Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday, Earth Day, Predators and Hellfire, A Drive Thru Church and Lady Gaga Raises the Dead

'A billion acts of green ®'  to save the planet, millions in church for Good Friday and Easter to save their souls and a few drone launched hellfire missiles to kill some arabs.

Love the earth, be a good Christian and cheer on the killing.  Seems like a disconnect to me but who am I to judge.

Religion and environmentalism are very similar. Both require beliefs, some of which are useful to society and some of which are nothing but deceptions for profit and control. War requires beliefs too. Blind believing in leaders and the inability to see through propaganda. Beliefs that the enemy is always out there somewhere and let's get them before they get us. Beliefs that our government would never kill their own and blame it on others. You might think that religionists and environmentalists would find common ground and join together to battle wars of lies that pollute both the spirit and mother earth but I guess that's just too much to ask.

Here's a couple of Good Friday stories from different perspectives that sort of merge onto the same path ...
 Jews Expressing Their Love of Jesus and Resolving the Plot. When self described Christians and atheists come to some of the same conclusions, well, maybe there is hope.

And for those who need a little old time religion but are just too busy to go traditional routes, there's a former bank in Nashville that now has for a limited time only ... drive through services. Casting out the money changers takes on a whole new meaning.

Proof came to Nashville that Lady Gaga is not a demon spawn using occult symbolism to corrupt the youth. A 33 year old fan at her recent show here died and was brought back to life.

No, she didn't die during the song Judas and it was actually medics with a defibrillator that brought her back but surely Gaga wearing crosses as nipple covers had something to do with this miracle.  

As they always say, "The Lord works in mysterious ways." 


  1. RE: Gaga -

    One commenter at my blog described her as ' a vampire munchkin dipped in sheep's blood'.

    A 33 year old fan - at that age!

    Oh of course 33 is the age of Jesus and the fan just resurrected just prior to Easter, whose last name just happens to CRYSTAL [ Christal] THORNton.

    Perhaps i read too much into these things.

    Nevertheless excellent advert for Vanderbilt LifeFlight Event Medicine


  2. So now its Gaga and not Marilyn Manson who is the devil? I remember when it used to be Elvis who was "corrupting our children". What a joke.

  3. Most religionists are too worried about Lady Gaga(or insert latest "destroyer of youth" boogeyman here) to be bothered with worrying about the wars and death and lies. Scary popstars gotta be stopped you know? They cant be allowed to "corrupt our youth". Who has time to protest the mass killings of arabs with US taxpayer money when you have a popstar supposedly trying to recruit children for the devil to stop?

  4. Respectfully I don't feel Gaga and teh mass-executioners of the innocent are unconnected.

    Pop and War are inextricably linked - war at home, war abroad , war in the family.

    She reminds youth that to get ahead shock, blood, dysfunctionalism, idolatry etc etc are the way to get ahead in this world.

    This is the ritual, ongoing and everywhere.

    She'll do a video in a drone soon , doubtless chasing some boyfriend via remote control for not eating a rat's head or other test of love etc etc


  5. "Perhaps i read too much into these things."

    No, aferrismoon, I don't think so. There's a lot that has been written about Lady Gaga being an "illuminati mind-controlled slave" at (Here's an example). There's definitely something really creepy about her if you believe in black magic.

  6. The Alex Jones/NWO/Luciferian death cult!/numerology/illuminati crowd completely discredits legit anti-war,anti-zionist and 9/11 truth activism when linked together. I feel that is the whole point of such nonsense(including this Lady Gaga red herring waste of time). No offense guys but you DO read too much into it.

    How many homes has Lady Gaga bulldozed today? How many people has she killed in airstrikes? Oh no she showed her tits and wears stupid outfits! Save the children! Actually that is the PARENTS job, not some random popstars.

  7. Even a stump can see lady gaga has entered nutbush city limits. It is the other teevee reporters and celebs with the same mindsets and bosses who are not so obvious, they don't paint up in blood. This inside of their head probably looks the same though.

    She helps to flush out the intellectually stunted, who don't see a problem anywhere.

  8. She helps to flush out the religious fundies and political retards who see a problem everywhere. Many(certainly not all thankfully) who rightfully are espousing 9/11 truth and thruths about Israel one minute are unfortunately ranting about the devil and astrology and Lady Gaga the next. Talk about doing more harm than good a la Alex Jones.

  9. Lady Gaga also fell off her piano recently at a concert in Houston:

    Thanks for posting the link to my article, "Jews Expressing their Love for Jesus." I tried to access the "Resolving the Plot" link, but couldn't reach the site. Maybe it's just down temporarily. I will try again later.

    Regarding your "Merchants of the Myth" post, -- I'm certainly no expert on what happened in Germany in the years 1933-45, but if you asked me who has more credibility at this point, Iran's media or our own mainstream media (or Hollywood or Steven Spielberg for that matter), the Iranian media would win the contest hands down.

    As for the drive-thru prayer service, I've been saying for a long time that conservative "Christians" have basically dragged Jesus' good name through the mud. It isn't only through the expression of reprehensible views, it is also through the constant courting of buffoonery such as this church is doing.

  10. Lady gaga is just one dot in the puzzle. It is possible for some us to point out the shallow filth and absurdity that passes for entertainment while at the same time being quite familiar with 911 and Israel.

    It is called broadening your horizons are better yet being able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

  11. I think mixing 9/11 and Israel with bullshit,old fashioned fears about popstars is detrimental to the cause but go nuts. Literally.

