Thursday, April 28, 2011


I occasionally get my hopes up with  Medea Benjamin and her Code Pink friends. Wishing and hoping that they are not just another controlled opposition group designed to make us think we actually have a chance. Once again, they disappoint.

Their 'Move Over AIPAC' anti-Israel  "series of protests against Israeli policy and its support by AIPAC  planned in May to coincide with the AIPAC conference in the U.S. capital and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech there" with Helen Thomas as the keynote speaker seemed like a good idea. Sure to stir up some much needed discussions and give Helen a forum to once again speak her mind.

Not to be. Too many jewish 'activists' in Code Pink and the pressure to appease a few members of the tribe overrides putting on a real show of force against the illegal foreign lobby. Helen is real and that doesn't sit well with those afraid of losing some meal money.

She was too nice about bowing out of the event.
"I am delighted that people are coming together for this gathering and I want to make sure that the focus stays on AIPAC and U.S. policy, not me." 
 I can understand why she said this but I'm also disappointed that she didn't put up more of a fight. James Abouezk explains that it most likely wasn't her decision.
Helen was first invited to the anti-AIPAC meeting, then was ceremoniously “disinvited” on grounds, she was told, that she would be a “distraction.” First of all, it is difficult to imagine how someone with similar views, such as Helen Thomas’s, would distract anyone from the presumed message of the anti-AIPAC group which would, we imagine, recite the political evils of AIPAC. Without a more clear explanation, which was not provided to Helen when she was disinvited, we can only assume that the political cleansing operation started by Abe Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League, is ongoing, even using the platform erected by the stated enemies of AIPAC.
The clear intent of Israel’s apologists is to make the Helen Thomases of the world disappear, along with their views opposing what Israel is doing to those under its occupation.
The presence of Helen Thomas as the keynote speaker may have forced the hand of the mainstream media to cover at least her part in 'Move Over AIPAC' and as it's often said "there's no bad publicity," especially since the anti-semitic canard is so tired and worn out. Now it will probably be a total ignore, a blackout. 

Yep, Helen is a threat to AIPAC. Code Pink is not. They pulled a 'Goldstone,' and you know what ... I'm not surprised.


  1. Hey kenny's sideshow,...I saw a similar critique of Mondoweiss's apologies for the knuckling under of those pseudo revolutionaries. It appears to me to be a case of this war becoming one of attrition, the big sites and more sophisticated co-operatives have now become cosy amid the fug of their regular and established income streams, the revolution has become for them work-a-day and this habitual pathology is now a rut they have no desire to be bumped out of.

    The middle-class don't want change, they want their life-styles back - Middle-level management don't like it when the labourers Strike, even though their conditions are in jeopardy also; they have always and will always, SELL OUT!

    I remember once as a kid during industrial action in a factory I worked at, having to deliver a message from the Strike committee to the Executive Office, I had to pass through the Line; I was gob-smacked to see the Floor Managers with their jackets off, trying to operate the machines, to keep one of the Lines working - when I told the Union committee and my Leading Hands out in the yard later, (It was a giddy novelty to have all these men crowding me and being so intent on listening to my report), I realised just what treachery the duplicity of the Middle-level management was when the men around me were so disappointed and obviously wounded by the actions of the men inside, who were normally like colleagues working toward a common goal of productivity and bonuses.

    Excellent coverage,


  2. Good article Kenny.


    Zio-coopted and............................................................................they're gone!

    Just like the money invested in the South Park 'savings' bank.

    Helen Thomas seems like the real deal - more power to her.


  3. I looked back at the Mondoweiss article ... fencesitting, also disappointing. Can't alienate those 'centrist' jews with Helen's 'crude' talk.

    I'm up at 4am and turned on the tube to check out the local news and weather and I forgot that it's the big day, the 'royal wedding,' preempting everything else. It's one of those "let 'em eat cake moments."

  4. I basically felt the same way about Code Pink, hopeful but wary. They've done some good things(remember the woman with fake blood on her hands who got in Condi Rices face at a Congressional panel? Google the pic,its a classic.) but they also always seemed to get MSM airtime. Thats always a red flag, real opposition is typically ignored by the media when possible. If its true that Code Pink kicked Helen out then I have no hope left for them. Helen should be more clear about this though if she was indeed uninvited.

  5. I may be wrong but despite the fact that the Medea/Condi pic is an all time great, I've always been suspicious that it was staged. If one of us had done that we probably would still be in jail. An approved opposition can get by with it.

  6. Dear Kenny,

    Les Visible is fine. I just spoke with his wife Susanne. Just thought you and/or his readers might like to know.

    Glenn (aka Mouser)

  7. Was it Medea herself or somebody else? I know it was a Code Pink member either way. Yeah, its totally possible it was staged though. If so, Condi is either an amazing actress or she wasnt let in on it because she looked sincerely pissed.

  8. You're right, I was going from my poor memory. It wasn't Medea but another CP'er Desiree Farooz.

  9. Thanks Glenn. Been wondering if Visible was OK. Those hints he had been giving about not being around gets one to thinking.

