Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Tuscaloosa tornado

"One of the greatest if not the greatest tornado outbreaks in American history" says the Weather Channel. They may be correct. The south has been hit so hard that we'll be days finding out the extent of the devastation. The talk on what this all really is about will go on for much longer.

The world seems to have become a "disasters r' us" super store. Equal opportunity for all.  Few of us are safe, we all know it and there's not much we can do. Find some peace within ourselves, love on our family and friends and keep our eye on the sky and the horizon may be about it.

The CO2 global warming crowd are already nodding their heads in confirmation of their beliefs with today's climate events. I'm not buying it. Neither am I going with the current crop of Christian Armageddon cultists who see God's wrath or fulfillment of their convoluted prophecies in every negative life changing event.

From our limited perspectives in our short lifetimes we can't deny that there is climate change going on. In the big picture of the known and little known history of the earth we also may be aware that there's nothing new under the sun. All of what we are experiencing has most likely happened before in the cycles of change. It may be as simple as the earth is shaking, shifting, moving, expanding and being influenced by the sun and cosmic forces as it always has been. If that's the case then it's possible we ain't seen nothing yet.

Of course there's the chance that all is not the result of nature. It's not implausible that there are man made weather modifications that can enhance the effects of weather patterns. HAARP is the wild card along with other dark side inventions that we can only speculate about.  If the technology exists, psychopaths will use it if they think it gives them an advantage and that they can get by with it. If a very small group of people can kill a few thousand on 9/11 to further an agenda, what else would they do, if they can,  to speed up their endgame desires? I don't know but I do know this will be a subject of much discussion in the coming days.

Disasters also become opportunities for distraction from all the crimes against humanity going on. While we pick up the pieces there's a thief picking our pockets and we don't even notice, we're too busy trying to survive. The police state mechanisms will no doubt make some attempts to capitalize on the chaos.

Bottom line for this emotionally draining day is that I and my family and community are some of the lucky ones and that no matter what the reasons for what has happened ... I'm in awe and I'm humbled.


  1. Hang in there Kenny, us Down Under have had some super storms a few months ago too, bit not like you guys are getting..Our thoughts are with you.
    The thief is very busy while the distraction and disaster porn theatre is occupying the taxes, new laws, new living conditions, new paradigm.
    New wars..
    Cheers A13

  2. Hello Kenny , mother nature always has the last word and only by the grace of our maker do we survive....lived thru a tornado strike in the spring of 67' in the land of Lincoln and I am still awed and humbled.... Good luck my friend...

  3. Hey Kenny,

    I would like to thank Veritas for the NO FLY ZONE video and petition and to thank Tim for posting it.

    I signed. Everyone who wants the genocide in Gaza to stop should also.

    And remember with the loss of free speech and the private fractional reserve gold backed global currency with usury by zionist Rothschild and the other oligarch banking families; "we are all Gazians now".


    It is impossible at HowDareI and at SmokingMirors to post as "anonymous". Blogger pings the nicks automatically to one's gmail login name.

  4. Glad to see you are alright Kenny. That is probably the worst set of clusters in the history of the world and they are beginning to seem almost constant. I am working on one now concerning the relationship with solar max, wobbling poles and super cell storms.

    I have watched anxiously as these storms go north of Florida over Georgia etc. We are in a drought here and the sun is unusually hot for this time of year.

    Mouser you can open a blog and keep it anonymous and keep it for log in purposes like many do. blogger does now seem to insist you sign into blogger in order to comment.

  5. I’m glad to hear that you and yours are fine.

    “Find some peace within ourselves, love on our family and friends and keep our eye on the sky and the horizon may be about it.” That pretty much says it all Kenny.


    Kenny someone from my site could not log in on your site due to no google and asked that I post this over here.

    Maybe you get a lot of hits Kenny and booger has decided it wants some of them or no log in.

  7. Hey everyone. Thanks for the thoughts.

    There's always some problems going on with blogger. Even yahoo mail has been down all day. I don't think I get enough hits to be much of a target but who knows. Usually the problems get fixed eventually but all the back door data gathering is not easy for them to keep stable. Please keep me informed if the glitches continue.

    I've watched some of the dutchsinse videos. I was even checking them out yesterday to see if he predicted our area getting hit hard but unless I missed it, he didn't.

  8. There does seem to be an increase in deadly weather events. Did the frequency begin rising from the time of the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands a few years ago? So much goes on and it is difficult keeping track of some of it, let alone all of it.


    Looks like zioBlogger has made it difficult/impossible for anonymous comments. Could not get one through on Smoking Mirrors couple days ago. Then created this profile and still it did not get though. Who knows!

    They are maybe stepping up their censorship efforts on the net as increasing numbers of people wake up to them and their long list of crimes against humanity.

    Anthony Lawson's YouTube vids are getting banned also, I think partly because of the informative content and partly because some of his readers were putting very good information in their comments.

    Feeling more and more like Judaic Bolshevik Russia after their 1917 coup . . . only this time their plan is for a world gulag.


  9. Just occurred to me that A. E. Neumann was a poor choice of avatar.

    Not a comp. whizz, but I'm guessing that first comment is stuck with him.


  10. Actually in my area (middle TN) the killing tornadoes have hit every year but one since 1997. Before that they did occur but were fairly rare.

  11. All I see is royal this ..royal that and nothing else on "muslim" controlled CNN, FOX, MSNBC.

    Media's obsession with the royals is making me violently sick!

    Why no coverage of tornado & the devastation it has caused upon millions of Americans?

    So glad to hear that you're fine, Kenny.

  12. HA, I still laugh at Alex Jones' ridiculous assertion that muslims run the media. He might as well hold a giant flag proclaiming his loyalty to Israel with that dumbass line.