    Its one thing to point out "filth" and absurdity its another to try and connect everything that is not connected just because it lines up with some of your personal fears and/or religious views. Sometimes an artist is just an artist, no matter how "filthy" or shallow.

  12. Lady Gaga and others do absorb a considerable amount of 'airtime' which does obfuscate such criminality as Holly Grieg.

    Your 'educated ' expression merely acts as a foil to continual 'filth'.

    Your artist as 'uhhh' artist - merely trivialises your life

    Gagagagagagag - a

  13. I think the point is that if it wasnt Lady Gaga it would be and has been someone else and to focus on them when there are very real issues having nothing to do with something as trivial as Lady Gaga is,to put it politely,ridiculous. It is a non-issue and with respect you make yourself look like a lunatic when trying to connect the latest "anti-christ pop artist" with all of these other real issues. Its kind of funny how her tired and age old "shock" gimmick is working on so many here though. "Shes a devil worshiping cult leader illuminati agent!".

    But what do I know? Get your pitchforks! Gaga is passe though, I think Jay-Z is actually the new demon spawn occultist trying to brainwash our children(you know the hand symbol right? I know you do). Forget being responsible parents and actually raising our kids ourselves, we got a crusade against the top 40 to wage!

  14. Troll alert! Fail

    Never engage them in serious debate, simply view them as objects of scorn and ridicule.

  15. I KNOW you've got your pitchfork ready mick, you've proven yourself quite the weak minded fundamentalist from time to time. Though maybe you should take your own advice next time(see your initial response above) before taking your ball and going home like a coward. Some people cant help but bitch out when their views are called into question though, I understand your cop out.

  16. Hey dublinmick, can you tell me when the world is going to end? Gullible old man, no wonder you think a pop artist is the anti-christ. I just checked your site and you are basically delusional.

  17. There must be something in the manual that states gaga credibility must be maintained at all costs. They always come out of the wood work on this one, it never fails. Anyone who has ever read much of anything I have to says knows I am nowhere near any sort of fundamentalist.

    Since you are offering estimates of my age I have to conclude you are one of my fans. You can do better than this. It appears they are just going to have to give wackenhut security guards a pay increase to up the talent level.

  18. Wackenhut-a much more important subject than your latest hang ups about a harmless poptart. Stick to sustance mick, it makes you seem a lot less crazy(and I guessed you were old based on your hilarious hang ups over said poptart). Though I would hope you can do better than essentially saying-"you're an agent" like you just did.

  19. Just wondering, but have you really not figured out what "Eric May" is yet? How many failed "predictions" does this guy have to spew before the most naive among us stop buying his bullshit? You're a good candidate to answer that question mick.


  21. Cant defend your own bs huh? Typical old rat.

  22. Dubs, you uhhh old ..... though its interesting to get their semantic constucts out in the open, a trait of the self-obsessed :}

    Such lifeless language


  23. I've been away. It's funny that every time I post something sarcastic about Gaga and friends someone always defends her 'artistry' and it turns into a 'tit for tat'(pun intended).

    I do think that if we strike at the head and chop at the roots, little side line agendas like Gaga will whither away.

    Richard, the missing link was from Tim who said he lost it and goes into an explanation here:

    Also, buffoonery is such a good not often used word. It describes a lot.

  24. Boys like I said it is most likely part of the manual. Defend bestiality and degradation at all costs, thereby dragging the masses back down into the primeval and the plasma.

    There are shades of Freud here, who was shunted by Viennese society as an outsider and so delighted in degrading the goy with supercilious sexual fantasies such as the id and the super ego. It was easier to pack the house and provide a little show business than to engage in long hours of scientific research needed to discover real truths about the brain and neurons.

    This guy probably owns a couple of donkey bars in Mexico. His message is you can never stoop too low it is all good fun, do as thou wilt.

  25. dublinmick says-"der,yer an agent". Get a new line sir(you kind of suck at sniffing out "agents" though based on your open support of "Captain May" so I dont take it as an insult from you).

    Kenny, what agenda would that be? Its always funny to hear "illuminati death cult" guys weave their tangled webs out loud. I just find it hilarious that you guys get your panties twisted over such a thing(I bet that amateur/wannabe shrink dublinmick will have fun with that line!). Though I stand by my sentiment that pairing legitimate issues with your religious based prudish hangups isnt exactly helpful when trying to educate the uninitiated. Still a great blog overall though unlike micks collection of psychobabble that he calls a blog.

  26. I see too much of this on forums, informed posters met with some fuckwit who uses the code language of tel aviv to disrupt. Admin, you need to block these operatives, they are here to do exactly what is happening here.

    Gaga is the top female "artist" in the world currently and is, therefore, utterly controlled.

  27. What about Justin Bieber anon@1:43? Do I even have to ask if hes controlled? Springsteen was the #1 artist at one point-dont tell me the boss is "one of them" too?!?!?Yeah, ban me for not tolerating lunatics like you. I'm sure that would make you very happy you pathetic moron. Zionists love loonys like you. YOu make their job of smearing and discrediting much easier "fuckwit".

  28. Holy grammar lesson Batman!

    Interesting comments and post.

    I try and block out GaGa from my reality but she seeps through the weak spots. And how can one not yearn at the sight of our children and family and friends at this particular alter. Gaga is an artist yes. But as soon as you get into marketing of any kind then you become a demon. And you tun others. She is a vampire. and I cast her to the depths of my mental abyss for at least 100 years. Then I'll let her out and see if she behaves.

  29. I was facinated by the shadow of the "magic handshake" salute strategicly placed on her body.

    Somehow it reminds me of the statue of George Washington.