  10. Gordon Duff is back to his censoring ways. He wrote a puff piece on Reagan so I responded with this:

    "This is total BS about Reagan. Bush had him shot early on,alzeimers or not he laid down and HANDED over the foreign policy to Bush and company. Reagan was a useless tool and no threat to the establishment which is why after he was shot and went along with the criminals like the coward he is he was allowed to stay in office. Even here the Reagan myth persists(I expect the MSM to prop him up but not a site like this). Reagan will go down as one of the single most damaging presidencys in US history that set the stage for so much of what we have now. His legacy is one of cowardice and corruption.

    And where do you get that Reagan ever took on the Fed? This is the guy who appointed Alan Greenspan as its chairman. Give me a break with trying to rehab Reagan the corporate owned warmonger cowards image."

    I guess that relatively tame comment was too much for Duff. The control of comments over there is as bad as anything Ive seen on any MSM site.

  11. Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter…

    As taken from apocalypse wave

    Don't miss the gist of this if the sun is neutralizing radiation, say what? I am always for a "ray of hope." People used to knock those sun worshippers! Just maybe Crazy Horse wasn't crazy!

    "A great light will come and purify everything even the waters!"]

    Could it be? Isn't there some passage about divine forces stepping in before man destroys himself in a world conflagration? Sun neutralizing radiation?

  12. "I may be wrong but despite the fact that the Medea/Condi pic is an all time great, I've always been suspicious that it was staged. If one of us had done that we probably would still be in jail. An approved opposition can get by with it."

    I've actually been arrested at least twice for actions with CODEPINK, and I was never held for longer than a few hours. But rest assured, CODEPINK does not get much media coverage, and we've done some pretty crazy things that weren't "staged," (as in controlled-opposition staged) as far as I know! Medea Benjamin is Jewish, though (but she has been to Palestine to support the Palestinians).

    Cute monkey picture, Kenny! :)

  13. Stupid b*tch Medea is FAKE, just like her collection of "soaps and lampshades" cluttering her juudeo pinkyhouse!

  14. Such incisive, timely, and yes, entertaining post and commentaries here lately -- although I suppose a fellow Aquarian who also does not tweet or face and is also an agnostic on weather manipulation would feel that way. Must also be the way I found or was directed to you. You get a moment and prayer for Mikey every now and then. Stay safe and well, Tennessee.

  15. Rocker, thanks so much and good to hear from you. You are tireless in your efforts.

    Jody, you're not the first from local CP chapters to call me out and I appreciate you doing so. I have no doubt that you guys are for real and trying to make a difference. I'm only talking about those at the top and should have clarified that. What about Medea and the DC group's funding? There have been rumors of NGO's and big money financing which may lead to strings attached. Have any insider info on that?

    anon @ 12:19, I agree with what you had to say on Reagan. It seems to me that Duff and crew only allow certain people to present dissenting views.

    There is a Reagan connection to the Fed. His Grace Commission report exposed the hundreds of billions paid each year in interest on the federal debt.

    It was buried and not reported much in the MSM. Duff needs to back up his statement that "Reagan sought economic counsel regarding the dismemberment of the Federal Reserve System." I'm not familiar with that.

  16. There is a very old saying, "Crows do not scratch out each others eyes".

  17. Dear friends of this news blog.

    I have a question, not related to this topic but its very important. Do you think that most young girls that have been abducted and missing in the USA are victims of an organized zionist mafia cartel that abducts young girls all over the USA and the world, brainwashes them, turn them into sex-slaves, and sell them to oil sultans, corporate illuminati elites, drug smugglers and very powerful wealthy people of this world?

    I ask this question because there have been a rise in abductions of young women around where I live, and the families of the victims are very confused and they think this is all work of crazy drunk predators. But i think that there is an organized zionist sex-slavery ring behind this


  18. The MSM bombards the sheeple of the world 24/7 with disinformation. Actually it's lies. And these lies create hate which in turn create wars. TPTB want the people of the world to be at war with each other 24/7.

    Mantiq al Tayr:

    "this type of question comes up all the time because it is what people read and hear about constantly: 'that millions of Muslims want to kill them'. It’s fed to them day and night. Click here and here for a couple of the funnier examples. Oh, and here too. Hell, you may as well go here, here, here, here, and here. Also, go here. But I digress."

  19. I hear ya Kenny, I had similar thoughts about Steven Walt's rebuttal to Michael Oren's statement about Israel being the greatest US ally and asset. I posted about it the other day.

    Here is a promising event, let's hope it doesn't get cancelled!!

    More here:

  20. Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago. 3 min video that says it ALL.

  21. BTW- hope you and your family are safe and sound down there.

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  23. Marxist socialist how could there be any doubt there are organized woman trafficking around the world. Israel, Belgium, London and Tokyo are famous for this.

    Women are snatched off the streets, ads are placed for Russian women especially to come and have a job but when they get there, they get the slop beat out of them and placed in a brother. It wouldn't surprise me that when the shelf life is gone their organs are sold.

    There were two movies that give a glimpse into this. One was Red Sun starring Sean Connery and Big Trouble in Little Tokyo with Brandon Lee, before he was killed. That have some pretty strange scenes involving people leaving fish sushi on the stomachs of naked women to heat them up before being eaten.

    google aangirfan trafficking in woman or something similar as he/she is one of the best for digging out this type information. Try Belgium Dutroux also.

  24. Yeah, appointing a guy like Greenspan to head the Fed isnt exactly a sign that you want to dismember it. Reagan never took on the Fed and Duff is a tool of the highest order.