I didn't think he actually had very many.

    I see that Obama just had a press conference on how progress is being made on the shutdown showdown due to his meeting with Biden, Boehner and Reid. The war machine will be safe. The rest of us probably not.

  5. Not only that, but apparently 911blogger either banned or at least censored the comments of Aidan Monaghan today, the guy who is all over the FOIA stuff. It was in one of the Ventura threads. 911blogger is a shell of its former self, I say this as someone who was posting on that site in 2005.

    As far as the gov shutdown, some of the whores in Congress were apparently going to pass something exempting the military if it actually does happen. Typical.


    Did any of you see this? Some of them are actually throwing around the idea of invading Mexico.

  7. Anyone who advocates a gold standard -'real money' 'silver,gold' as opposed to 'fiat currency'
    is a Rothschild agent- including Ron Paul. Ron Paul is Rothschild's 'plan 9 from outer space'

    Here's the short version- Rothschild will cancel the New World Order under one condition-USA lets him continue to control it's currency (with some new bullshit SDR bancor garbage with a gold component, which he controls). If not-- he will nuke USA into outer space- that's plan 9

    Everyone should watch the movie 'the secret of oz' on you tube

  8. Great post Kenny. Kevin Barrett did an interview with April's lawyer the other day that was pretty interesting, but quite demoralizing. There will be no justice with this government, ever.

    We have such traitorous representatives in government, operating right out in the open, it just makes me sick. The mainstream media is just as bad. All traitors and Israel firsters.

    I agree with the comments here about Ron Paul.

    Now we got people wanting to invade Mexico! Haha, it gets better and better everyday!